Thích Nhật Từ

Vietnamese philosopher

Thích Nhật Từ (born 1 April 1969) is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, a Buddhist reformer, an author, a poet, a psychological consultant, and an active social worker.



Inner Freedom: A Spiritual Journey for Prison Inmates (2008)

Culture and Information Publisher ISBN 1741893909

Buddhist Socteriological Ethics: A Study of the Buddha’s Central Teachings (1999)


Buddhist Socteriological Ethics: A Study of the Buddha’s Central Teachings (1999, 2014) Hong Duc Publisher ISBN 978-604-86-1885-8

  • Walk the Path: No truth can set you free unless you walk the enlightened path diligently, pragmatically and wisely.
  • Purpose of Life: The purpose of life is to live the life joyously, mindfully, peacefully and wisely.
  • Happiness: The art of living happily is to forget the past which no longer exists, not to be worried about the future which has not come yet, and to live the present movement mindfully and wisely. All we have is here and now.
  • Dialogue: In dialogue, it does not matter whether you are a winner or loser, neither the opponent is right or wrong; the important thing is how you could realise and live the truth peacefully.
  • Transformation: Compassion and loving kindness can transform an enemy into a friend, while right view and wisdom can transform suffering into happiness.

Engaged Buddhism, Social Change and World Peace (2014)


Engaged Buddhism, Social Change and World Peace (2014) Religion Press ISBN 978-1-74189-865-1

  • Miracle: The miracle exists on earth, not in the skies. Truly walking the Noble Path as explored and taught by the Buddha would change our whole life for better. This is the way to bring a real miracle in the suffering world.
  • Friendship: A true friend will always listen to you patiently, assist you readily, stand with you boldly, advise you wisely, heal your wounds tenderly, and help you transform your pain effectively.
  • Success: Pessimism and giving up are greatest weaknesses. Our failures are essential stepping stones to success. Motivate yourself and develop the will to win. Never quit halfway. The only way to excellent achievement is to try again and again with hope and confidence.
  • Value Time: Our time on the earth is limited. There are so many things to do in this limited life span. So you have to manage your day and time wisely. Don’t be a fool to waste your precious time and life.
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