Teresa Kok

Malaysian politician

Teresa Kok (郭素沁; Guōsùqìn; born 31 March 1964) is a Malaysian politician. She was the Minister of Primary Industries in 2018–2020.

Teresa Kok in 2018


  • In this regard, I hope the dry rubber products segment continues to chart a more creditable growth in exports. These are challenging times. On the external front, the United States-China trade conflict, if protracted, could affect global growth and demand. On the domestic front, the private sector has to step up investment to drive economic growth, especially in the downstream sector.
  • Previously, we only made products such as baskets or satay skewers using bamboo. Now, we need to produce higher value products such as furniture, laminated boards, construction materials and innovative novelty products.
  • The EU (European Union) should assist developing countries achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) instead of imposing onerous rules and policies that undermine their efforts.
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