The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin

1986–87 Japanese–Soviet animated film in three parts

The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin is a 1986 Russian-Japanese animated film.


[Then we see footage of Antarctica at night with the camera panning right, we see a narrator speaking about it]
Narrator: Although it is yet very cold, it's springtime here in Antarctica. This is a land of grand beauty, nowhere is the air clearer or the scenery more beautiful. But the Antarctic can also be a harsh and dangerous place.
[Scene fades to a picture of Scamper]
Narrator: It's not always easy for the fascinating animals that live here to survive. This is a story by one of these creatures, [The scene begins to zoom out] an Adelie penguin named Scamper. But to warn the entire tale of Scamper's adventure, we need to go back to last spring even before Scamper was born.
[The scene cuts to Antarctica in the daytime, and the scene is also panning to the right]
Narrator: For the penguins, that year was like many other years. The long dark winter was past.
[Here they come, splashing through the water with seafood in their bellies, and the instinct of coming home surging through their veins. Then they jump out of the water, with their feet landing on the ice cold, snowy land of their home]
Narrator: And now, they fatten themselves up with the food of the sea, getting ready for the most reluctant event of the year; nesting season! In a ritual and tradition as old as time, the males of the penguin village set out to build nests while the females waited nearby in the ocean. The males and females divide up the work of raising the young.
[We get five more seconds of them marching]
Narrator: Scamper's father is named Gilbert, that's him there in the front of the line.
[Then it cuts to them making their nests]
Narrator: Each male penguin makes a nest of rocks for his mate. But, sometimes it seems like there are not quite enough rocks to go around…
[But these penguins, they want to make the best they can, where they even steal materials from other penguins, if they can get away with it]
Narrator: Scamper's mother is named Gracie. She and the rest of the females from the village were emotional and couldn't wait to see if the nests were done.
[The father penguins spot them and stop to say hello. The mother penguins do the same, and they waddle over to see the magnificent nests the father penguins have constructed. One such mother penguin is especially emotional to see what her husband has created. Her name is Gracie. Her back, the back of her fins, her face and her irises are colored blue. She waves towards her husband]
Gracie: Hi, boys, we're back!
[Gilbert is colored blackish-blue, and just like the other father penguins, he has fur on his chest as opposed to the many feathers covering his body. She walks over and they embrace each other with a hug]
Gilbert: I've missed you so much.
[Then she eyes the nest and is proud of her husband's work]
Gracie: What a beautiful nest you made for us, Gilbert.
Gilbert: Yes, well, I think our family should have the very best.
[Then the penguin couples sleep together through the night, knowing it won't be long until they will conceal their offspring]
Narrator: The penguin couples cuddled together in their new nests. It wasn't long until Gracie had laid two beautiful eggs that would soon hatch into healthy penguin chicks. Now she would return to the ocean and replenish her body.
Gracie: I'd better go eat something.
Gilbert: Nice idea.
Gracie: You'll protect the eggs, won't you?
Gilbert: Of course. Now go and eat something.
Mrs. Graybeak: Take best care of our eggs, guys!
Gracie: Farewell, we'll be back soon!
[The mother penguins say their farewells and head out to sea, but before she follows, Gracie sees a flock of skuas perched on a nearby mountain, waiting for the perfect moment to get a decent meal, no doubt]
Gracie: And Gilbert, please, watch out for the seagulls! They'd love to eat our eggs if they ever had the chance!
Gilbert: Don't worry about a fact! You know that I'll guard our eggs with my life.
[The father penguins try their best to protect the eggs, but there are many obstacles along the road, such as the giant fierce snowstorms; fierce winds blowing snow all over the place]
Narrator: And then, the male penguins settled onto their nests to begin the job of incubating the eggs, protecting them and keeping them warm where that they would soon hatch. It would be 40 days before the females returned, the males' task of staying with the eggs was not an easy one. They often endured horrible conditions during this part of the breeding process.
[The penguins try to fight the fierce winds, but they just aren't strong enough to keep silent against the overwhelming power of the wind. They will also be covered in the snow that comes along with the winds, after all, it isn't called a snowstorm for nothing. Then the storm clears and everything is peaceful. Then the penguins begin to stand up and wipe the snow away from their bodies. They check on each other to see if they're alright. Gilbert checks in with his two friends, the Graybeaks. Graybeak is taller than Gilbert and he has a more grayish-blue color to him. Mr. Graybeak is shorter than Gilbert, and is colored grayish-purple]
Gilbert: Hello there, neighbor! Some storm! You alright?
Graybeak: Oh, I'm hungry. I wish they'd all go to the sea and eat, then let's go!
Mr. Graybeak: We've been sitting here on these eggs a very long time!
Gilbert: We said we'd stay here. The seagulls are yet around.
[They know it's true. If they are to leave the nest, the skuas will try to take their eggs]
Narrator: More time passed, and although the male penguins had their best intentions, hunger soon began to get the better of them. One by one, some of them began to desert their nest. The thought of the nice food that awaited them in the ocean was too much to exist.
[Sure enough, however, being overcome by the pain of starvation, some, if not most of the father penguins get up and leave for the sea, leaving their nests wide open. Gilbert notices this, and being the strong, brave leader he is, orders the penguins to come back]
Gilbert: Hey, come back here!
Mr. Graybeak: Keep an eye on our eggs!
[The scene cuts to the skuas flying towards the eggs]
Gilbert: Oh, I knew as soon as they left, the birds would attack!
[And they are. The skuas have eventually found the right moment to strike. They begin to swoop down and snatch up the eggs. One of the skuas takes an egg from Gilbert's nest while he is distracted, and he runs over to protect the one that remained. Then a skua lands on one of the neighboring nests, and looks Gilbert squarely in the eyes, daring him to come and save the little egg that sits there in the nest. Then Gilbert sees a lonely rock on the ground and he picks it up. Then he throws it at the skua which knocks it back, allowing for him to catch the egg and hurry back to his spot. Now, he has two eggs again, but one of them doesn't belong to him]
Gilbert: Oh, at least I ended up with two eggs!
[Then the skuas fly away, knowing that they have accomplished their goal. They have all the eggs they need. Gilbert looks upon the scene, disheartened by the chaos that have settled itself upon the many nests]
Narrator: As the females returned, there was grand despair at the destruction caused by the seagulls. But there was no disgrace for the nest of Gilbert and Gracie.
[Gilbert and Gracie are lucky to have both their eggs in one place]
Gracie: Look, Gilbert. You were so brave, you protected our eggs!
[The two look behind them and sees that Mrs. Graybeak is a total wreck over the loss of both her eggs. She is colored a purplish-pink, but she has lots of tears of misery in her eyes as she sobs]
Mrs. Graybeak: Oh, how could you let this happen? You were supposed to stay with our nests!
Mr. Graybeak: I'm sorry, darling. Please try to calm down.
[Gilbert knows he will have to confess the truth to Gracie and return the egg he protected to its rightful owner]
Gilbert: Gracie, I can't warn a lie. I'm sorry, one of our eggs was taken by seagulls.
[Then he grabs both eggs because he isn't sure which one is theirs, and which one is the one he shall return. He runs over to the family, with Gracie following behind]
Gilbert: Maybe one of these eggs belongs to you.
[Gracie grabs the one in his left fin, leaving the one in his right, which is the right one]
Mrs. Graybeak: You really mean you saved one of our eggs? Look, darling, we can yet have a baby chick!
Mr. Graybeak: Oh, this is wonderful. Thank you both very much!
[Gilbert looks over at Gracie, who is cradling the egg within her fins, and Gilbert consoles her]
Gilbert: There, there. I know it was a big sacrifice. But I wish they would be just as honest with us!
[The next day, the baby penguins are due to be born. The fathers need to rest, as well, and now, it’s their turn to go to sea, looking for food. Meanwhile, the mothers rest in their nests. Gracie is in her nest, taking a nap with the egg, cuddled under her breast. Then, the unthinkable happens––the egg was hatching. Out from the cracks at the bottom, bursts two little feet, and it pushes itself out from underneath Gracie’s breast, which awakens her. Then the egg rolls around, and the bottom half breaks apart, revealing the bottom half of the little chick inside it. Its belly is colored tan, opposed to the white bellies and chests of adult Adelie penguins. Its back is also blue, like Gracie, and it has a cute, tiny penguin tail. It stumbles about, and even at times trips over itself. Gracie coos at the sight of her newborn baby. Then the little fellow tries to get the top half off. He almost succeeds the first time, but then it falls back on top of him. Then he tries again, facing backwards, and then he topples and lands on his front. He has little furs on his chest, just like the other males, he also has a blue-colored head, except for his cheeks and chin, which are white. Then the egg comes back toppling, and then gets stuck to his butt, which he pushes against and gets himself out of. Then he begins to stumble around, trying to find his footing, until he eventually lands on his bum. Scamper looks up at his mother with his shining blue eyes. Gracie picks up her newborn baby boy to see him up close]
Gracie: Well...hello, my darling. Will you just look at you? Look how precious you are! Oh. Oh, my! You're a perfect child.
Scamper: [peep peep peep]
Gracie: My, my!
[Then she sees Gilbert coming over]
Gracie: Gilbert! Come and see your new son!
