The Atom Ant Show

animated television series

The Atom Ant Show was a TV cartoon show about a superhero ant created by Hanna-Barbera in 1965.



Atom Ant

  • Up and at 'em... Atom Ant!!!
  • Atom Ant, up and at 'em!!!
  • Atom Ant is up and at 'em!!!
  • Uh oh, someones pushed their Panic button!
  • Uh oh, Someone else has pushed their panic button, when they call this a push button age, they're not kidding!
  • So long, keep healthy, everybody!

Ferocious Flea

  • Hey, come back here with my dog Atom Ant!
  • (After getting a hammer to the head) Oh boy, that could give a guy a throbbing headache!


  • Oh, I'm not putting you out, i'm putting you in!
  • An Ant arrest me, Hahaha, that's rich, an itsy, bitsy Ant, if he comes here, he'll be commiting insecticide!

Dr. Crankenshaft

  • Listen Atom, i'm harmless, its my glob you're after!

The Glob

  • Yeah, Yeah!
  • Yuck!

Mr. Muto

  • Me, Mr. Muto, will teach him a lession!
  • Haso, Haso!
  • Giving Karate chop, chop!
  • Now giving Sumo lession!

Big Fats

  • You mean you want me to come Clean?
  • I used the laundry truck, so we could make a clean-getaway.
  • I'm sick and tired of being a nice guy, from now on I'm gonna get nasty.

Other Characters

  • This job is too big for the police - "Almost anyone in trouble"
  • If an ant shows up I should step on him - "Door man"
  • I sure wish he'd use the door like everybody else! - "Warden"


Big Fats: This world isn't big enough for me and that Atom Ant, I'm gonna challenge him to a showdown!
Atom Ant: Okay Big Fats, I accept your challenge, Show me down!
Big Fats: I'm giving you two minutes to get out of town!
Atom Ant: Pardon me for being nosy. [grabs Big Fats' nose and starts stretching it out]
Big Fats: Hold it Atom Ant, that streching things a little too far... [Atom Ant releases Big Fats' Nose, which snaps onto his face.]

Atom Ant: I would want the strong man's spot in the show!
Circus flea: The strong man's spot! Why that's Ferocious Flea's spot, and if he ever heard you...
Ferocious Flea: I heard, so that's whose gonna take my job!

Sergeant on radio: Calling all cars, calling all cars, be on the lookout for Dr. Crankenshaft, height 4 foot 3, age about Medevil. Be carful, hes a mad mad mad mad doctor.
Cop 1: There's the doctor, Sergeant.
Sergeant on radio: When last seen he was following a glob, height, 20 foot 2, devouring everything in sight!
Cop 1: Yepp, and there's the Glob!
Cop 2: Well, let's not sit here, let's do something!
Cop 1: Yeah, lets get out of here!
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