The Bastard Sword

2018 film

The Bastard Sword is a 2018 epic fantasy adventure film about a fighter, thief and hermit who must work together to find a mythical sword that can control minds.

Directed by Eveshka Ghost.

Tias Edit

  • Fools gold.
  • [to Ulysses mocking Mars from afar] Look at him, thinks he's a man worthy of title, six feet tall arms of tree trunks and hair of elemental fire. A real Grande Warrior.
  • You're making a grande mistake!
  • We are what we choose friend, all that are left when we are gone are the stories that we leave behind and what we did for others. There are no possessions, we own nothing. From what I've learned from you you often do what is right, regardless of a few mistakes, maybe you took something once but you can always give it back.

Ulysses Edit

  • Why did you have to be such a good person?
  • [after hearing Tias surprised at his Pixie Bread] I've got pixie everything.

Mars Edit

  • Gimme all your silver!
  • I'm a natural, born with a sword in my hand!

Viktor Edit

  • Mars, You have a sword in your hand, think quickly!
  • Why are you not killing each other and who is this strange man? He looks like a wizard!

Nyx Edit

  • We Pixies are known for our cunning.
  • A Grande Headache Indeed.

Liliya Edit

  • Evil. I wish you were dead. I WISH YOU WERE DEAD!!!

Nikolai Edit

  • And I will, today.

Taglines Edit

  • A Grande Adventure.
  • Have You Heard Of It?

Cast Edit

  • Xander Phillips – Tias
  • Seth Easterbrook – Ulysses
  • Martyn Eade – Mars
  • Danielle Thorpe – Nyx
  • James McClusky – Lars
  • Chris Wilson – Viktor
  • Chris Comber – Nikolai
  • Gemma Comber – Liliya
  • Myra Hanlon – Lake Spirit

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