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Talk:Pandurang Shastri Athavale


  • Fearlessness is the result of faith in oneself and faith in God.
  • God does not work for you. He works with you.
  • Keep Gita in your head and heart and be proud of yourself.
  • Progress of mankind is progress of mind and intellect.
  • Those who see the invisible can do the impossible.
  • Bhakti(Devotion) is a social force.
  • Culture includes - way of thinking, way of life and way of worship.
  • A unification of orator and listener during Swadhyay is essential. No one is superior or inferior at this time. Both of them has same thought process and goal to have integrated progress in life. Both of them seek to have contentment of achieving integral development of life.
  • A sound philosophy must be internally coherent and harmonious and must be translatable into practice. It should not remain a mere Utopian concept, although the idea of a Utopia should always remain in the back of our minds. An integral philosophy is one which satisfies the total personality
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