Texe Marrs

American writer (1944-2019)

Texe Marrs (born 1944) is an American Texan preacher and conspiracy theorist.

Quotes edit

  • "As the above report and photos … indicate, foreign troops are now permanently stationed in our country... We must steel ourself [sic] for what may soon come. The dark clouds surely are gathering. We may not have much more time." (January 1997).[citation needed]
  • "Even our children are being stealthily indoctrinated into the new faith... The Mattel Toy Co. has introduced its new 'Goddess of the Sun' Barbie doll. Is this the Whore of Babylon spirit, alive and with us today?" (March 1997).[citation needed]
  • "Yes, you and I will continue to pay taxes for the maintenance and upkeep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But we no longer own it. Now, the UN has ultimate jurisdiction".[citation needed]
  • "The UN and its elitist masters don't want you on their property! And in case you do "trespass" and enter forbidden areas of these pristine UN lands, you might just be shot. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents and park personnel are now taught to love nature's Mother Earth and to despise and loathe human beings. They are being given firearms and instructed to use them. Meanwhile, foreign immigrants from India, China, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia and other nations are being recruited for this national park service police duty because, unlike U.S. nationals, non-English speaking foreigners will not hesitate to carry out orders and shoot American citizen "intruders"." (June 1997).[citation needed]
  • "Is the NIV the Feminist Bible for the New Age?" (August 1997).[citation needed]
  • "To the Illuminati, this is a year for which they've long awaited -- the triple witching of the Beast year." (November 1997).[citation needed]
  • "Texe Marrs uncovers insider news the controlled media dare not report: … Hillary Clinton reveals family secret masquerading as a Christian and Gentile, she's actually Jewish and her grandmother was the Yiddish-speaking Della Rosenberg. Why is the First Lady only now telling the world she's a Jew?" (Secrets (Vol. 39)).
  • "Is Ron Paul a Bible-believing Christian that believes in the book of Genesis all the way to Revelation? I seriously doubt that, but compare him to these other clowns. Compare him to these other buffoons. Compare him to these other lying, blaspheming dogs. Am I a bad person for saying things like that? It's just true."

Secrets (Volume 133) 25:10 August 2007.

  • "Now let's get this straight. You're a pastor of a church supposedly or a bishop. A guy in your church is a big homosexual faggot, and he's a U.S. senator, but you know people might accuse you of meddling if you told him if that's a sin and that he's going to have to leave the church if he doesn't change."

Secrets (Volume 133) 43:45 August 2007.

  • "The goal of the Jewish Masonic elite is to establish dictatorial Illuministic Communism and to enslave all mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led by a world messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem."
    • "Masonic Jews Plot to Control World" from Conspiracy World (2010) {pg 179}.

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