Template:SD Housekeeping

Speedy delete, case: Housekeeping.


{{SD Housekeeping|optional explanation}}

The link goes directly to the explanation of the relevant case in Wikiquote:Speedy deletions.


As a Wikiquote:Votes for deletion vote
* '''{{SD Housekeeping}}''' ~ ~~~~
is rendered as
  • Speedy delete, case: Housekeeping. ~ YourUserName 13:07, 12 September 2006 (UTC)
In discussions
I gave [[Spaceballs (disambiguation)]] a {{SD Housekeeping|There's only one likely [[Spaceballs]] article.}}
is rendered as
I gave Spaceballs (disambiguation) a Speedy delete, case: Housekeeping. There's only one likely Spaceballs article.


  • Do not use the optional explanation parameter in WQ:VFD votes, as the entire text will be bolded. (Bolded votes are meant as concise summaries of possibly detailed explanations.)
  • Do not use this template in the "Reason for deletion" box during page deletion, as it will not be expanded in the log.