Tarzan Escapes

1936 film by William A. Wellman, George B. Seitz, John Farrow, Richard Thorpe

Tarzan Escapes is a 1936 film about an expedition seeking to bring Jane back to civilization, and Tarzan into captivity.

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Directed by Richard Thorpe. Written by Cyril Hume, based on the characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
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Tarzan: Jane no happy?
Jane: How shall I tell you, darling? I love Tarzan. Tarzan is Jane's love. Like the stars over the night. Like the air to breathe. Tarzan makes me alive. But Eric and Rita are my friends. Friends. Like rain at the end of the summer. Like the wind moving the tops of the jungle. I'm yours. You are mine. But I must help Rita. She's my friend. Friend. As Tarzan is Cheeta's friend to help her when she was in the trap.
Tarzan: Trap?
Jane: Yes, trap.
Tarzan: Leguna?
Jane: No darling, not a real trap. Just as strong. Just as horrible.
Tarzan: Jane want go?
Jane: Don't you remember how you went when Timba was in the pit the tribes had dug?
Tarzan: Jane want go?
Jane: Tarzan, believe me. When the moon has made safari three times - three times - and when she comes out of the river, big and round, and looks in on us here, she'll find us as we are now. Together. And my safari will be over forever. And I will never go away again.


  • It's New! It's amazing! 2 years to produce!


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