Tessa Virtue

Canadian ice dancer

Tessa Jane Virtue (born 17 May 1989) is a Canadian ice dancer. With skating partner Scott Moir, she is three time Olympic champion (2010, 2018) and double Olympic silver medlist (2014), three-time World champion (2010, 2012, 2017), three-time Four Continents champion (2008, 2012, 2017), the 2016–17 Grand Prix Final champion, eight-time Canadian National champion. Virtue and Moir are most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in 2011


  • I think that’s the beauty of the Olympics. There’s always a story. There’s always someone you’re invested in. There are so many Olympic moments that resonate with people all across Canada, and I think that’s the beauty of it. We’re just one of those stories and we’re grateful for the support we’ve received.
    • Tessa Virtue, Interview with Kristina Rutherford for Sportsnet.ca (January 2018)
  • We know that as soon as our competition is done there’s another Canadian taking their place at the starting line or waiting to race. I think that’s what’s so powerful is that we’re just part of something bigger than us.
    • Tessa Virtue, Interview with Kristina Rutherford for Sportsnet.ca (January 2018)

About Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's sporting career


Partnership with Scott Moir


Tessa Virtue about Moir

  • We are best friends! I think our personalities balance one another extremely well — plus we know how to interact positively and productively with each other. We work hard at maintaining our partnership, but to be honest, it's just what we've come to know and depend on. I hardly remember my life without Scott!
    • Tessa Virtue, Interview for Golden Skate (17 September 2007)
  • This friendship and this bond that we share is, to us, the No. 1 priority.
  • Our partnership is so much more than that, and in a lot of ways it’s so much better.
  • It is a tough act to follow, for sure. As I’m hearing him talk through some of the things I’m realizing why our partnership works, because we both think the world of one another. Scott is the most disciplined, driven athlete I’ve ever met. There’s a fierce competitor deep within and the passion and the raw talent that is there — the ability to move and hear music and interpret it — is unlike anyone else I’ve ever seen on the ice. And I think because he wears his heart on his sleeve people feel so drawn in and captivated by his performances. He’s generous, thoughtful and extremely insightful. He’s able to understand the glide of the blade differently.
    • Tessa Virtue, Interview for Sportsnet.ca (January 2018)
  • We’re still working on it, we still do a lot of work to improve our communication, our efficiency together, to understand one another’s different preferences. It’s evolved over the course of two decades, for sure. Having spent so much time together, we realize it’s a unique dynamic but we’re so appreciative of what we have. It’s a special partnership. We still really enjoy skating together and I think that’s why we still are.
    • Tessa Virtue, Interview for Sportsnet.ca (January 2018)

Scott Moir about Virtue

  • Tessa is a perfectionist in all ways. For example, her hair always has to be perfect for an interview or competition, she makes me look goofy next to her.
    • Scott Moir, Interview for Wdish (2013)
  • Tessa’s hilarious… I think it’s one of the things that gets overlooked because she’s always so pulled together, but she has the best sense of humor. It’s been the joy of my life to have as many laughs as we’ve had along the way.
  • I’m motivated every single day to go to the rink because of what she brings. I know that she brings her best every day. With brilliant people, with being so creative, it’s hard to imagine you’d just be so steady. That last thing, that’s the consistency.
    • Scott Moir, Interview with Kristina Rutherford for Sportsnet.ca (January 2018)
  • I would never even think about skating with somebody else. The whole reason I wanted to come back to skating was to be close to Tessa again, and to share those moments.
  • We're very proud of our business relationship, it's been very special for 20 years. Who can say that? It makes me shake my head sometimes driving to the rink, because I'm still excited to see Tessa at the arena for warmup. Who enjoys going in to work every day? That's ridiculous.
  • I screwed up the first competition and she stayed with me. That's when I knew I'd found the one.
    • Scott Moir, quoted by Olympic Channel (2018)
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