Ted Lindsay

Canadian ice hockey player

Robert Blake Theodore "Ted" Lindsay (born July 29, 1925) is a former professional ice hockey forward who played for the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Black Hawks. During his playing career, he helped to organize the National Hockey League Players' Association. He scored over 800 points in his career, winning the Art Ross Trophy in 1950. Lindsay won the Stanley Cup four times.

Ted Lindsay

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  • To win the Stanley Cup was a dream. When I was growing up, I never really dreamed about winning the Stanley Cup because I never really dreamed I'd play in the National Hockey League. I just followed one day, one month, one year after another and I kept getting better. But winning the Stanley Cup was just tremendous because you're recognized as part of the best team in the world and I was part of that team that contributed winning the Stanley Cup for Detroit.
  • I was never concerned with statistics - scoring goals, my records. The only thing I was concerned about was winning. The association changed my life. It changed my career and it changed my stats. I went to Chicago for three years but I was never a Blackhawk. I was treated well by the fans and by management, but I only had mediocre years. I still had a Red Wing on my forehead, on my backside and over my heart. I was existing, nothing more. Then, I retired for four years.

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