The Beast with a Million Eyes

1955 film by Roger Corman

The Beast with a Million Eyes is a 1955 film about dysfunctional family operating an isolated date farm in the California desert that is threatened by the arrival of an extra-terrestrial.

Directed by David Kramarsky and Roger Corman. Written by Tom Filer.
Prepare for a close encounter of the terrifying kind!  (taglines)

The Beast

  • [approaching Earth] I need this world. From millions of light-years away I approach your planet. Soon my spaceship will lands on Earth. I need your world. I feed on fear, live on human hatred. I, a strong mind, without flesh or blood, want your world. First the unthinking, the birds of the air, the animals of the forest, then the weaker of men, shall all do my bidding. They shall be my ears, my eyes, until your world is mine. And because I see your most secret acts, you will know me as "The Beast with a Million Eyes"!

Allan Kelley

  • We thought it was all over... [pause] It's just beginning.


Carol Kelley: I don't suppose it really matters, but...
Allan Kelley: Does anything really matter to you anymore?
Carol Kelley: Oh, I'm sorry she heard, I'm... I didn't mean to...
Allan Kelley: You say a lot of things you don't mean, Carol. But you still say them, don't ya?
Carol Kelley: Yes. I'm not easy to get along with am I? Oh, I don't know. I think I could stand it, except for out there... all that wasteland and mountains. We might as well be on another planet. Oh, Alan without Sandy I don't know what would happen to me. It'd be just you and me and... Him. Always watching. Why doesn't he ever go away on his day off? Always watching us. Heaven knows thinking what thoughts.
Allan Kelley: We've been over this before. You must know by now, he's harmless.
Carol Kelley: I've never been sure.

Allan Kelley: How do men have souls?
Carol Kelley: If I could answer that, I'd more than human.


  • Prepare for a close encounter of the terrifying kind!
  • Screaming Terror!
  • An unspeakable horror... Destroying... Terrifying!