Teitur Lassen

Faroese musician

Teitur Lassen (born 4 January 1977 in Hoyvík) is a singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands.

Teitur Lassen in 2009

About Teitur Lassen edit

  • He's utterly melodic and hopelessly romantic, and when he performs live, he robs the air from your lungs. Oh, and he's devoid of any charisma or star power whatsoever.
    • John Mayer on why Lassen's career is stalled despite having talent in the same league as Coldplay and David Gray. From Mayer's September 1, 2004 column in Esquire magazine.
  • Teitur Lassen speaks for the broken-hearted, who, for the most part, may be too timid to speak for themselves. His first effort is shamelessly honest and hints at very beautiful things to come.

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