Target (1985 film)

1985 film directed by Arthur Penn

Target is a 1985 film about an American who is kidnapped during a trip to Europe and her son and husband who start searching for her. During the search, her son learns that his father may not be who he seems.

Directed by Arthur Penn. Written by José Luis Navarro (as Howard Berk), Don Petersen, and Leonard B. Stern.
The game of espionage is played by a strict code: an agent's family is never to be touched, no exceptions. Now that code has been broken.  (taglines)

Walter Lloyd

  • [to Chris] A long time ago I worked for the CIA.
  • [to Mason] Do yourself a favor and take the rest of your life off. If I see you again ... I won't see you again.

Chris Lloyd

  • Tourists? We're not talking about tourists here, we're talking about mom! And I know you, you don't drink unless you're nervous.


  • Barney Taber: [to Clay about one of his agents] Where did you recruit him? In the Sears catalog?
  • Clay: [in East Germany] If I want to worry, I'll worry; free fucking country, right?


Proprietress Marie Louis Mansion: Welcome to Berlin! Are you here for -business or pleasure?
Walter Lloyd: Funeral.

Walter Lloyd: I hope you're not going to fool around because I have a lot of things to do.
Donna Lloyd: You mean Miss Twinkle Tits in banking?

Walter Lloyd: They gave us new papers, new jobs, new names. The works... everything.
Chris Lloyd: New names?
Walter Lloyd: Yeah.
Chris Lloyd: Oh, Oh. Wait a minute. We were at the hotel and Taber asked you, "What name?" This is not my name? What's my name?
Walter Lloyd: Derek, Derek Potter. I'm Duncan. This is where the "Duke" comes from.

Walter Lloyd: You know the rule as well as I do: an agent's family was sacred.
Schroeder: And you broke that rule!
Walter Lloyd: No! Not me, not my people. I checked them out, every one of them. I held my own investigation.
Schroeder: I evacuate myself on your investigation!

Chris Lloyd: Look, I don't know who you were in the old days but don't you think I should do the driving now?
Walter Lloyd: Just don't worry, okay? I think I can handle it.
Chris Lloyd: Alright. Here we go to Hamburg at 20 miles an hour.


  • The game of espionage is played by a strict code: an agent's family is never to be touched, no exceptions. Now that code has been broken.
  • It's Harder to Win When You Play by the Rules!
  • It began with his mother's kidnapping. And ended with deadly intrigue.
  • Nothing exciting ever happened in Chris' family. But within 48 hours, his mother will be kidnapped, His father will be forced to reveal a secret past and he will find himself at the center of an adventure he never dreamed could happen to him.


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