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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Tegan and Sara page.

This entry should not exist. No one even knows who these people are. There are many other notable musicians that have more fame and notoriety and for some reason every time an entry is posted for them it gets deleted. This posting should be removed.

asshole. tegan and sara are recognised and respected because they worked hard to become iconic female musicians. They started out as a small Canadian band and are now playing their music internationally…this, in itself, is a great enough achievement. As a woman, as a lesbian, and as a person, I respect these two. How could I not? Growing up in a place where lesbianism is heavily judged, Tegan and Sara’s music inspired me to be open and proud of who I am. So yes, there are other bands that deserve kudos for their achievements…and maybe more so than Tegan and Sara, but perhaps you should be focusing on finding these bands (I can’t personally think of…) and congratulating them on their musical talents rather than bringing down Tegan and Sara’s. And can I add: for someone who so vehemently protests Tegan and Sara, why would you care to add new information to the page? Irrelevant and/or unnecessary information is always rejected from it. Your comment came under both of these categories, and so I draw the conclusion that anything you have previously added followed suit.

So I’ll conclude: I know who Tegan and Sara are. And so do thousands of people. Just type their names into any search engine and you’ll find millions of links. Your extended knowledge may not further from the range of things you hear off your parents, second-hand from talk back radio…but that doesn’t mean you are excused from rudeness, and able to limit the rest of ours.

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