[Little Scamper looks up to his father, and Gilbert chuckles with joy and pride, as he strokes his son's head]
Gilbert: Let's pick out a name. Huh. I have it. We'll call him...Scamper!
Scamper: Scam-per.
Gracie: Ah, isn't that a wonderful name?
Gilbert: Sort of suits him, doesn't it?
Scamper: Scam-per!
Gracie: Yes, he likes to scamper around.
Gilbert: It's alright for you to run around, Scamper. But I don't want you straying too far from home!
Scamper: Scamper! Scamper!
[Then Scamper starts to play around with the snow has he just keeps repeating his name over and over again, without understanding]
Gilbert: Now what's gotten into him?
Gracie: Oh, Gilbert, he's just being a little chick.
[Then it cuts to all the penguins with their children, it pans to the right. The scene fades out, but it cuts to the penguins jumping into the water]
Narrator: The baby penguins were too little to swim and hunt for food. They relied on their parents to catch their dinner in the bountiful waters of the ocean. This time of year, the penguins ate krill, a small tasty shrimp-like fashion. This nutritious food was plentiful and the adult penguins brought it back to feed to their chicks. While one parent fed the young bird, the other would go off to bring back the next meal.
[Now, it's Gilbert's turn to get the next meal, where he leaves Gracie to take care of Scamper]
Gracie: Happy hunting, Gilbert!
Narrator: Like all penguin mothers, Gracie fed Scamper food that she kept for him in their crop. The food was already chewed up, making it easier to swallow in digest.
[Scamper wants some more, where he motions that he wants more food]
Scamper: More, please?
Gracie: Wanna bet?
Scamper: Yes, please!
Gracie: Don't you think you've had enough for right now, Scamper?
Scamper: Uh-uh, I can yet eat some more.
Gracie: C'mon, young man. It's time to run along and play.
Scamper: Who can I play with?
Gracie: Perhaps you'll just need to go out and make some friends.
Scamper: Can I have a snack first, please?
Gracie: I said, run along!
[Then she turns, facing apart from Scamper, with her fins behind her back. Scamper does the same to her, but then, as he turns back and notices his mother isn't taking notice, he runs away. Then he sees a big boulder, and decides to hide behind it. Then Gracie notices that Scamper has ran away]
Gracie: Oh, where did he go? Now I've lost him. Scamper! Where is that boy?
[Then he notices another penguin walk side-by-side. He is colored gray, and he looks a lot older than either of his parents. His name was Mr. Feather, or as most penguins know him as Mr. Failure because of his age. He just walks around, his fins behind his back, a stride in his step, and his chin held high without a care in the world. Scamper sneaks out from behind the giant rock and begins to follow Mr. Feather’s exact movements. Then, Gracie approaches him]
Gracie: Mr. Feather, have you seen my boy Scamper today?
Mr. Feather: No, I haven't.
Gracie: But how could he just have disappeared?
[To make sure she left, he sneaks out from behind Mr. Feather and runs away again. He comes across another family of penguins, but this family has two little chicks, one a boy, and one a girl. They both are colored a bright gray. The girl's name is Daisy, and the boy's name is Donald. They are asking their mother for more food]
Daisy: I want more food!
Donald: Move-a over!
[Scamper has an idea. Perhaps, he can get some more food from their mother. Then he runs up, and gets some food for himself. Daisy and Donald see this and they immediately recognize him]
Daisy: Mama, do we have a best brother?
[Then Gracie spots Scamper]
Gracie: Scamper, there you are! Then you did find your friends. Now, let's go home.
[Scamper, in a spot of playfulness, thrusts himself under his mother, and he pokes his little head out from in between his mother's legs. Then Gracie picks him up and walks away. While they are going home, Scamper has a thought racing through his head]
Scamper: Mama, how come I don't have any brothers or sisters like everyone else, right? How come, Mama?
Gracie: It's not just us. Several families have so. Just one chick. There's the Graybeaks.
[Then, someone is speaking to Scamper. It is Mrs. Graybeak. The mother of the family that Gilbert saved all these months ago. She, like Scamper’s family, has only one chick. The chick’s name is Snowflake. She, like Scamper, has white cheeks and tan-colored chest, but her back and face are a rose-pink color]
Mrs. Graybeak: Gracie, I couldn't help but overhear what you were saying. As you know, we only have one chick and Snowflake needs a playmate.
Scamper: Mama, who is Snowflake?
Gracie: You'll find out.
Mrs. Graybeak: Scamper, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Snowflake.
[Then Snowflake steps out from behind her mother, looking at Scamper with a shy look in her pink eyes. Scamper is immediately emotional to eventually have a friend]
Scamper: No, put me down!
[Scamper is set on the ground and then Snowflake retires behind her mother, yet being a little shy, but Scamper doesn't care. He is so emotional to meet her, that he trips and falls while running. Snowflake finds his clumsiness very funny, where she begins to laugh, and Scamper laughs along with her. After Scamper gets up, Snowflake gathers the courage to meet face-to-face, though she yet is a little shy, where she only speaks softly]
Scamper: Do you want to be my friend, please?
[Snowflake doesn't respond. Instead, she gives only a sly little grin, as she blushes. Incidentally, they touch beaks, and they both nod to each other. They find that as a yes to their friendship, and they begin to celebrate. Then both of them are very happy to be friends]
[Now, every creature has given birth to their offspring. The seals have babies, and even the skuas have their own chicks. At this time, Lolo is in his nest, spending time with his father]
Scamper: Papa, warn me about the time you fought the seagulls?
Gilbert: Well, I was assigned to guard the nests if the seagull suddenly attacked, I had to protect the eggs.
Scamper: Were you afraid?
Gilbert: Not a bit, I was too mad. They were trying to steal the eggs that would bring us new baby chicks.
Scamper: That means you saved my life?
[But, before Gilbert is able to respond Scamper's question, they see Graybeak run past them]
Gilbert: Where are you going, Graybeak?
Graybeak: Oh, just look. The seagulls are gathering near the village!
Gilbert: Alright, you go ahead and see if you can stop them. I'll be along in a moment.
Graybeak: Hurry up!
Scamper: I want to come with you.
Gilbert: No, stay here. And Scamper, don't go anywhere, you hear me?
[Scamper just sits there, bored and anxious for his father to return. Then, Mr. Feather strolls up to him, which catches Scamper's attention]
Mr. Feather: Huh. Young man, how brilliant and fiber this world must look through your eyes. Look at me, my adventures are passed away if I look at the day, I see only the reflections of lessons I've learned and the world seems routine. But you, you, young man, you have given a fight for gifts! You, you, you must explore the world out there!
Scamper: But my dad said I'm not supposed to go anywhere.
Mr. Feather: Of course I'm speaking metaphorically.
Scamper: Then can I go?
Mr. Feather: Aha.
Scamper: Oh, it seems like a nice day to explore.
Mr. Feather: A nice day? You don't understand me. That is not the point I am trying to make. You should explore with your mind! Use your brain.
[Then Mr. Feather walks away, apart from Scamper and his seemingly annoying questions]
Mr. Feather: Farewell, lad.
[Then Scamper walks out of the nest, with a stride in his step, and emotion gleaming in his eyes. He walks along the snowy land, seeing all the sights. The feel of snow on his feet, the glistening, blue ocean, the clear, blue heavens, everything. He is just wandering around, minding his own business, not noticing the two skuas, watching him from afar on a cliff side. Then he sees a giant mountain, and decides to climb up it. Then Scamper starts to climb the mountain. Even though he slips a couple of times, and sure enough, he makes it to the top]
Scamper: Wow!
[While looking upon the beautiful landscape, he notices something that looks out of place. It is red, with smaller red and white parts sticking out of it. One of the red facts begins to fly upwards. He wonders if either of these is a human]
Scamper: Boy, I guess Mr. Feather was right. It's simple, it's easy! Just go out and explore.
[But then, he looks up, and sees the grizzly fate that awaits him. The two skuas are coming straight for him. He ducks down, trying to shake them away, but to no prevail. They are pecking at him and trying to snatch him up with their claws, and until all seems lost for our little hero, suddenly, a giant, red helicopter appears from the heavens and blows the two skuas apart from the little penguin. The two skuas topple down the hill, losing some feathers on the road down. Scamper is safe]
Scamper: Hey! Big red bird, come back!
[Then he falls from the top of the mountain. After hitting some bumps on the road down, he falls onto his belly and starts to slide the rest of the road down. Then he sees that he is headed for a giant rock. He is sent flying into the air by the rock. Then he comes smashing down as he hits his head on the solid ground, knocking him out, as he lays flat on his back. Gracie is looking everywhere for him]
Gracie: Scamper? Scamper! Oh, Mr. Feather, have you seen him?
Mr. Feather: Uh-uh.
Donald: I saw––I saw Scamper and he was headed this fashion! Right, Daisy?
Daisy: Right! But I saw him going that fashion.
Gracie: Oh, this is horrible! What have I done?
