Teen Beach Movie

2013 film directed by Jeffrey Hornaday

Teen Beach Movie is a Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered on July 19, 2013, on Disney Channel, starring Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell. Directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, the film was filmed in Puerto Rico. It was the only Disney Channel film to premiere in 2013.

Brady edit

  • [while he and McKenzie are captured by Les Camembert] It could be worse. At least my favorite movie wasn't "Tarantulas on a Train."
  • I know karate! And, like, two other Japanese words.

McKenzie edit

  • [overhearing the diabolical plot of a pair of movie villains] And this thing never won an Oscar.

Dr. Fusion edit

  • [stuck inside the lighthouse with the machine about to blow up] I can't even imagine a scenario where this works out well for us.

Dialogue edit

McKenzie: Remember that movie about the robot who drank liquor from an abandoned spaceship, turned into a vampire middle school teacher who taught the entire school how to salsa dance, and then went on to win the regional championship?
Brady: Yeah.
McKenzie: That movie made more sense than this.

Lela: We're gonna surf.
Tanner: What, you like to surf?
Lela: I know! It's like riding a cloud. Except the cloud is water.
Tanner: No way! I said the same thing! Except, well... Not right now.
Lela: I know that Bikers aren't supposed to like surfing, but I don't care. Oh, my gosh. I don't care!
Tanner: You don't? Hey, you know what?
Lela: No, I don't know that either.
Tanner: I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle.
Lela: Are you serious?
Tanner: No, I'm Tanner.
Lela: I grew up riding.
Tanner: Is that why you're... stunning as a moon, lighteth up a day?
Lela: Who said that?
Tanner: I just did.
Lela: Wow, I really like your low voice.
Tanner: Thanks. I can do HIIIIGH too.

Brady: So all you guys do around here is hang, eat and, surf?
Tanner: Is there any other way?
Brady: Sounds perfect.

McKenzie: You know what I have never done?
Lela: Eaten a rock? Kissed a squirrel?
McKenzie: All exciting things, but no.

[Dr. Fusion and Camembert are stuck on a floating device in the middle of the ocean after being blown out from the lighthouse]
Les Camembert: I'm not sure I like the way this movie ends.
Dr. Fusion: Movie? What movie?
Les Camembert: Glad you asked. It seems we're all in this movie, and we're the villains.
Dr. Fusion: Intriguing. [takes off his fake mustache] Tell me more.

Brady: You know what we should do?
McKenzie: Surf?
Brady: Sing!
[the two of them and a bunch of other people break out in a dance and song number]

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