Tan Kheng Hua

Singaporean actress

Tan Kheng Hua (born January 17, 1963) is a Singaporean actress.

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  • Another big difference is the eye on celebrity. I wouldn’t say I’m unrecognizable in Singapore, but as a person, I guess I’ve never really taken celebrity [status] seriously. I just take my work seriously, and this has been a very calming place to be [in North America] because all I do is keep concentrating on the work. I feel protected in that fashion, and I think that this particular point of view has been honed by the fact that for many years, nobody takes your celebrity [status] very seriously in Singapore.
  • My parents are the coolest parents ever. From the minute their children became adults, they have always looked at us as the "experts" in the household, simply because both my mum and my dad never had a high education. They always trusted us. And in return, we never asked them for much and always made sure our decisions worked for us. So when I told my mum and dad I was going to quit my corporate high paying, big benefits job to act for awhile, they basically said "Good. Now you have more time to rest and to go on holiday with us."
  • I have said this before in other interviews and I have said it again - if human beings can transplant hearts of any color from one body to another to save lives, surely we don't have to wait any longer for any movie to demonstrate diversity and inclusivity. The truth is out there! We are ALL humans! I repeat - We are ALL humans. 'Nuff said.

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