The Amazing Transparent Man

1960 film by Edgar George Ulmer

The Amazing Transparent Man is a 1960 film about a crazed scientist who invents an invisibility formula, who plans to use the formula to create an army of invisible zombies.

Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. Written by Jack Lewis.
What you can't see will kill you!  (taglines)

Dr. Peter Ulof

  • I did not agree to kill a man by deliberate radiation poisoning.
  • There is a man who has unlocked every door, except the one to his own soul...
  • It's a serious problem. What would you do?

Major Paul Krenner

  • You're too old-fashioned to be a genius.
  • I must know the full potential of your invention because my aim is to make an entire army invisible. Do you understand that? An entire army.


State Police officer: Imagine what our counter intelligence could accomplish if they were able to become invisible whenever necessary.
Dr. Peter Ulof: The Central Intelligence Agency has already discussed the possibilities with me.

Joey Faust: What kind of idiot are you, Krenner? I can't poke my nose inside a bank door without getting it blown off. Every newspaper in the country's got my picture!
Major Paul Krenner: You're bitter, Faust - mean and bitter. You trust no one, and you hate everyone. You're just the man I need and understand.

Major Paul Krenner: You're hardly in a position to bargain, Mr. Faust.
Joey Faust: A man with a gun doesn't have to bargain.


  • Invisible and Deadly!
  • The Most Amazing Picture Of The Year! He's Invisible! He's Deadly!
  • WARNING! Joey Faust, escaped convict, THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN, has vowed to "appear" invisibly IN PERSON at every performance of this picture!
  • What you can't see will kill you!
  • A nation at his mercy!


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