Tara Subkoff

American actress

Tara Lyn Subkoff (1974–) is an American actress, conceptual artist, and fashion designer.

Subkoff in 2015.


  • We are a society that only sells commodities. We do not create anything unless it's to be bought and sold, so the idea of doing something where there isn't a commodity to sell, or what the commodity is to sell is very confusing, is extremely interesting to me.
    • Interview with Alison McLaughlin at New York Fashion Week 2012, September 2012. Video on YouTube


  • We were talking about waste, throwing things away, and taking something that’s old and making it new again, putting the human hand back into a world that reeks of manufacturing. It felt very appropriate to do that in 2000.
    • On her Imitation of Christ project, interview with Blouinartinfo, September 2012

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