Tanya Saracho

Mexican-American actress, playwright and showrunner

Tanya Selene Saracho is a Mexican and American actress, playwright, dramaturge and screenwriter.


  • I’m obsessed with women and Latina women. I think I’m on my seventh or eighth all-Latina play. I’m really comfortable in that world. So, if I had to say what I’m interested in exploring, it’s that—class, and how it affects Latinas and people of color.
  • The border is a notion too. It’s a mood. It’s a culture…after living seven years on the border, and I really was speaking in two tongues—I was dual person back then…
  • I feel very ni de aquí ni de allá…I’ve carried that border, that duality with me, because I’m not a full American...They can’t deny us right now…We don’t have it all, but we’ve gotten this much. We are undeniable. We are here.

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