Teddy bear hospital

Teddy bear hospital (TBH) is an international project, whose aim is to reduce "childhood anxiety about medical environments, procedures and medical professionals". TBH initiatives are run at approximately 20 medical schools in the UK, 8 medical schools in Australia, 2 medical schools in Ireland (including University of Galway and University of Limerick) and one medical school in Israel

University Heidelberg, children's education


  • Our goal is to familiarize children with the hospital environment so that they can experience the doctor-patient relationship without anxiety and distress. As a result we also hope our students improve their communication skills and learn how to interact with children.
  • The object was to help these young students to not be fearful of medical procedures if they have to visit the hospital. And I hope we were successful.
  • the kids come up with ideas on how not to be scared
The kids get to be doctors of their own teddy bears