Tex (film)

1982 film by Tim Hunter

Tex is a 1982 American drama film released by Buena Vista Distribution Company, directed by Tim Hunter and starring Matt Dillon, Jim Metzler, Meg Tilly, Bill McKinney, Frances Lee McCain and Emilio Estevez based on the novel of the same name by S. E. Hinton. Tex is about the life of two brothers after their mother dies, and their father walks out on them. They continue to struggle financially and mentally.


Tex: [whimpers] Oh, no...
Mason: [walks into Tex's room] Tex? You alright? You lose something?
Tex: [laying under his bed with only his feet sticking out] It's kind of nice down here. Cool and quiet.
Mason: Yeah, well maybe you should hurry it up so you can come have breakfast under the kitchen table. Then maybe you can catch a ride under the school bus!
Tex: [gets up from under his bed and wraps a blanket around him] You would like that. Wouldn't you?

Fortune Teller: You may think of one yes or no question to yourself.
Tex: [he sees a horse pass by and thinks about Rowdy] Yeah, okay.
Fortune Teller: I am sorry, the answer is no. b

Lem: [to Mason about why he sells dope] You don't have people depending on you, to take care of!
Tex: [in Lem's new car] Come on, let's go for a ride!
Mason: [points at Tex] What do you think he is? A baboon?!
Tex: Who, me?

Ms. Carlson: And Tex, I don't want another report on "Smokey the Cow Horse".
Tex: Yeah, but I read it everytime.
Ms. Carlson: Why don't you read another book by the same author?
Tex: You mean, that guy, wrote another book?
Ms. Carlson: Yes, Tex. In the library.
Tex: Oh, wow!

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