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Texhnolyze is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, from a screenplay by Chiaki J. Konaka, and produced by Yasuyuki Ueda, with original character design by Yoshitoshi Abe. The events of the series' story take place in a dilapidated underground city of Lukuss (also known as Lux). Denizens of Lukuss have come to call it "The City" and treat it as a sentient force. Three factions fight for control of the city: the Organo, a strictly professional conglomerate with ties to the criminal underworld in the prostheses business of texhnolyzation; the Salvation Alliance, a fanatical populist group whose ideology opposes texhnolyzation; and the Racan, a marauding group of texhnolyzed youths.
The series has an ensemble cast, but most of the events focus on Ichise, a stoic prize fighter who loses a leg and an arm to satisfy an enraged promoter; Oonishi, a young but level-headed executive of the Organo who has many enemies; and Ran, a little girl who has a very important gift that affects the entire city. As they struggle to accept the challenges that they are dealt, the characters bear witness to major events that determine the survival and fate of the city.

Season 1


STRANGER [Rogue 1]

Assassin: Soul! Body! Truth! Salvation! Vengeance!

Yoshii: Demon! Come this way. The way my hand is waving.


Oonishi: Cattle will never receive the benefits from Raffia.

Gabe Elder: Ran can peek into the future.
Yoshii: The future?
Gabe Elder: The near future. However, the future is fluid and can change in many ways. Ran sees only one version of many possibilities.

Gabe Elder: Is your journey down to Lukuss a good thing for you as well as us? Or a bad thing for you as well as us?
Yoshii: Ran must have already seen one of the answers.


Yoshii: I don't want you to tell anyone about my future. Including me.

Oonishi: I did not cut him. I do not wish to dull my blade on a mere stray dog.
Doc: He's not dead...
Oonishi: Though a normal human would have been.
Doc: To have such an obsession to live, isn't it great?

SYNAPSE [Rogue 4]

Doc: The core technology of a texhnolyzed limb can be divided into a few phases: the molecular engineering phase, the mechanical engineering field phase, and the bio phase that links mainly to the nervous system. In order to have this machine, which is nothing less than a masterpiece, operate properly a texhnolyzed unit joins with a human body using a nanocarbon intermediary. A texhnolzyed unit targets the cornea and conveys neuro-information reciprocally with the motor area. A texhnolyzed human sees within his vision range the information given by the texhnolyze unit. It may be annoying, but it's necessary for a texhnolyze to monitor whether his unit is operating properly so you'll have to bear with it. And there is one more phase vital to texhnolyzation: the black magic phase. Your father's work when he was alive. Yes, Raffia. Man has repeating the process of trial and error for ages in order to find a means to compensate for lost limbs. Regeneration of body parts through tissue engineering is not appropriate for us now. Transplantation of other individual's body parts often provokes sharp rejection by our bodies. The thing that eliminates that rejection is that which can only be collected from deep in the ground of Lukuss: Raffia. Do I talk too much?

Yoshii: As expected, Lukuss is an interesting world. The people's body self-repair capability is degraded here as well... but maybe for this reason the violence that takes place the means used by the strong, is to destroy the other's body parts.

Ken Inui: Are we beings born with the fate to serve those who stand over others?!
Salvation Alliance members: No!
Ken Inui: Are we beings who shall live only for our own happiness?!
Salvation Alliance members: No!
Ken Inui: What do we, the Salvation Union, want and seek?!
Salvation Alliance members: Soul! Body! Truth! Salvation! Vengeance!

Racan Thug: A texhnolzye?!
Yoshii: That would've been nice.

LOITER [Rogue 5]

Shinji: We don't belong to anything. We gather together out of our own free will. That's why we're united.

Yoshii: True freedom can't lean on anything. It's transient, lonely, and arduous.

Yoshii: This place is definitely brimming with living energy. But, half measures won't do.


Ishii: I don't see why we're doing all of this for that little scum.
Oonishi: Do you know whether he is scum? If he is a scum, you are the one who turned him into it.

Yoshii: Raffia, that's what gave this city its raison d'être. Thanks to it, the human species, which otherwise might have gone extinct long ago, can now continue to exist. I wonder if it was a gift from God to let us know that we humans are permitted to continue on, eh Doc?

Yoshii: A goddess who mechanizes human beings, that's who you are.

PLOT [Rogue 7]

Oonishi: What's so funny?
Doc: I wonder by whose will is he being kept alive? Yours? Mine? Or the city of Lukuss?

Sakimura: What are you planning to do?
Yoshii: What do you mean?
Sakimura: Well, it's fine if you're just going back quietly, but...
Yoshii: I have no intention of going back quietly. I want to see much, much more primitive human energy gushing out. I guess you could say that.

