The Bat People

1974 film directed by Jerry Jameson

The Bat People is a 1974 American horror film starring Stewart Moss and Marianne McAndrew. The film tells the story of a doctor who, after being bitten by a bat in a cave, undergoes an accelerating transformation into a man-bat creature.

Directed by Jerry Jameson. Produced and written by Lou Shaw.
After the sun has set and the night wind has died comes the hour of the bat people!


Dr. John Beck: You're quite the philsopher!
Tramp: That's me: Jack-of-all-thoughts and master of none.


  • Stewart Moss as Dr. John Beck.
  • Marianne McAndrew as Cathy Beck.
  • Michael Pataki as Sgt. Ward.
  • Paul Carr as Dr. Kipling.
  • Arthur Space as the Tramp.
  • Robert Berk as the Motel Owner.
  • Pat Delaney as Ms. Jax.
  • George Paulsin as Boy in Pickup.
  • Bonnie Van Dyke as Girl in Pickup.
  • Jennifer Kulik as Nurse and Victim. (credited as Jeni Kulik)
  • Laurie Brooks Jefferson as Nurse.
  • Herb Pierce as Park Ranger. (uncredited)

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