The Adventures of the American Rabbit

1986 film by Fred Wolf

The Adventures of the American Rabbit (released in the UK as simply The American Rabbit) is an animated film released in 1986 by Clubhouse Pictures, and subsequently on DVD by MGM.

He's here to save the day!(taglines)


Rodney: What's so important about this chocolate anyway?
Walt: Oooh, that's such a good question, Rodney. But tell me, do you like chocolate?
Rodney: Well, yeah, sure. I like an occasional munch.
Walt: You and everyone else. The whole world craves chocolate. And he who controls chocolate controls *everything*!


  • He's here to save the day!

Voice cast

  • Barry Gordon as American Rabbit/Rob/Punk Jackal
  • Laurie O'Brien as Bunny O'Hare
  • Bob Arbogast as Teddy/Penguin 2
  • Ken Mars as Walt/Vultor the Buzzard
  • Pat Fraley as Tini Meeny/Rob's Father
  • Russi Taylor as Rob's Mother/Lamb
  • Bob Holt as Rotten Rodney, Jackal Biker Leader/Penguin 3 (final film role)
  • Norm Lenzer as Bruno Bruno, Assistant Head Jackal
  • Lorenzo Music as Ping Pong
  • Hal Smith as Mentor/Mad Marvin, Sergeant-At-Arms Jackal/Too Loose
  • John Mayer as Horrible Hugo, Road Captain Jackal/Penguin 1
  • Lew Horn as Dip/Additional Voices
  • Maitzi Morgan as Lady Pig/Old Woman Rabbit
  • Fred Wolf as Fred Red