The Bat (1926 film)

1926 film by Roland West

The Bat is a 1926 film about a masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat and terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer.

The rapping leads right into the haunted ballroom!
Directed by Roland West. Written by Julien Josephson, based on The Bat by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood and the novel The Circular Staircase by Rinehart.
A laugh with every gasp! 

Miss Cornelia Van GorderEdit

  • When you want to fool Auntie, dear, don't bring a gardener with manicured fingernails.

Lizzie AllenEdit

  • That Jap butler gives me the willies. The Flemings threw him in with the lease, but I'd throw him OUT!
  • The rapping leads right into the haunted ballroom!


Lizzie Allen: This is the happy home of the Heebee-Jeebees. Doors slam loose feet roam around lights go out!
Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: The lights go out because they're having trouble at the power house.
Lizzie Allen: For twenty years I've stood by you through Socialism, Theosophism and Rheumatism; but I draw the line at Spookism!

Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: [the lights go out, calling up the stairs] LIZZIE!
Lizzie Allen: [with a newspaper in her mouth, swinging a bear trap at the window. Miss Van Gorder comes in and she stops and takes the paper out of her mouth] I see by the paper that the Bat's in the neighborhood. I'm setting a bear trap for him.

Detective Moletti: What's your full name?
Lizzie Allen: Lizzie Allen - whether I'm full or not.

Detective Moletti: How old are you?
Lizzie Allen: Twenty-two.
Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: She's forty!

Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: You'd better go with him.
Detective Anderson: No use taking unnecessary chances. One is enough to sacrifice!


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