The Alvin Show

American animated television series

The Alvin Show is an American animated television series that aired in first-run syndication from October 1961 to September 1962. It is the first series to feature the singing characters Alvin and the Chipmunks.



Stanley the Eagle [1.01]

Alvin: What'll we do?
Theodore: I don't know.
Simon: What do you wanna do?
Alvin: [looking up] I don't know... wanna build somethin'?
Simon: [to Alvin] What?
Alvin: [shrugs] I don’t know.
Simon: [shrugs] How about a bird house?
Theodore: Heheh yeah! Maybe we could get a bird to play with.
Simon: [to Theodore] Sure! A robin!
Theodore: A bluebird!
Alvin: What's the matter with an eagle?

Dave: [pointing] Arrest that eagle!
Cop 1: [scene cuts to Alvin standing innocently next to the birdhouse] What eagle?
Dave: Why that eagle! [looks, but doesn’t see Stanley] right... [pause] Alvin, where's that eagle? [getting mad] Alvin! Tell them about the eagle!!
Alvin: Eagle? Eagles live only in high mountains, they're never in-
Dave: Now cut that out! Tell them about Stanley!
Alvin: [innocently looks around] Stanley?
Dave: Yeah! Stanley the Eagle, you know! [pointing at the birdhouse] And! That's! His! House!
Cops: [bemused, while the cop on the left points] "Stanley the eagle and that's his house."
Cop 1: Come with us Seville.
Cop 2: [they take Dave away] You've been making too many of them nutty records.
Dave: [the three Chipmunks watch Stanley fly in circles above] Now wait a minute! Alvin, tell them about Stanley! Tell them about Stanley the eagle! Alvin? Alvin?! ALVIN...!!!

Theodore's Dog [1.20]

Dave: Tomorrow, we hit the road boys, so get a good night sleep!
Theodore: I could sleep better if I had a dog guarding me.

Dave: [to Theodore] You can't have a dog, so you eat yourself sick! And when you eat yourself sick, what do you do? You take something bitter! Right Theodore?
Theodore: [eyes squeezed shut] Right Dave. [takes spoonful of medicine, face showing disgust]

Haunted House [1.21]

J. P. Lester: Ready... set... [smoke appears and J. P. sniffs] Hey, what's that? Smells like something burning [looks down] It is something burning! MMEEEE!!!

Dave: [after going over to the other side and picks up a sleeping J. P. Lester] Alvin, Alvin, speak to me Alvin.
Alvin: [walking up behind Dave, with an extra blanket under his arm] What do you want me to say Dave?
Dave: [looking at Alvin] Don’t bother me now Alvin. [looks back at J. P., who's now waking up] Now Alvin- [looks at camera before looking at the awake Theodore and Simon, sitting in bed] If that's Theodore... and that’s Simon... [looks back at Alvin] And you're Alvin... [looks at the ghost, who's fully awake] then you... must... be a-a...
J. P. Lester: [calmly] Ghost?
[In white blurs, Dave and the Chipmunks rush out of the house and leave]

Sir Alvin [1.24]

Simon: Oh Sir Alvin, save me! Oh kiss me Sir Alvin! [Theodore giggles as Simon kisses the air]


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