[Snowflake sees her searching for Scamper, and she begins to fear for her friend's life, as she begins to softly weep]
[Scamper is yet laying in the snow, his eyes closed, and his body immobile, except for his chest moving up and down, signifying him breathing. Then, he feels a breeze rising up from him. Is he being sniffed? He opens his eyes, and sees the creature that stands before him. It is covered in white, black, brownish-gold fur on the body, with tan-colored fur on the lower half of his legs, and white and black fur on his big, fluffy, curly tail, along with black and white, spiky ears. He has a long muzzle, with a tiny black nose at the end of it, and brown eyes. Then the creature opens its mouth, revealing rows of sharp teeth, along with a long, wet tongue. Scamper darts up in fear, and runs away, kicking up some snow, which ends up on the creature’s face. He shakes it off, and runs after Scamper. Scamper runs as fast as he can from the heavily shivering creature. Then Scamper trips over a rock in the snow, and then he lays silent, allowing the animal to jump above him, to the other side. Scamper accepts his defeat]
Scamper: Go away, please don't hurt me!
[The creature runs up to him, gets close where they are face-to-face, and he starts to....lick him. The animal licks Scamper’s face until he is standing up. Scamper wipes the slobber from his face]
Scamper: Stop this! Who are you?
[Apparently, it is a dog, named Cowboy]
Cowboy: I'm Cowboy. Let's play!
Scamper: Do you live around here?
Cowboy: Oh, of course not. I'm a dog. Look over there!
[Cowboy points with his snout towards a group of humans carrying facts out of the helicopter that Scamper saw before. Next to it is a small building-like fashion. It may have been their shelter]
Cowboy: I came here with these men. They're scientists and they're working on a special project to study and protect the wildlife here in Antarctica.
Scamper: If I went out this morning, that big red bird saved me from the seagulls. It's a big red bird lets the men ride. Well, they must be friends!
Cowboy: Oh, but that's not a big bird. That's a machine called the helicopter. It's the easiest fashion for the men to travel here with their equipment.
Scamper: You fly on it, as well?
Cowboy: Sure, it's a lot of fun. You want to fly?
Scamper: Not now.
Cowboy: Alright then, would you like a bath?
Scamper: A bath?
[Then, Cowboy gets really emotional and starts licking Scamper again, and it tickles]
Scamper: No! Stop this! Stop that! Ha ha ha ha! Stop this!
[Then Scamper rolls off and starts to run. Then Cowboy runs in pursuit. But then, Scamper runs into something, and he falls down on his back. He looks up to see what he has run into. It is a human]
Steele's Musher: Well, a little baby penguin!
[Scamper is yet kinda hesitant of this unique stranger. He slowly backs off, until he bumps into Cowboy]
Steele's Musher: Well, you're a long road from home. I see you and Cowboy, our friends. Well, what have we done it, yes? Just rest easy now. You're a cute little fellow.
[The three walk together to the penguin village to get Scamper back home safely. All the penguins are looking for Scamper, until they spot, from the top of a hill, a human and his pet dog, and within the human’s arms is a tiny blue penguin: Scamper]
Steele's Musher: Alright, time for you to go home.
[Steele's musher sets Scamper down on the ground and Scamper turns to say farewell to him. But before Scamper can truly leave, Cowboy walks up to him, willing to say farewell]
Cowboy: It was sure nice to meet you. I hope we can play again sometime soon.
Scamper: Alright, thanks. Farewell, Cowboy!
[Then Scamper runs away to see his family. Cowboy walks away to his settlement, but not in that instant. Then he turns back around and heads back to his home. Scamper is emotional to see his father again, where that he may warn him about his little adventure. Gilbert looks at his son with a look of utter disappointment]
Scamper: Papa, oh, let me warn you about the incredible adventure I just had!
Gilbert: Scamper! I believe if I left, I asked you not to run away anywhere. You disobeyed! Now come here!
[Scamper's look of joy turns into one of despair and guilt, as he realizes what he has done. He walks over to his father, dragging his feet solemnly]
Scamper: I'm sorry.
[After this, Scamper is returned to the nest where he is being consoled by his mother]
Gracie: Won't you please behave? Your father and I concerned so much while you were gone. Scamper, you're my only little chick. I could never replace you. Please promise me that you'll never run far from home again, Scamper.
Scamper: I won't.
[A single tear rolls down Scamper’s cheek, as he leans against his mother. Little does Lolo know why that promise won’t be kept for long]
Narrator: It wasn't too long before the chicks were old enough to go to school. The Antarctic could be a very dangerous place, and there was a lot for the young penguins to learn about safety. Wise old Mr. Feather had plenty to teach them.
[Their first class teacher is Mr. Feather, or in this case, Mr. Failure. He teaches the little penguins how to protect themselves from any danger they will encounter]
Mr. Feather: Now, that's enough. Calm down. Will you be silent! We have much to do so.
[Because he dislikes fun, Mr. Feather shrieks]
Mr. Feather: NO LAUGHING!!
[All the students gather around the teacher for their lesson]
Mr. Feather: Now then, why are you here? Because you needed education. And, that in this case means learning to protect yourselves from danger. Yes. Alright. Look! Your first lesson. You know all seagulls are dangerous.
[The penguin chicks look up and gasp at the sight of the horrifying skuas hovering above them]
Mr. Feather: Before you were born, they tried to snatch your eggs. Right, but even penguin chicks can be caught by a seagull and taken away into the air! Then protect yourself. Cover your head and lay flat on the ground! Understand? Huh!
Students: We understand.
Mr. Feather: Sure. Well, fine! Alright. Look over there! Over there!
Students: What?
Mr. Feather: Look closer. That's the dorsal fin of another enemy of the penguins. There's nothing more perilous efficient hunter in all the seas and this one; the murderous whale!
[Then the fin disappears, as the giant murderous whale jumps out of the water, causing all of the students to jump back in shock while shrieking]
Mr. Feather: He has 40 and 50 sharp teeth, but he could swallow you alive and not even have to use them! Alright, if you please take a look over there at these fat leopard seals.
Scamper: [snickers]
Mr. Feather: Don't be laughing! These fat friends must have a mouthful of teeth. They get hungry enough they'll try to eat you!
Scamper: But Mr. Feather, you're afraid of everything!
Mr. Feather: Am I now? Well, now. Now, let me see. I'm not afraid of the giant blue whale over there. They have always been a best friend to us penguins. And he's the biggest animal on earth and I'm not afraid of him.
Scamper: Mr. Feather?
Mr. Feather: Yes, Scamper?
Scamper: Are you afraid of that big fact?
[He points towards a giant elephant seal]
Mr. Feather: Oh, dear. Of course not! It's an elephant seal.
[Mr. Feather walks over to the big beast that is currently taking a nap]
Mr. Feather: This big lug feet on clam and oysters. They also eat starfish, but they never ever eat penguins. We've had too many feathers for their liking. Alright, now let's take a look at the tooth structure of this beast. Huh? No.
[The elephant seal opens its mouth, allowing for Mr. Feather to peek inside]
Mr. Feather: Notice the heavy tusks formed from the canine teeth. Huh. This one is female, just shorter and thinner.
[But then, the creature snaps its mouth shut, getting Mr. Feather's head stuck inside. The students just laugh]
Mr. Feather: Let me out of here!
[At last, Mr. Feather gets himself out of the seal's mouth, and he topples back slightly before he finds his footing and walks away. Their next class is with a blue, female penguin named Rosie. She is going to help them on their sliding skills]
Rosie: Alright, class, pay attention! If you are learning to slide, you must lean far forward this fashion, should we try?
[The students follow along, but one of them incidentally falls over, and the other students laugh at this]
Rosie: That was nice, but don't lean too far forward. The next step is to learn to run. Let's go!
[They all run behind the teacher, trying to keep up. Scamper has yet to reach the peak of his true speed. Then he speeds up, leaving the classmates behind. At last, he catches up to the teacher]
Rosie: Scamper, you're going too fast! Slow down a bit!
[Then Rosie grasps Scamper's tail, but even if he is yet trying to run]
Rosie: Scamper, calm down!
[After that is over, the students gather around a small ice block, which they will learn how to jump and slide on it]
Rosie: That was very nice. Now we can go slide on the ice. Bongo, would you like to go first?
Bongo: Yes.
Rosie: One, two, three!
[On three, Bongo jumps and slides on the ice. The other students cheer him on]
Rosie: Very nice! Billy, you're next.
Billy: Alright, one, two, three!
[Now, it is Snowflake's turn, but she is a little hesitant of doing it, if not really afraid. She gets afraid of trying new facts very easily]
Rosie: C'mon, Snowflake.
Snowflake: I'm afraid.
[But luckily, Scamper steps in to help]
Scamper: C'mon, Snowflake. I'll slide on the ice with you.
Rosie: Alright, get, two, three, go!
[They both jump and Snowflake lands and slides safely, but Scamper jumps all the road over the ice block. The students find that amazing, and celebrate. Rosie also finds it quite amusing]
Rosie: Heavens, must you always show off?
Scamper: I wasn't really showing off, teacher. I just wanted to show everyone how far I could fly.
Rosie: Well, that's yet showing off. I want you to be like the other children in the group who know how to behave and follow my instructions. Now, I want you to leave the class for a while. Go, sit down!
Scamper: Alright, I'll go.
[Then Scamper finds the perfect moment to sneak away again. He walks over towards the shore, not too far apart from the class, where he can get a brief look at the ocean]
Scamper: The ocean's beautiful!