Shinji: Fight, fight and crush each other.

CRUCIBLE [Rogue 8]

Shinji: I guess it means we're invited to take a part in the grown-ups' fight.

Kimata: Why don't you delegate the task of dying meaninglessly to your underlings?
Oonishi: I am afraid I have no intention of doing that.

Oonishi: Don't hasten to your doom, boy.

THRONE [Rogue 18]

Doc: You guys are idiots. Both Oonishi and you. The only thing you can trust is what you see before your eyes. The only way you can express anything is through the anger you have in the moment.


Radio: Silence recedes. I repeat.

Radio: Only one glass of water brightens the world.

Radio: A mirror improves the ability to think. I repeat once.

Doc: Where are the people?
Sakimura: I don't know where they are. Maybe there aren't any human beings left in this place anymore.
Doc: What do you mean?
Sakimura: You'll see.

Saginuma: Routine remains routine because it's carried out as routine. There is no exception.

Saginuma: What good is it to compensate for lost limbs with fake ones? What are you going to grab with such an arm, and what are you going to stand firmly on with such a leg?

Saginuma: Mankind has grown old. The only thing left is slow death.

HADES [Rogue 20]

Radio: What attracted me to Ichise was his eyes. His eyes are the eyes of our parents' parents. What the first immigrants to Lukuss all had. That's why they were driven underground. I never had enough courage to go through proper testing but I knew for sure early on that I lacked the ability to produce offspring. I was hoping to see how much power Ichise's texhnolyzed limbs would gain from the addition of my cells cultivating the bio-circuit. But it's no longer possible now.

Radio: Listen carefully. The window's veil is the sun's lunch. I repeat. The window's veil is the sun's lunch.

Doc: I thought texhnolyzation was the very means for mankind... to evolve into the next species. But while we were struggling desperately underground... the people above-ground had long given up on surviving.

Ghost #1: Look, that's a very clear ghost.
Ichise: You're the ones who are ghosts.
Ghost #2: This is a surprise. You're alive.
Ichise: What about you?
Ghost #1: Well I wonder. If sitting here day by day only reminiscing about the past can be called living then I guess we are.
Ghost #2: If we who barely hold onto our sanity by having our ghosts walk around can be called "live humans".
Ichise: Do you want to die now?

Saginuma: Despite our best efforts to eliminate dangerous elements we weren't able to delay our annihilation. No miracle happened that would evolve us into the next species. Maybe our parents' parents' generation pinned their hopes on your people.

Ichise: You... I have to apologize to you. For a long time... ever since Mother died... I thought it was you who killed her. I thought you became corrupted by worthless things, like money. I never even imagined that you had been framed... by some filthy bastards. I'm sorry... father.


Oonishi: If the only way to be granted life in this world is to surrender my body and soul to insanity then I shall choose to meet my doom!

Shinji: Ever since I was a little kid I always thought I would come and live here someday! I was so naïve I thought I'd be accepted into this light! Funny, eh? Laughable, eh? Laugh!

MYTH [Rogue 22]

Kohakura: Someone told me long ago what this place is. He said this is the Ninth Annex of the Reviving Hell.

Ichise: Hey, I've changed, haven't I? Not because I got this arm. It's because I met you. But I'm still doing the same thing. What I'm about to do... is also what I've been doing, just to survive. Does that mean whatever I do, doesn't change no matter what? That isn't so, is it? Have you changed because you met me?

Kano: So it was you whom Theoria was watching.
Ichise: Where's Ran?
Kano: Theoria will never again voice what she sees.
Ichise: Why did you do all of this? I thought you were going above with your soldiers in tow.
Kano: It was meaningless from the beginning. I was well aware that the world above was about to die out. I wanted to see for certain... how much Texhnolyzation could change a human being's consciousness. And revenge was the best way to move the people of this place. Besides, we weren't forced to come here. The human species... which was born here, is now about to come to its end. So everything has come full circle.
Ichise: Where is Ran?
Kano: Having expanded my mind through Texhnolyzation... I came to understand that Lukuss is inside of my mind. It's a delusion that we have genes that no human being should have. I became free of all genes by having intercourse with Lukuss. We must now endure a long passage of time... in order to evolve into a different life form. They have received their bodies in preparation for that. I'm more sane than anyone else. My sister, Theoria, knows that better than anyone. But Theoria won't ever speak again. She has killed her own mind. She can't be my eyes anymore. What are you afraid of? To kill me, who is saner than anyone... is to acknowledge your insanity and to embrace it until you die.

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