tatiana de la tierra

Colombian-American writer and activist

tatiana de la tierra (May 14, 1961– July 31, 2012) was a Colombia-born Latina lesbian writer and creator of the first international Latina lesbian magazine Esto no tiene nombre.

tatiana de la tierra

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  • I dreaded those public moments that highlighted the fact that I was a foreigner. Sometimes I sat at my desk, plotting my revenge. I would master the English language. I would infiltrate the gringo culture without letting on that I was a traitor. I would battle in their tongue and make them stumble. I would cut out their souls and leave them on the shore to be pecked on by vultures.
    • On attending school after she immigrated with her family from Colombia to the United States in “tatiana de la tierra” (Making Queer History; 2019 May 14)
  • The early days of esto no tiene nombre were the happiest time in my life. I had a vision, I had hope, and I was not alone. There was a lot of love going around then — sexual love, spiritual love, friendship love, literature love, publishing love. Perfect love.
  • Crying is bullshit. In a certain way, everything fits. When you’re alive, you fit. You may not fit within certain particulars, but that’s when you self-publish. That’s the good thing about today…

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