The Babe

1992 film by Arthur Hiller
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The Babe is a 1992 biographical film about the life of famed baseball player Babe Ruth.

Written by John Fusco, directed by Arthur Hiller.
There Was Only One.

Johnny Sylvester

  • You are the best, you are the best there's ever been.

Harry Frazee

  • Half of everything I own just went down the drain with the "Gladiators of Broadway."  The other half is in the pocket of The Sultan of Swat, and he wants a raise and his own suites during road games.


Helen Woodford Ruth: Let me tell you something. I'm not on the dark of it anymore. The only thing I don't understand now was why they ever let you out because you are incorrigible. [shocked at Helen's revelation, Babe Ruth loses his temper and shoves the food cart before flipping the bowl in her face] That's it, it's over.
Babe Ruth: Come on, kid. Don't say that. Let's have a rib and forget about this. You're right, I've been bad.
Helen Woodford Ruth: No! I am through, George!
Babe Ruth: Helen, give me a chance. We'll let waysides be waysides. Don't leave me like this, all right?
Helen Woodford Ruth: I am through with chances, George. I'm through with us. I'm taking Dorothy back to Boston and I'm filing for divorce.


  • There Was Only One.

Quotes about the film

  • Apart from being a bad film in the first place, aside from being superficially written, aside from being shot with little sense of time or place, the movie portrays Babe Ruth as a man almost completely lacking in the ability to have, or to provide, happiness.  Spending these 115 minutes with the Babe is a little like being jammed into the window seat on a long-distance bus, next to a big guy with beer and cigars on his breath and nothing to talk about but his next meal and his last broad.
  • Less a biography than a baseball movie, "The Babe" is a muddy field of dreams fertilized with a whole lot of Bull Durham.  Loosely based on George Herman Ruth's life, this shallow, soap-operatic treatment makes the man fit the myth.  And bigger-than-life or not, he rattles around inside there like the prize in a Cracker Jack box.
    • Rita Kempley, "The Babe," Washington Post (17 April 1992).


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