Tarzan Triumphs

1943 film by Wilhelm Thiele

Tarzan Triumphs is a 1943 film about Tarzan who must battle invading Nazis.

Directed by Wilhelm Thiele. Written by Carroll Young, based on the characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.


Boy: [reading Jane's letter] I must tell you, the world is at war again.
Tarzan: Why men have to kill each other?
Boy: [reading Jane's letter] Once more, the Germans - Nazis, they call them now - are on the prowl. More ruthless than the most savage beast of the jungle. [to Tarzan] I bet you could kill those Nazis, Tarzan. Just like you killed Bowgat, the gorilla.
Tarzan: No. Tarzan kill Bowgat to save Jane and Boy. Why Tarzan kill Nazis? No more war talk! When Jane come home?
Boy: She said she can't come home until her mother's entirely recovered. It may be weeks. It's her duty, Tarzan.

Tarzan: Zandra! Why Zandra leave now?
Zandra: My place is in Pallandria!
Tarzan: Zandra stay here!
Zandra: No Tarzan.
Tarzan: Tarzan say yes!
Zandra: I must return to help my people!
Tarzan: Come back till Nazis go away!
Zandra: They will never go away! I must go!
Tarzan: Zandra very stubborn! Tarzan know best. Come, please.


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