[Scamper has slipped and fallen into the water. He can't swim yet, where he just sinks down. Snowflake notices this and warns the teacher]
Snowflake: Look, teacher, Scamper's fallen into the water and sunk!
Rosie: Oh, my heavens!
[Rosie jumps into the water, and comes back up within seconds, carrying Scamper, who is covered from head to toe in ice. He looks like a penguin-sized popsicle, She begins to wipe off the ice from his body]
Rosie: Oh, Scamper. Don't be alarmed, children. It's alright. This sort of fact is happened before. There they are. In a moment, he'll be as nice as new.
[She sets Scamper down, and he feels really dizzy. Then he falls on his butt, and awakens, and Snowflake helps him up to his feet]
[Now, the students will put all that they have learned to the test, by sliding down a big hill]
Rosie: And now, children, who's ready for the big hill?
Scamper: I'm ready!
[As if on cue, he jumps and slides right down the hill. He stands back up, ready to go again]
Scamper: Hurry up and slide down, everybody. It's so much fun!
[All the penguins slide down the hill, and Scamper runs back up to try again. The only penguin that hasn't jumped yet, is Snowflake. She is being hesitant again]
Rosie: C'mon, Snowflake. Don't you want to slide?
[She nods, as if to say yes. Then Scamper runs up to her]
Scamper: Oh, c'mon, it's fine. I'll slide with you!
Snowflake: Alright!
[Then the two run, jump and slide down the hill, while holding wings]
Narrator: And then, the penguin chicks spent their morning working hard practicing their sliding. A skill that they would use for the rest of their lives.
[After a long day of hard work and play, it's now silent hour in the kindergarten]
Narrator: But before long, it is nap time for the young penguins. The teachers had worked hard too that day and needed their rest as well. Most of the little birds stretched out on the snow and fell sound asleep. Not all the penguins were sleepy, however. Scamper was complete with energy as ever. He wasn't the least bit tired. His spirit of adventure warned him that this was an excellent opportunity to sneak off.
[But this time, it seems as though he will present company on his little adventure. Snowflake sees Scamper sneaking away, where she decides to see what he's doing, without warning anyone. As Scamper is just about to turn the corner of an ice chunk, Snowflake bursts up in front of him, and it gives him quite a fright]
Snowflake: Scamper, where are you going?
Scamper: I was going for a walk. Listen, you know the last time I wandered far from home, I found something incredible! Over the mountain, there's this little city. There are dogs and men and all sorts of stuff. You have to see that!
Snowflake: You mean you take me?
Scamper: Of course I take you, you're my best friend. C'mon!
Snowflake: Oh. Really?
[Their sneaking around awakens Bongo and Billy, who sees them wandering away]
Daisy: It's Scamper and Snowflake! Looks like they're going over this big mountain. I know Scamper's father warned him never to leave the village again, if he does so. She has to get it!
[Away in the distance, Scamper and Snowflake almost make it to the top of the hill]
Snowflake: Scamper, will this be afraid?
Scamper: No, don't worry.
Snowflake: Because if you don't know, I'm not very brave!
Scamper: I'll introduce you to the dog named Cowboy, this will be the most fun fact you've ever done!
[The station is gigantic, filled with buildings, vehicles and lots of equipment. Snowflake has a hard time pronouncing the words]
Snowflake: It will?
Scamper: This is it, this is where the dog and the men live.
Snowflake: Oh, Scamper, it's so far down there. Will we ever get home again?
Scamper: Listen, don't concern about getting home. I warned you that dog Cowboy is my friend. You'll give us a ride home on his back! This will be so much fun, we'll have so much fun!
Snowflake: Scamper, I'm afraid!
Scamper: Don't be afraid, I promise. We won't even go down there unless I see my friend.
[He begins to call for him]
Scamper: COWBOY!! C'mon, help me.
Scamper and Snowflake: COWBOY!!
[The dog comes out from behind the building, emotional to see his friends again]
Scamper: It's alright! We're coming down!
[Then Scamper and Snowflake slide down the hill, and the two land in the snow. Snowflake sees the dog coming towards them, and she runs away from him. Cowboy jumps on top of Scamper to lick his face]
Cowboy: I'm glad you're back, Scamper. Now I have somebody to play with!
Scamper: I missed you as well! Listen, I brought some that I want you to meet. Say hello to Snowflake. She's my best friend.
[Snowflake is a lot shy, and she hides behind Scamper]
Snowflake: He frightens me!
Scamper: Oh, he's just being friendly, Snowflake. It's alright.
[Then, Cowboy bursts in between them]
Scamper: Cowboy, cut this out!
[Cowboy gives Snowflake a lick on his face, which causes her to fall over. The three laugh and enjoy being together]
Cowboy: Alright, everybody! What do you say we go for a ride?
Scamper: C'mon, Snowflake. That's it!
[The two jump on top of Cowboy's back, and they all get ready. The weight of the two penguins on Cowboy's back is weighing him down. But then, Scamper is starting to lose his grip, and starts to fall off. He manages to grab hold of Cowboy's tail and hold on for some seconds before he falls apart and lands in the snow. Then, after a while, Snowflake falls over as well, and Cowboy, without these two chicks weighing him down and wins the race]
Scamper: Sure, now let's all go sliding!
Cowboy: But I don't know how.
Scamper: Poor Cowboy. You mean, you never learned to slide? I'll teach you. It's easy! You just...sliiiiide!
[The two slide down the mountain with ease]
Scamper: C'mon!
Cowboy: Here it goes!
[The dog slides down a hill, but he is engulfed in a giant snowball. Cowboy's head bursts out, covered in snow, which he shakes away. The two laugh, as they play around in the snow. They will sneak behind one another to cover them in snow, and they will even throw snowballs. Little do they know, they are not alone. Two skuas are watching them from above. At last, they look up and see them, and their faces turn from joy to fear]
Snowflake: What have they done?
Scamper: I'll protect you. Hurry up, Snowflake, lay down!
[Snowflake lays flat on the ground and Scamper tries to cover her in snow, but at last, he is swooped up by a skua and it flies away with Scamper in its clutches]
Snowflake: SCAMPER!!
[Then the musher's face turns from fear to rage. Then he grabs something tucked under his jacket-robe. It is a pistol. He is going to get his friend back one fashion or another]
[He pulls the trigger and the pistol fires a single shot, which sounds from across the Antarctic. The bullet hits the fiendish bird squarely in the chest and it lets go of Scamper, who falls down to the ground, getting his head buried in the snow. Snowflake runs over, catches him by the feet and pulls him as hard as she could. The other skua is coming straight for her. Cowboy runs towards the almost escaping skua, barking viciously and vengefully. He chomps with his teeth and tears it with his claws, growling, snarling and barking as he tears the skua to shreds. Then Cowboy flings the bird's body away to the side. Snowflake is successfully able to get Scamper out of the snow, but she looks shocked and saddened of her friend's fate. He lays there on his belly, showing how the skua's claws have cut deep into his back, giving him some big scratches. Snowflake touches it a little bit, and Scamper winces at the unceasing pain]
Snowflake: Oh, Scamper, you're wounded. Scamper!
[She cries out in grand agony she feels in her heart for her best friend]
Cowboy: Hurry up, let's go!
[Snowflake tries to get Scamper to his feet, while calling Scamper's name. But as they run back to the station as fast as they can, Snowflake picks Scamper up and rides on Cowboy's back]
Cowboy: Just hang on!
[At last, they get to the station. Back at the kindergarten, the penguins have awakened and start playing. Now, it's time for another lesson]
Rosie: Alright, children! Roll call time! Line up, get in line!
[The children line up, and Rosie counts them away one by one to make sure everyone is there]
Rosie: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...that's funny.
Mr. Feather: [yawning] What's the matter, Rosie?
Rosie: Nothing. Just a mistake.
[She counts them again just to make sure, and she's right. Scamper and Snowflake are nowhere to be found]
Rosie: I guess it's not a mistake. Scamper and Snowflake? They're not here anymore!
[Meanwhile, back at the station, Steele's musher has gotten out a liquid form of medicine, dabs a little on a cloth and dabs it onto Scamper's wounds. It stings him, as he groans and moans from the stinging]
Steele's Musher: Then you're tangled in a seagull mess. You almost became a penguin lunch!
[Then Scamper feels the pain slowly soothe apart. Meanwhile, Rosie is asking if any of the students have seen Scamper and Snowflake]
Rosie: Scamper and Snowflake are missing. Has anyone seen them?
Donald: I know where Scamper and Snowflake went. They left during nap time. They slipped out and climbed over the mountain! Isn't that right, Daisy?
Daisy: It's all true! And it's all Scamper's fault. He warned Snowflake that he was taking her to the village where he could meet his friend.
Mr. Feather: How could I've been so foolish? I should've started with a lesson, warning how dangerous humans you aren't!
Rosie: We have to do something to try to save them!
[At last, word spreads all over the village, and Gilbert fears for his son's safety]
Gilbert: First he runs off from the nest, then he makes friends with a dog, now he goes into something like this. What have I done with it?
