The Bat (1926 film)

1926 film by Roland West

The Bat is a 1926 film about a masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer.

Directed by Roland West. Written by Julien Josephson, based on The Bat by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood and the novel The Circular Staircase by Rinehart.
A laugh with every gasp! 

Lizzie AllenEdit

  • That Jap butler gives me the willies. The Flemings through him in with the lease, but I'd throw him OUT!


Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: [the lights go out, calling up the stairs] LIZZIE!
Lizzie Allen: [with a newspaper in her mouth, swinging a bear trap at the window. Miss Van Gorder comes in and she stops and takes the paper out of her mouth] I see by the paper that the Bat's in the neighborhood. I'm setting a bear trap for him.

Detective Moletti: What's your full name?
Lizzie Allen: Lizzie Allen - whether I'm full or not.

Detective Moletti: How old are you?
Lizzie Allen: Twenty-two.
Miss Cornelia Van Gorder: She's forty!


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