Taraneh Javanbakht

Iranian scientist and polymath

Taraneh Javanbakht (born 1974) is an Iranian-Canadian scientist, philosopher, Artist, writer, poet, translator, literary critic, peer reviewer, Editor, and human rights activist.

Taraneh Javanbakht, 2007


  • The persons who are interested in the life of ancient polymaths, devote their life to learn and innovate in sciences, arts, and the transfer of their knowledge to the Iranians and the other nations.[1]
  • The human rights activity is not the ordinary but the canonical duty of thinkers and artists and they should take it into their consideration.[2]
  • Science, philosophy, literature and art do not have any value if the ones who are active in these fields keep silence about the executions.[3]
  • Being involved in sciences or various arts is not a reason for neglecting the causes of social problems.[4]
  • Every knowledge in which the reason is involved is not a rational knowledge. It means that any knowledge because the reason is involved in it cannot be considered as a rational knowledge. In a rational knowledge, it is necessary that in addition to the existence of reason, the judgment of reason about the thing that is to be known should be consistent with the reason and be rational. It is also necessary that the result of this knowledge be rational so that we consider that knowledge a rational knowledge (the necessary and sufficient conditions for rational knowledge).[5]




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