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This template is used to cite sources in Wikipedia. It is specifically for interviews.


All fields must be lowercase. Copy a blank version to use. Remember that the "|" character must be between each field, the fields must be in lowercase, and please delete all the fields that are not being used to clear clutter in the edit window. See also the complete description of fields.

Full version (copy and paste text below and delete parameters you don't need)
{{cite interview |last= |first= |subject= |subjectlink= |last2= |first2= |subject2= |subjectlink2= |last3= |first3= |subject3= |subjectlink3= |last4= |subject4= |interviewer= |cointerviewers= |title= |type= |url= |format= |program= |callsign= |city= |date= |year= |month= | }}
Most commonly used fields (or you can use this and not have to delete as much)
{{cite interview |last= |first= |subjectlink= |interviewer= |title= |callsign = |city= |date= |program= }}
Example 1

{{cite interview |last= Blackmun |first= Harry |subjectlink= Harry Blackmun |interviewer= [[Ted Koppel]] |program= [[Nightline]] |callsign= [[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]] |city= [[New York]] |date= 1994-04-05}}

Blackmun, Harry. Interview with Ted Koppel. Nightline. ABC, New York. 1994-04-05.

Example 2
{{cite interview
  | last = Nader
  | first = Ralph
  | subjectlink = Ralph Nader
  | interviewer = Ray Suarez
  | title = Talk of the Nation
  | program = [[National Public Radio]]
  | callsign = [[WBUR]]
  | city = Boston
  | date = 1998-04-16 }}

Nader, Ralph. Interview with Ray Suarez. "Talk of the Nation." National Public Radio. WBUR, Boston. 1998-04-16.

Vertical list Prerequisites and Brief Instructions  
 {{cite interview
 | last = 
 | first =
 | subject =
 | subjectlink = 
 | last2 = 
 | first2 =
 | subject2 =
 | subjectlink2 = 
 | last3 = 
 | first3 =
 | subject3 =
 | subjectlink3 = 
 | last4 =
 | subject4 = 
 | interviewer = 
 | cointerviwers = 
 | title = 
 | type =
 | url = 
 | format = 
 | program = 
 | callsign =
 | city =
 | date = 
 | year = 
 | month =
 Prerequisites*  Brief Instructions
 --------------  -----------------------
 REQUIRED**      (no wikilink)
 last            (no wikilink)
 REQUIRED**      (no wikilink)
 last/subject    (no wikilink)
 last/subject    (no wikilink)
 last2           (no wikilink)
 last/subject    (no wikilink)
 last2/subject2  (no wikilink)
 last2/subject2  (no wikilink)
 last3           (no wikilink)
 last2/subject2  (no wikilink)
 last3/subject3  (no wikilink)
 last3/subject3  (no wikilink)
 last3/subject3  (no wikilink)
                †preferred (no wikilink)
                 alternative to date
                 alternative to date
The field listed below is a prerequisite for the field to the left. For example last is a prerequisite to first meaning first will NOT be displayed even if it has a value unless last also has a value.
∗∗ One of last and subject needs to be provided. Subject has precedence.
This is the preferred field with its alternates listed below.

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