[Gracie and Mrs. Graybeak aren't doing any better. They are sobbing uncontrollably for their children to come back to them]
Gracie: Oh, where is my poor Scamper?
Mrs. Graybeak: Where is my poor Snowflake?
Gracie: But wait. I think I hear something!
[They all see something in the distance, it's green and looks mechanical, and it seats a human on it]
Gilbert: Something's coming. Faster, everyone run and hide!
[All the penguins run and hide behind any rocks they can find. They look over and see the unlikely group of four coming straight towards them at high speed. Then, it skids to a halt. The dog gets up from his seat. They also see a sled hitched to the back, and on it is....Scamper and Snowflake]
Gilbert: Ah, look, it's Scamper and Snowflake! They're alright!
Steele's Musher: Well, alright, little penguins. Off you go home!
[Then the two head away, but then they turn back to say their farewells, for now]
Scamper and Snowflake: Thank you! Farewell!
Scamper: Bye!
Snowflake: Thanks again! Farewell, Mr. Man!
Scamper: Farewell, Cowboy!
[Steele's musher and Cowboy get back on the snowmobile and drive away, back to their home. Scamper and Snowflake are overcome with joy to see their parents, as their parents are to see them]
Gracie: Scamper!
Mrs. Graybeak: Snowflake!
Gracie and Mrs. Graybeak: My little baby, are you alright?
Scamper: Mama, that man and the dog saved my life.
Mr. Feather: What nonsense are you speaking about? These are two of the most dangerous animals in Antarctica that you don't belong here. All his furs on his head! Listen, uh...Gilbert, it's a miracle. Your son even comes back here alive!
Scamper: Wanna hear about my trip?
Gilbert: You're really in danger, young man. Now go straight back to the nest!
[After that, Scamper and his family head back to their nest]
Narrator: And then, Scamper was once again safe in the protection of his village, while his feet may have been planted firmly at home. His adventurous mind was soaring to the limits of his imagination.
[Scamper’s tan chest and belly feathers have now turned to white, and his cheeks, have now turned to a cyan color. He is lounging on a rock, with his fins on the back of his head, looking up into the heavens, watching the white seagulls soar above. Then, Snowflake’s head bursts into view]
Snowflake: Hi!
[Snowflake, as well, has white belly and chest feathers, but her cheeks are more bright pink]
Snowflake: What are you thinking about? Are you gonna run off again?
Scamper: Nothing like that.
Snowflake: Why?
Scamper: I was thinking about flying.
[He points to the heavens, and Snowflake sees the seagulls flying above them. Then Scamper sits up]
Scamper: I mean, we're birds, aren't we? Then why is this we can't fly?
Snowflake: Because we're penguins.
Scamper: Huh! Well, why should that make a difference?
Snowflake: It's just that fashion.
Scamper: Doesn't have to be. Perhaps nobody's trying to fly. That's it! We have wings, as well!
[Then Scamper gets up to his feet, ready to try flying. He spreads out his wings and tries to flap them. That gets him nowhere, where he starts running and jumping, but at last, he trips and slides down the hill, face first. He shakes the snow from his head and body]
Scamper: I think I know what I'm doing why. I need to get up higher!
[Scamper leads Snowflake to a giant icy rock, with a cliff face]
Scamper: This is how the other birds do it. If they want to start flying, they usually start from a higher spot. Then I'll just need to do the same fact.
[Then Scamper backs up a few feet, runs and jumps, flapping his wings as hard as he can, but to no prevail. He lands in the snow]
Snowflake: Scamper, are you alright?
Scamper: I almost had it! All I need is a little more altitude.
[There is an enormous ice glacier. It is gigantic, and at the end of it, is just the ocean]
Scamper: That's it, the ice cliffs! I could fly from there for sure. C'mon, Snowflake!
[The two climb up the glacier. Scamper is sure he will be able to fly from this height, but Snowflake is starting to have a second thought]
Scamper: I've never been up this high before.
Snowflake: Scamper, you're not going to try to fly from up there. You can't!
Scamper: Wow! Perhaps you've had a point. It's kinda far down.
[The ice underneath them crumbles, and the ice chunk they are all standing on now separates from the glacier and is falling into the ocean below]
Both: [shrieking]
[They fall straight into the ocean with a giant splash. The iceberg drifts apart from the island. Scamper is holding onto the iceberg, and sees that they are drifting far from home. Then Scamper makes his road onto the iceberg, and apparently, Snowflake has passed out in exhaustion. Scamper walks over to Snowflake and awakens her]
Scamper: Snowflake! Snowflake! Are you alright, Snowflake?
[Snowflake is starting to get really afraid. She even starts to weep a little]
Snowflake: Scamper, are we trapped?
Scamper: Are we trapped? I wouldn't say that.
Snowflake: We're too young to swim and there's no fashion back where we're trapped.
[Scamper is actually starting to get annoyed by Snowflake's constant concerning]
Scamper: Oh, Snowflake, you should try to look at this as an adventure, alright?
Snowflake: Adventure?
Scamper: That's right! We might even meet some interesting...
Snowflake: But I'm concerned! We might never get home again. Then I'd never see my parents, as well!
[She stands up and wipes away her tears]
Scamper: Oh, yes, we will. Hey, look!
[Then, Scamper spots something in the distance. It is a flock of king penguins. Salvation, or at least help]
Scamper: There's an entire flock of penguins right there. I knew we'd be saved!
Snowflake: These look like the emperor penguins Mr. Feather spoke about. Look how tall they are! They're so beautiful. Do you really think they'll help us get home?
Scamper: Of course they will! They're penguins, are they? Hey! Hey, hey! Hey! Hey, cousin penguins! We need your help! We're drifting out to sea and we can't swim!
[The penguins don't pay any attention to his cries for help]
Scamper: How about that?
Snowflake: Scamper, they're not going to help us.
[Scamper starts to get annoyed with the penguins, as he starts to curse them]
Scamper: Stuck-up snobs!
[They yet don't pay the two any mind at all. Snowflake is beginning to lose hope]
Snowflake: Now we'll never be rescued! [sobbing]
Scamper: Oh, Snowflake, stop that. We will, as well!
[Back on the island, all the penguins are looking for the pair of two that have disappeared]
Graybeaks: Scamper! Snowflake! Where are you?
Mr. Feather: Scamper! Snowflake! Why don't you respond to me?
[Then they all gather back together to check on their progress]
Mr. Feather: This is Scamper's fault. Snowflake just wouldn't run off like this.
Graybeak: That's true.
Gilbert: He's right.
[Gracie is a total wreck over the loss of her son]
Gracie: Scamper, you promised me you'd never run away again.
Gilbert: Try to control yourself, darling. Scamper will come back to us. He always does so, you know?
Mr. Graybeak: Well, I have a bad feeling about this.
Gilbert: Try to stay optimistic. Think positive.
Rosie: Yes, I wish they'll be coming home anytime now!
Mr. Feather: Don't speak nonsense! By this point, they've probably already been eaten. They don't stand a chance!
[But they aren't. They are floating far from shore on a giant iceberg. After all the emotion, they are both tuckered out and decide to take a nap. Scamper and Snowflake sleep side-by-side. After a while, Scamper feels something jump onto his belly. He opens his eyes and looks to see a shrimp sitting on top of him. He tries to catch it, but it bounces away from him. Snowflake awakens to the confusion. Scamper grabs at it, but then it jumps into the water. Scamper is almost about to fall in]
Snowflake: Don't fall in, Scamper!
[Snowflake grabs hold of Scamper and lifts him up. Then he sets him back on the ground. The two both settle down, laying on their fronts to look out onto the ocean. Scamper and Snowflake are getting pretty hungry]
Snowflake: Oh. I just wish they have something to eat.
Scamper: Me as well. If we could swim, there'd be plenty to eat.
Snowflake: But you know, we can't swim. Our feathers are thick enough to keep off the water!
[She sees a giant black mass coming up from underneath the water. They all get up and slowly back apart from the edge. Then, out of the shadow splashes a giant, hungry leopard seal. It is big, and has a mouth complete with teeth. They all back off. Cowboy is standing his ground, snarling and snapping at his heels. Scamper and Snowflake hide behind Steele's musher, who has a look of determination on his face]
Snowflake: Oh, Scamper, help!
Scamper: Watch out, we're slipping toward him!
[The three of them try their best to back off, but to no prevail. The seal's weight is just too heavy. Scamper sees a giant ice rock, just big enough to fit the monster's mouth. He lifts it with all his might, and just as the seal is about to clamp his jaws, Scamper throws the ice chunk straight into its mouth]
Steele's Musher: Grand job, Scamper!
Cowboy: Alright! I'm going for it!
[Cowboy starts getting on top of him, scratching and biting at him as Steele's musher, Scamper and Snowflake start throwing snowballs at the stuff. Then the seal bites down and crushes the ice rock with its big teeth. Cowboy is starting to slip from the seal's back, and the seal bites down on his tail and throws him aside. Cowboy lands near the others. Steele's musher is now very frustrated]
Steele's Musher: Why, you! I'll make you pay for that!
[Then Steele's musher takes out another weapon; a katana. He charges at the seal, letting out a battle cry and slashes a big cut across the seal's neck, giving him some big scratches]
Scamper: YAY!! You did it!
