The 6th Day

2000 film directed by Roger Spottiswoode

The 6th Day is a 2000 action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. He plays family man Adam Gibson who is secretly cloned and must fight for his own survival while stopping the organization behind the cloning.

Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. Written by Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley
They picked the wrong man to clone. taglines


[The clones of Wiley and Adam Gibson fight each other, with the clone Wiley preparing an electrocution device]
Adam Gibson: You're dead.
Wiley: No, you're dead.
[The cloned Adam Gibson snaps the cloned Wiley's neck, killing him]
Adam Gibson: Try to stay dead this time.

[Drucker and Dr Weir welcome guests at a party]
Reporter: Doctor, protesters claim that cloning human organs will lead to cloning whole humans.
Dr Griffin Weir: That's not only illegal, we're years from the technology to do it. A human was cloned over ten years ago and we know the outcome of that bizarre experiment. If you recall, the Supreme Court ordered the clone be destroyed and I think that was the humane thing to do. It led to laws against human cloning and set back the course of legitimate research by years.
Reporter: Mr. Drucker. You gave-
Michael Drucker: This is Dr. Weir's night, okay?
Reporter: Is it true you want to get the 6th Day laws repealed?
Drucker: Dr. Weir is interested in medicine, not politics.
Reporter: Mr. Drucker, the protesters claim you run RePet at a loss to soften people up to human cloning.
Drucker: You know, we shouldn't forget that not long ago, there were almost no more fish left in the ocean and half the world's population faced the threat of hunger. Cloning technology turned that around. Extremists won't admit they'd rather people went hungry than eat cloned fish, so they yell about human cloning.
Reporter: Do you think human cloning laws should be changed?
Drucker: Suppose a ten-year-old boy is in the hospital, dying of liver cancer. Thanks to Dr. Weir's work, we can save that boy. In the next bed lies another ten-year-old boy whose parents love him just as much, only he has an inoperable brain tumor. You cannot clone a brain. The only way to save him would be to clone the whole person. How do you tell that boy's parents that we can save the first boy, but the research that would have saved their son wasn't done, because of a law passed by frightened politicians a decade ago?
Reporter: So, what does that mean? What are you going to do?
Drucker: Enjoy the party.

[Adam Gibson is livid that someone looking like him lit up a cigar]
Adam Gibson: He smoked my stogie too!?
Hank Morgan: That bastard!
Gibson: Son of a bitch!
Morgan: [imitating Adam] Son of a bitch!

[Dr Weir takes care of his wife, Katherine]
Hospice Doctor: Unless her Pseudomonas infection clears up, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do.
Dr Griffin Weir: What about her DNA scan?
Hospice Doctor: Came up with cystic fibrosis.
Griffin: Cystic fibrosis?
Hospice Doctor: Which is impossible, considering it's a childhood disease and she would have been dead 30 years ago. We're running the scan again.
Griffin: No, I'll do it at the clinic. If you could give us a moment, please. [doctor leaves; to Katherine] Darling. Sweetheart. We're having you transferred to my clinic.
Katherine: No. I'd like to stay here.
Griffin: I can help you at the clinic. If you stay here, there's nothing I can do.
Katherine: I know, dear. I'll die. Yes.
Griffin: Katherine, please.
Katherine: Listen to me. Katherine died five years ago. The feelings I have aren't mine. They're hers.
Griffin: Katherine, listen. Don't do this. I need you so much. I need you.
Katherine: I'm not afraid, Griffin. I want to die. My time has already passed.
Griffin: My love. What am I to do without you? What?
Katherine: You just water my flowers. Okay?

[Dr Weir comes to Drucker over the congenital defects put in clone DNA]
Michael Drucker: It's a security protocol I implemented and I didn't tell you about it because I knew you wouldn't understand.
Dr Griffin Weir: What, what should I understand? The only thing I understand is gave my wife cystic fibrosis!?
Drucker: Griffin, calm down. Someone made a mistake, all right? This was never meant to hurt Katherine.
Weir: Oh, it didn't hurt her, it just killed her.

[Drucker explains everything to the Gibson clone]
Michael Drucker: Adam, I'm not making this offer because I have to. I can get everything from your memories. The fact is, I'd like you to understand you'd be serving a higher purpose. In two years, three tops, I will control enough votes to get the laws changed. We won't have to lose our Mozarts. We won't have to lose our Martin Luther Kings. We will have finally conquered death. We will have finally conquered death.
Adam Gibson: And who decides who lives and who dies, you?
Drucker: You got a better idea?
Gibson: Yeah. What about God?
Drucker: Oh. You're one of those. I suppose you think science is inherently evil.
Gibson: No. I don't think science is inherently evil. But I think you are.
Drucker: If you believe God created man in His own image, you believe He gave man power to understand evolution, to exploit science, to manipulate the genetic code. To do exactly what I'm doing. I'm just taking over where God left off.
Gibson: If you really believe that, then you should clone yourself, while you're still alive.
Drucker: Why's that? So I can understand your unique perspective?
Gibson: No. So you can go fuck yourself.

[The Adam Gibson clone faces the incompletely cloned Michael Drucker after frying the synchording archives with his laser pistol]
Adam Gibson: We all have to die someday.
Michael Drucker: We don't have to die. I'm offering you the chance to live forever. Never aging. Perfect in every way.
Gibson: Perfect? Like you? [shoves Drucker in front of mirror] Look. Here is your "perfection."


  • Are You Ready!
  • Are You Who You Think You Are?
  • You've cloned the wrong man.
  • I might be back.
  • I know who I am.
  • They picked the wrong man to clone.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger — Adam Gibson
  • Tony Goldwyn - Michael Drucker
  • Michael Rapaport - Hank Morgan
  • Robert Duvall - Dr Griffin Weir

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