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DCIFF is proud to present the 2007 finalists** (**films are subject to change) More information will be posted shortly : (* films marked with an (*) are DC area filmmakers) Features:

The Genius Club, directed by Tim Chey (2006) World Premiere, U S A Al Qarem, directed by Affandy Yacoob (2006) World Premiere, Afghanistan U S A Baby Blues, directed by (2006) World Premiere, U S A Barrio Cuba, directed by Humberto Solas (2006) East Coast Premiere, Cuba Disappearances, directed by Jay Craven (2006) World Premiere, U S A God in My Pocket, directed by Arnault Labaronne (2006) US Premiere, France Intellectual Property, directed by Nick Peterson (2006) World Premiere, U S A My Brother, directed by Anthony Lover (2006) World Premiere, U S A One Buddha, directed by (2006) World Premiere, Argentina Rain in the Mountains, directed by (2006) World Premiere, U S A


Solving the world problems is no easy task. Just ask film director Tim Chey. “We wanted to make an extremely thought-provoking film,” says Chey, “that reaches the very tip of mankind’s problems and then comes back down.”

The Genius Club boldly looks at the face of world problems through the eyes of seven geniuses and a deranged terrorist who has the second-highest IQ in the country. It’s a no-holds bar, sock ‘em fight fest without the punches. Instead, the geniuses fight for their lives intellectually.

“We wanted to make a very good ‘7-course-meal’ film,” says Chey, “not another fast-food film that you forget two seconds after leaving the theater.”

The Genius Club commenced principle photography on January 28, 2006. The distinguished cast includes: Carol Abney, Stephen Baldwin, Jacob Bonnema, Tricia Helfer, Matt Medrano, Philip Moon, Paula Jai Parker, Huntley Ritter, Jack Scalia, and Tom Sizemore.

The film is written and directed by Tim Chey and produced by Arch Bonnema and Daishi Takiishi.

“Every cast member was crucial to the film’s success,” says Arch Bonnema, the film’s producer. “We were very fortunate to have powerful actors do this ensemble.”

“We had over 6,000 actors submit for the roles which I think must have set some kind of record,” jokes Chey. “In the end, I’m glad we went with the best actor for each part, not just going with a name actor for the sake of having a name actor.”

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