Steele's Musher: Thank you...I don't think we're safe yet. Look!
[He points towards a giant, black fin sticking out of the water. It is a murderous whale. Then it disappears]
Scamper: Where'd that go?
Snowflake: Oh, dear!
[Then the murderous whale jumps out from underneath the iceberg, causing it to separate into two pieces. Scamper and Snowflake hold onto one iceberg, while Cowboy and Steele's musher hold onto the other. Then the murderous whale is heading towards the iceberg with Scamper and Snowflake on it]
Steele's Musher: NO!! You stay away from my friends!
[Steele's musher runs from the iceberg and with perfect timing, lands on the murderous whale, right as it is about to jump]
Steele's Musher: Take it!
[Steele's musher stabs the whale in the head, as he and Cowboy jump off it before they can fall into the water. Scamper, Snowflake and Cowboy all gather in for a hug]
Cowboy: Thank heaven you're safe.
Scamper: Thanks to you and Wild Joe.
Snowflake: Yes, thank you for my protection.
Scamper: Hey, Wild Joe, wanna have a hug?
[Steele's musher isn't paying attention. He is also busy wiping the blood from his katana. His face is solemn with seriousness]
Steele's Musher: I'm sorry, I was just I wasn't sure you were gonna make it.
Scamper: I'm very sorry. I shouldn't have tried to fly. If I had just stayed at home, we wouldn't be here.
Steele's Musher: Scamper. Don't say stuff like that.
[He bends down where he is eye level with Scamper]
Steele's Musher: You don't have to change anything about yourself. Your adventurous mind is amazing, and shouldn't be held back like this. You just need to be yourself.
[Scamper starts to tear up, and runs in to give Steele's musher a hug, as Steele's musher embraces him in his grasp]
Narrator: Somehow, Scamper and Snowflake had managed to survive for another day. But their outlook was gloomy. The tiny iceberg to which they clung was drifting farther and farther out to sea. It was only a matter of time before the current took them to waters warm enough to melt their little raft, but fate once again had a hand to play in their adventure.
[The adventurous twosome has been drifting out in the open sea for quite a while. Today, they will go face-to-face against their greatest threat yet. The two are both sleeping, but then Scamper awakens. He stretches out and yawns as he sits up, and then climbs to his feet. Suddenly, he hears a giant horn and he sees coming towards them, is a giant black cargo ship. He gasps and rubs his eyes, making sure he isn't yet asleep. He looks, and sure enough, it's yet there]
Scamper: Snowflake, wake up! Hurry up, get up! Look, Snowflake!
Snowflake: What?
[The ship comes even closer, the horn grows even louder, and he can hear the water being swept away by the ship's haul. Then the iceberg is pushed aside by the waves. The two look up, and see that a crew is onboard and sees them. The two start calling to them]
Scamper: Heaven help us! We need your help!
Snowflake: Heaven save us!
[One of the crew members throw a giant net, that wraps around the iceberg, and the men start to pull them up]
Sailor #1: Penguin chicks? Hurry now, get the net!
[At last, the iceberg makes it onto the deck, as Scamper and Snowflake slide off. They look up to see a group of black and gray clothed men surrounding them)
Scamper: I can't believe we're being rescued.
Sailor #2: What are these chicks doing floating way out here?
Sailor #3: It's lucky we've had them.
[Keeping in mind what the sailors say, as well as seeing all the multiple crates that look more like cages, he puts two together and realize the truth. These aren't sailors, they are poachers]
Scamper: Snowflake, we're saved! Yay! Yippee! We're saved, hooray! Ha ha!
[But it's no use. The two penguins are caught within the poachers' grasps. The poachers laugh manically]
Poacher #1: Don't run away! You two are worth almost a thousand dollars each!
Poacher #2: Your new home is going to be a cage.
[Scamper and Snowflake try to get free of the grasp of their captors, but it's no use]
Scamper: What? Hey, let me go! Let me go!
Snowflake: Put us down now!
Scamper: I want to go back to your mother and father!
Snowflake: Put me down! Hey, wait!
[The other poacher takes Scamper and Snowflake to their cages, while the other stays to complete the job. The poacher drags Scamper and Snowflake to the ship's cabin, where an empty cell awaits them. They are both thrown in, and the door is shut. The poacher looks to the other cage and grins maliciously]
Poacher #1: Get in there! You two!
[Meanwhile, Scamper and Snowflake are thrown into a cage. The door is shut and the latch is firmly secured]
Scamper: Oh, please don't leave us here!
[The two poachers don't pay them any mind. Instead, they just keep walking off]
Snowflake: I don't think we'll like it in this cage!
Scamper: Won't you take us home to our parents?
Voice: Ah, you guys are doing nothing but wasting your breath!
[They are alarmed to see another penguin with them. He has white chest feathers, like them, but he's black and has yellow feathers on his head and eyebrows. They don't know what kind of penguin he is]
Snowflake: Oh, what kind of bird are you?
Scamper: Who are you?
Louie: Louie, that's my name. I'm a macaroni penguin!
Scamper: Sure, you're a penguin!
Snowflake: Why are you here?
Louie: The three of us are all here for the same reason!
[They are confused as to what he meant. They look at each other with confused faces]
Louie: C'mon now, don't you know anything? The men are selling us to the zoo!
[Then the two see two poachers walk up to their cage, but one looks different in terms of clothing. He is dressed in grayish-blue, and the type of clothing is strangely 'formal'. This may be the captain of the ship]
Poacher #1: Then what do you think?
Captain: Now all he needs is just a hundred more penguins like these!
Poacher #1: That's a lot of birds, captain. To get that many, we'll have to sail to Antarctica!
Captain: Then what? If we need to sail to the moon to fill these cages, I want these penguin chicks!
Poacher #1: Aye-aye, captain!
[The two leave and now, Scamper is certainly convinced that these guys are in fact poachers]
Louie: Well, that didn't convince you. Nothing will.
Scamper: No, I believe you.
Snowflake: Oh, dear. Now we'll never get home!
Louie: You have the picture.
Snowflake: Oh, dear, we might be split up and sold to different zoos? What could ever be worse? They can't take you from me, Scamper!
Scamper: Ah, that won't happen.
Louie: That will happen and a lot worse! Unless we do something.
Scamper: Alright then, we'll help, what have we done?
Louie: I don't know what have we done. We just have to escape somehow, but I haven't figured out a fashion.
[Even if he hears Louie's warnings, Scamper isn't going to give up so easily. He is determined to find a road out, and get back home. Then he spots the latch that holds the door in place]
Scamper: Now let me see, if we could get that open.
Louie: That's a latch and it's too high to reach. Believe me, I've tried.
[Then Scamper sees something big and fluffy standing there. It is a dog, a Saint Bernard, in fact. The two back off]
Scamper: What? Who are you?
Louie: That's Jack, keep an eye on that old geezer.
Jack: Oh, don't go speaking like that.
Louie: He's a phony, works for these sailors. They feed him and in return, he guards us!
Jack: It's my job.
Louie: Get another job then! Don't work for these bad men. Money's the only fact they care about!
Jack: I'm too old. I can't look for a new master now. Nobody else wants old Jack.
Scamper: Please, let us out. We don't want to live our lives in the zoo.
Snowflake: He's right, Mr. Jack. Let us go! No one will ever know that you set us free.
Jack: And then, where would you go? We're a hundred miles out to sea and you guys probably can't even swim. There are birds and seals and murderous whales out there. I'm probably doing you guys a favor leave you in that cage. Yes. Ho-ho, I am!
[Then Jack walks away, leaving the two penguins stunned at what a rude dog he is]
Narrator: Scamper, Snowflake and Louie seemed doomed to spend the rest of their lives imprisoned. Even though freedom seemed all but impossible, the thought of being locked in a zoo kept Scamper diligently searching for a road to escape.
[But, this doesn't mean that Scamper is about to give up. In fact, quite the contrary. He is trying to get Snowflake to help him in his escape. Scamper first tries standing on Snowflake's back. He reaches as high as he can to get to the latch, but it's just too high]
Louie: You two are wasting your time!
[Scamper jumps away, and gets an idea]
Scamper: C'mon, we have to keep trying. Why don't you climb on my back one more time?
[Then Snowflake gets on top of Scamper's shoulders, and then Scamper stands up. Scamper has difficulty keeping his balance at first, but then he keeps his balance and walks towards the door, where that Snowflake can reach the latch. She reaches as high as she can, but it isn't quite enough]
Scamper: Can't you reach it, Snowflake?
Snowflake: Not quite.
[Then Scamper stands on his toes, hoping that will be enough, but it yet isn't]
Scamper: Now see if you can't.
Snowflake: Oh, it's no use. It's just a little too high for me to reach.
Scamper: Snowflake, try standing on top of my head.
[Then Snowflake puts her feet onto Scamper's head, but stands on it. Scamper tries to keep his balance, but it's difficult trying to keep control of his head being pushed down by Snowflake's complete body weight. She stands on her toes, and she can reach the latch. Louie sees this, and runs over to see. She keeps trying to push the latch out of the lock]
Scamper: Hurry up, Snowflake! I can't hold you any longer!
