Tarzan's New York Adventure

1942 film by Richard Thorpe

Tarzan's New York Adventure is a 1942 film about Tarzan and Jane who travel to New York to find their kidnapped son.

Directed by Richard Thorpe. Written by w:, based on the characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Tarzan ventures out of the jungle into the man-made canyons of Manhattan!  (taglines)


  • We are going into places where men's minds are tangled worse that the worst underbrush in the jungle, and I'm afraid. More afraid than I've ever been in my life. Everywhere we'll be met with lies and deceit. Your honesty and directness will only be handicaps.


Boy: Cheetah! What is it?
Jane: Cheetah must be seeing things. What is it, Tarzan? What is it?
Tarzan: Uguna. Strange sound in sky. Big. Far off.
Jane: I don't hear anything.
Tarzan: Tarzan hear. Cheetah hear. Elephant hear.
Boy: Now I hear it. Like a great wind coming.

Tarzan: Boy little Tarzan.
Jane: And I want him to grow up to be a big Tarzan.
Tarzan: Tarzan watch Boy.
Jane: I know you will. I know I shouldn't worry. I know there's no need to worry as long as you're with me. At first, I used to have so many little fears for myself, for Boy. But one by one, you've chased them all away. Wouldn't it be strange if someday I became as brave as you are?
Tarzan: Jane no need to be brave. Jane beautiful. Jane good.
Jane: You are my goodness, darling. My strength.
Tarzan: [pointing] Jane. Tarzan. Tarzan. Jane.

Tarzan: [inside the smoke-filled Club Moonbeam in New York] Smell like a Swahili swamp. Why people stay?
Jane: It's what they call having a good time.


  • Tarzan ventures out of the jungle into the man-made canyons of Manhattan!


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