Taubie Kushlick

South African actor and director (1910-1991)

Taubie Kushlick (10 May 1910March 1991) was a South African actress and producer.

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Sunday Times interview (1980s) edit

"It's Queen Kong." (Gasp-gasp faint-faint) by Jani Allan, from the Just Jani column of the Sunday Times (1980s), republished in Face Value by Jani Allan.
  • Theatre is simply in my BLOOD..If they had to de-sanguinize me the BAD theatrical blood - or maybe that's MAGICAL blood - would simply flow back!
  • I've been called a termagent, but people BELIEVE in me. I'm a BIG personality.
  • My type is dying out of the theatre. I'm a conductor who has to ORCHESTRATE the whole thing.

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  • Intense. Vibrant. Undeniably talented, with a unique intelligence and razor-sharp wit. A woman, self-created for all seasons.

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