[Scamper can't keep his balance anymore, as he and Snowflake fall down. Then they get back up]
Scamper: We almost had it! C'mon, Snowflake. We have to try it again!
[All the racket that the penguins are making is keeping Old Jack from enjoying his nap]
Jack: Will these penguins never cut it out? I wish they'd start to get some sleep.
[The two try the same strategy, hoping it will work this time]
Louie: Keep moving, Snowflake!
[But then, they fall back down again. Louie is really hoping for them]
Louie: You almost had it! You almost had it open as well, you missed it by about this much.
Snowflake: Oh, Scamper, it's just too high for me to reach it. I can't, I can't!
[Then she begins to tear up, thinking about how hopeless she has been. Scamper sees this, and goes over to console her]
Scamper: Snowflake, it's alright.
Snowflake: Oh, really? Well, perhaps we can try again later.
Louie: Well, at least you two are keeping me entertained!
[Louie just sits there with his fins crossed. Suddenly, the three hear a large howling from outside]
Louie: Old Jack's howling. Every time that's happened, there's been a horrible storm within a few moments.
[And there is. The heavens start to be filled with black clouds, and the sea is raging and waves rocking the ship]
Poacher #1: It's gonna storm, captain!
Poacher #2: Bomb the hatches!
Poacher #3: Tie down the loose cargo!
[The crew sounds the alarm, and runs into the haul, where they can be safe]
Narrator: It was a storm that seemed to come up almost out of nowhere. Within moments of old Jack's warning howls, the tramp steamer was being pounded by the fury of a violent squall. Trapped in the cages and unprotected from the elements, the penguins were at the mercy of the storm.
[As the storm intensifies, the waves make their road onto the deck, smothering the cargo and the penguins in water. The storm just rages on, without a sign of stopping]
[Meanwhile, back at Antarctica, the penguins are beginning to lose hope that the chicks will come home]
Gracie: They've been gone for so long now, I'm so concerned!
Mr. Graybeak: We looked everywhere for them and there's no sign. There's nowhere else to look. I'm afraid to just call away the search.
Gracie: No, don't say that. He'll come back, I know they'll be coming back soon!
Gilbert: Of course they will, darling.
Gracie: Oh, Gilbert. I'm so concerned!
[Gracie just can't believe that they are dead. And she is right, they are alive, and somewhat safe]
[Back on the ship, Scamper is pacing back and forth in his cell, trying to figure out a road to get out. Snowflake is sleeping on the floor. Then Scamper spots something]
Scamper: What? A mop handle!
[The handle is broken apart from the damage that is caused by the storm. He grabs the broken handle, but stretches his fin out and puts the end of the handle through the space between the key chain and the hook it is held on. He lifts it up and brings it over to him, and now the keys are in his grasp. Louie awakens and is shocked to see what he has in his hands. Snowflake is surprised, as well]
Scamper: Csendes! Get ready to escape.
[He puts the key into the outside lock and unlocks it]
Louie: That's it!
Snowflake: Ha ha!
Jack: What? Oh, well.
Scamper: Alright, follow me.
Louie: Oh, thank you, Scamper!
Scamper: Don't mention it. Let's go!
Snowflake: But which fashion?
Scamper: Well, let's see. Let's go that fashion! Hurry up!
[He points to the left, towards the front end of the ship. He climbs up the stairs, but then stops on the last step as he sees Old Jack laying there, napping]
Scamper: We have to go the other fashion. Hurry now! C'mon!
[The three walk away, and come across a hole down to a cargo-holding room]
Jack: What? Oh.
Scamper: Perhaps we could hide for a while way down there.
Snowflake: I don't know if I can climb down all of these steps.
Louie: That's no problem. Watch this! What are you waiting for? The coast is clear!
Scamper: Alright, just follow me.
Snowflake: Alright.
[Scamper, Snowflake and Louie slide down the railing, and land on the ground with a thud]
Louie: Let's find something around here to eat!
Scamper: You said it.
Louie: Here's where they keep the food, I know because I could smell it. Follow me!
[The three walk in, then begin to snoop around, trying to find something to eat. Scamper looks inside a giant can, but nothing is inside, except trash. Snowflake finds a paintbrush. Thinking it's food, she licks it to see how it will taste, and she immediately regrets it. Louie has climbed on top of some boxes, and he smells something nice coming from the very top box. He pushes it with all his might, and it topples down, and falls onto the ground. A huge split cuts its road through the cardboard, and a mess of chips falls out. The others look at it with astonishment]
Snowflake: Well, it's some kind of food. This must be the kind of food that men eat.
[Louie takes a piece and eats it. It is food---very nice food in fact]
Louie: It's nice. Here, have some!
[He grabs an entire pile of it, and shares a piece with each of them. The others think it is pretty nice]
Scamper: It's not bad. Have some!
[The three eat all that is in the box, as the poachers are starting to come down. The three hear the footsteps down the stairs]
Scamper: Csendes. Sailors, let's hide! Let's go! C'mon!
[The three hide behind a big pile of crates. The two poachers look around, hearing the noise]
Poacher #1: Look at this! Who made this mess?
[Another poacher comes in, and warns them that their captives have escaped]
Poacher #3: All the penguins have gotten out!
Poacher #1: How could they have gotten out?
Poacher #3: You're after me? All I know is that the penguins are gone!
Poacher #1: Alright!
Poacher #2: These penguins must have done this. Just wait until I get my hands on these troublemakers.
Poacher #3: Let's find them!
Louie: Let's keep moving!
Snowflake: But they've had us trapped in here!
Louie: Hurry up! Here they come!
[The three hide and keep real silent as two of the poachers walk right past them. Then they peek around the corner. A little mouse scurries across the floor, squeaking, and Snowflake hears this and shrieks as she sees it. Scamper puts his fin over his mouth and silences her, but it's no use]
Captain: It's them! They're in here! Now you swabbies earn your pay and catch them!
[The poachers all try to get them, but fail several times. Scamper jumps onto a barrel that is on its side, and it rolls. He just keeps on rolling and he runs straight into a poacher, but he jumps clear before the poacher can catch him, and the barrel knocks the poacher to the ground. Louie climbs on top of some boxes, which are now shaking because of his swiftness to escape. He jumps up and grabs onto a pipe on the wall as the boxes fall over onto the poacher that is trying to get him, knocking him to the ground. Louie climbs across the pipe, onto the deck. Meanwhile, Scamper and Snowflake have made it to the engine, where a poacher and his captain follow them. Scamper climbs on top of a pipe where he starts to walk across it, but then he slips away onto the floor. The poacher sees him and starts to give chase, but then Scamper jumps onto another pipe, where a lever stands. He grabs onto it and pulls down, as gas comes out of the open space in the pipe and the gas smothers the poacher, who faints from the lack of oxygen. Then Scamper sees a hole in the wall. Maybe this is a road to get out. He climbs up the metal that sticks out of the wall, and he makes it up. All that is left to find Snowflake and get her to safety as well. She is being chased by the captain]
Scamper: Snowflake, watch out!
[She climbs as fast as she can, but then she slips, right into the captain's grasp. Scamper looks in shock and the captain laughs, but his victory is short lived, but as he feels the bird nip at his nose. He tries desperately to get her off. Then he whips his head around, allowing for Snowflake to let go and grab hold of Scamper's fins. He pulls her up into the little hole in the wall]
Captain: Faster! They're above the deck!
Scamper: C'mon, this is our chance.
[Meanwhile, Louie is running away from the poachers, as he notices Old Jack sleeping in the middle of the road. He jumps clear of the old dog, and his assailant trips over the dog]
Poacher #3: Jack, you foolish dog! Why don't you get up and help us?
Louie: We don't have much time. I do wonder....where they went!
[He hears them and runs over. He sees them sitting there on the anchor]
Louie: Hey, guys! Scamper! Snowflake!
Scamper: What? Hey, look, it's Louie! Hey, Louie, c'mon down here!
Louie: Here I come!
[He jumps off the railing and onto the anchor. The weight pulls the anchor down until it barely reaches the water. The poachers are now there, trying to catch them]
Captain: Second here rate, saboteur gets an end!
[One of the poachers gets the net out, and starts swinging. The trio ducks down to avoid it. One time, Scamper is almost caught, but he lets go and almost falls into the ocean, but he grabs onto the anchor just in time]
Captain: These are little penguins were heading for your salary! Now look sharp and toss him aboard! Penguins in Antarctica! We'll catch you!
[But then, Old Jack howls, causing the poachers to get distracted from their task]
Poacher #1: Captain, Old Jack's howling. And there's a storm must be on the road!
Captain: Reinforcements!
[He sounds the bell, and all the poachers run to hide for shelter, buying Jack's bluff. There isn't really a storm. He just howls where he could distract the poachers. The three are all confused as to what just happened]
[The three are all confused as to what just happened]
Snowflake: They're gone, but now what are we supposed to do?
Scamper: I don't know.
[They look up and see Jack, and in his mouth is a lifesaver. Then Jack opens his mouth, allowing for the lifesaver to fall into the ocean]
Scamper: Here's our chance to escape. Check for the ring!
[Louie jumps into the lifesaver, with Scamper and Snowflake jumping onto the outside ring]
Jack: Well, perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Scamper, Snowflake and Louie: Thank you, Jack! Thank you! Good luck, we won't forget you! Farewell! So long! Bye! Thanks!
