An article that you've created and/or edited, [[{{{1}}}]], has been [[WQ:VFD#{{{1}}}|nominated for deletion]] at Wikiquote:Votes for deletion (VfD). Based on reviews of similar quote articles, it is suspected that these are not quotes of notable figures with published references, which is what Wikiquote collects, but rather quotes from yourself or your friends or acquaintances. These are what we refer to as "vanity" quotes, much like Wikipedia's "vanity" articles. As is pointed out in Wikiquote:FAQ and What Wikiquote is not, which are recommended reading, such quotes are perfectly acceptable on one's user page, but are not a proper subject for quotation in Wikiquote articles.

If so, I invite you to copy the quotes to your user page before the article is deleted. If instead this person or subject has some notoriety in the world at large, and has been quoted in the mainstream media, please provide evidence of this in the VfD entry mentioned above. Thank you for your cooperation.

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