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Telengana is a state in India located in the south eastern coast of the country. This state was created on 2 June 2014 by bifurcating the erstwhile undivided state of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad, the iconic capital of Andhra Pradesh became the capital of Telangana. Formation of Telangana as a separate state culminated decades of violent struggles by marginalised people demanding separate statehood in which thousands got killed.

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  • Any human being has a fundamental right to fight for their rights, but that right cannot include anything that fundamentally denies others what is their fundamental right. The root of Tyranny of Majority that Telangana is witnessing in India since 1956 is expected to end in early 2014.
    • Venkat Gandhi : "Tyranny of the Majority", Indian Express, 30 January 2014
  • Statehood to Telangana is not anybody’s gift. It was a fight, and truth won.

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