[Then the three drift far from the ship, as they hear the mighty horn slowly getting more and more silent, until there is nothing]
[The penguins are too distracted by their unrelenting hunger to think of anything]
Snowflake: Now we're just back to where we started from.
Louie: I'm hungry.
[The trio just sits there, in the ocean. But then, Scamper thinks of an idea]
Scamper: It's not that bad. Look, there's food!
Snowflake: But you know we can't swim.
Scamper: We're just gonna have to see about that.
Snowflake: Then you're gonna try it?
Louie: You're not waterproof.
Scamper: Perhaps not. But remember, we're all older now. Perhaps we can swim. I'm gonna try! There's only one fashion to find out.
Louie: What if you sink?
Scamper: If I sink, then I sink.
[He jumps right off the ice block, as Snowflake and Louie watch. They are both amazed. He can swim perfectly, granted, he has grown quite a lot. Then he jumps out of the water, letting out a joyful laugh]
Scamper: Hey! Ha ha! I can swim! I can swim! C'mon in! It's wonderful! It's so much fun! Ha ha ha! Woah, watch this! You can do it as well, it's easy! Don't be afraid! C'mon!
Louie: Sure looks easy!
Scamper: Don't even think about it. Just jump in, the water's grand! You'll love it, it's great! Wow, c'mon!
Louie: Scamper, I'm going.
[Louie jumps into the water, and he also can swim grandly]
Louie: Ha ha! I can swim!
Snowflake: Well, alright then.
[Then Snowflake jumps in, and as expected, she also turns out to be a grand swimmer. Then the three see a plentiful swarm of krill for them to eat. Then with a splash, the three penguins burst right out of the water, stuffed with loads of food]
Scamper: [sighs] I've never eaten so much food in my entire life!
Snowflake: I'm so complete!
Louie: Me as well!
Snowflake: Now we can something to eat wherever we're hungry!
Louie: Anytime!
Scamper: And that's not all. Don't you see the best part? Now we'll be able to swim back home!
Snowflake: Oh, dear! Look over there! Giant whales! They've come...they've come to hurt us! Oh, dear! We have almost made it and it's happened!
Louie: These won't hurt you. These aren't murderous whales. They're not gonna hurt us and they might even help us.
Scamper: Oh, that's right! Now I remember. Mr. Feather said that they were friends of the penguins! Hey, do you think they'd give us a ride back home? Hi there!
Whale: Hello, penguins!
Scamper: Could you please give us a ride home?
Whale: It would be our pleasure.
[After a long while, as they were reaching their limit, Scamper spots land. It is their home. He recognizes the giant, purple ice mountain]
Scamper: There it is! I can eventually see our home!
Snowflake: We're home?
Scamper: Look how fast we're going. We're on our road home!
[The three eventually make it to land. The three penguins land onto the ground]
Scamper: Well, let's go!
[The two both follow Scamper]
Louie: Are you sure you know where you're going?
Scamper: Yes, over that hill. I know the road. The first time I ran off was right over that hill!
[The three climb up the hill and see the valley and the nests, but no penguins]
Scamper: Well, this is it.
Snowflake: Why don't I see anybody?
[The three look around and don't see any trace of the penguin village]
Louie: There's just a lot of snow down there!
[The shapes look exactly like penguins]
Scamper: Hey, hey!
Snowflake: Hey!
Louie: Hey!
[The other penguins hear the noise, and look up to the mountain to see what is making it. They are utterly flabbergasted to see who is standing on top of the hill. It is Scamper, Snowflake and Louie, all safe and sound. The three slide down the hill towards the group of penguins, and they land right at the bottom of the hill. All the penguins gather around them, and are ecstatic to see them alive and well]
Mr. Graybeak: That's funny. Ow! That looks like Scamper and Snowflake! They're back! This is incredible!
Gilbert: Look, it's them!
Mr. Graybeak: They've come back!
Gilbert: Look, Scamper and Snowflake are alive! They're alive, they've come home!
Mrs. Graybeak: Oh, you're home! My baby!
Gracie: My baby!
Snowflake: Mama!
Gracie: Scamper, where have you been?
Scamper: Mama!
Mrs. Graybeak: My little Snowflake!
Snowflake: I missed you!
[Scamper and Snowflake run up to hug their mothers, who are especially glad to see their children, weeping tears of joy]
Mr. Graybeak: I've never seen a penguin that looked like that before.
Gilbert: It's a grand big world!
Scamper: Papa!
Gilbert: Look at you, Scamper. You're all grown up.
Scamper: Father, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[Scamper runs up to hug his father, and a single tear runs down his cheek]
Gilbert: Son, don't concern about any of that. You're back! And that's all that matters.
Scamper: Papa, I have someone here that I want you to meet. This is my friend Louie, he's a macaroni penguin. Can he stay?
Gilbert: Of course he can!
Gracie: Your friend is welcome here as long as he likes.
[The three all jump around, emotional and celebrating their arrival back to their home]
[But it will be short lived, as Rosie runs into the crowd, panicking]
Rosie: [gunshots are heard, she runs up] Help, we need help!
Gilbert: Can you warn us what just happened?
Rosie: The sailors, they've taken all the children! What?
Gilbert: Ohhh!!!
Gracie: The children! Oh, dear!
[Meanwhile, Mr. Feather is trying to get the children back himself. The children are snatched up by a large net, and are being dragged off into a boat]
Mr. Feather: Come back here! Where are you going with all my students? They're penguins as well!
[One of the poachers has a rifle, and he aims it straight to the ground, and shoots. The shock wave trips Mr. Feather and he falls into the snow. The children cry hopelessly for someone to save them]
Scamper: Oh, poor Mr. Feather!
Mr. Feather: They didn't shoot me. I can't go ahead. I'm just too old!
Scamper: At least you weren't hurt. Papa, these bad men, we have to stop them. They're catching penguins for the zoo!
Gilbert: They are? [turns to the parent penguins] They're trying to sell our children to the zoo! C'mon! Let's stop them!
[They are running towards the poachers, with Gilbert and Scamper leading the charge. Mr. Feather gets up and joins the charge. The poachers and their captain are rowing their road back to the ship]
Captain: Look lively, lads! Hurry up! Hurry now!
Gilbert: You men, bring our children back!
Captain: Put your backs into it! Get these birds alive!
[The sailors are stealing their children]
Gilbert: You can't do this! We're never going to let you! [to the parents] Alright, guys, follow me!
[The penguins all jump into the sea, ready for battle]
Poacher #1: These pests. I'll teach them.
[The first poacher shoots at the water. Gilbert jumps up and tackles the first poacher. The first poacher throws Gilbert back into the water. Scamper jumps up and tackles the first poacher. Splash!]
Steele's Musher: Nonsense! What have we got here? Let's go!
Captain: What? Oh! Keep below decks, hurry up! Close the hatches!
[The iceberg lands and a huge tsunami tips the ship over, as all the crew falls off the ship and into the ocean. The poachers are eventually perished]
Narrator: The echoes from the rifle shots had caused the enormous ice cliff to give room. The giant tidal wave that was created destroyed everything in its path, except of course, the penguins.
Steele's Musher: [after a large wave destroys the ship and rocks the waters] Don't worry, Cowboy, a little water never hurt the penguins.
[The penguins return to land]
Narrator: The penguins swiftly returned to their land to discover, a little to their surprise, that they were all unharmed.
Scamper: Hi, Cowboy!
Narrator: The scientists felt deep disgrace for the greed of his fellow man. He hoped that the work he had done during the summer at the scientific outpost would help to protect these gentle penguins.
Steele's Musher: Well, Cowboy, these sailors brought it upon themselves. Their own guns turned against them this time, you lucky penguins. They live another year without being harmed by men.
[After a few months, the three penguins have eventually grown into complete grown adults. Scamper and Snowflake's faces are now one solid color, and they have grown taller. They are all mourning the deaths of the penguins that sacrifice themselves in the battle against the poachers]
Mr. Feather: We were all lucky to escape with our lives in the battle against the bad men.
[The penguins all bow their heads in solemn despair]
Mr. Feather: Soon it will be dark and cold again, but we have to look forward to next year, we will need a new leader. We'll need someone very brave and has an adventurous spirit. That's why I plan to nominate Scamper!
Scamper: Who, me?
[The other penguins agree with this idea. Being the son of our previous leader, and having such an adventurous spirit as his can prove useful]
Mr. Feather: Yes, I have appointed many of our leaders and I know that you'll do a best job.
Louie: We know that you can count on Scamper!
Snowflake: Oh, Scamper, I'm so proud of you!
Gracie: This is a wonderful fact, Scamper.
Scamper: Louie, what about you? Can you stay and help me?
Louie: You'll manage alright. I have my own home to find. Farewell, Scamper!
[He leaves, and walks off into the grand unknown]
Penguins: Farewell, Louie!
Narrator: It was the ending of one time and the beginning of another. The season of dark and cold once again came upon Antarctica. The scientists returned to their homes. Louie set out to find his family while Scamper led his flock of penguins back to the ocean to spend the long winter as they always had in the protection and abundance of the sea.