Ted Chiang

American science fiction writer

Ted Chiang (born 1967) is an American speculative fiction writer. He has won a string of prestigious speculative fiction awards for his works, including multiple Hugo and Nebula awards.

Ted Chiang at the 2007 World Fantasy Convention
Ted Chiang at the 2007 World Fantasy Convention


  • "Forgive and forget" goes the expression, and for our idealized magnanimous selves, that was all you needed. But for our actual selves the relationship between those two actions wasn’t so straightforward. In most cases we had to forget a little bit before we could forgive; when we no longer experienced the pain as fresh, the insult was easier to forgive, which in turn made it less memorable, and so on.

Stories of Your Life and Others (2002)Edit

Ted Chiang, Stories of Your Life and Others (anthology), 2002, Tor, ISBN 0-765-30418-X
  • Centuries of their labor would not reveal to them any more of Creation than they already knew. Yet through their endeavor, men would glimpse the unimaginable artistry of Yahweh's work, in seeing how ingeniously the world had been constructed. By this construction, Yahweh's work was indicated, and Yahweh's work was concealed.
  • The universe was a language with a perfectly ambiguous grammar. Every physical event was an utterance that could be parsed in two entirely different ways, one causal and the other teleological.
  • What made it possible for me to exercise freedom of choice also made it impossible to know the future. Conversely, now that I know the future, I would never act contrary to that future. [...] Those who've read the Book of Ages never admit to it.
  • God is not just, God is not kind, God is not merciful, and understanding that is essential to true devotion.
  • Just as seeing Heaven's light gave him an awareness of God's presence in all things in the mortal plane, so it has made him aware of God's absence in all things in Hell.


  • Contemplate the marvel that is existence, and rejoice that you are able to do so.

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  • (about Exhalation) If there’s an overarching theme, it’s that we should take time to appreciate the miracle of existence and cherish the free will we have to pursue our destinies — while we still can.

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