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deleted repetition of quote "What were the things in Gremlin's called"

translated "They 'old cold" to They hold cold (temperature)

It is not hold cold, it is old cold. Changed it back.

Old Cold, 'old ColdEdit

I'm afraid it should definitely be: "They 'old cold." Although Ricky and Steve think he has said "old cold" (and Ricky goes on to say "the oldness doth get away with the badness", etc) as they are phonetically identical, it is clear from the context and Karl's follow up comments that he means that they 'retain cold'. For example, he talks about possibly putting them in the fridge, or using a dinner plate instead.

It is a shame as "old cold" - through obscurity - is probably funnier, but I would argue that this should be changed back to "They 'old cold" instead of the "They're old cold" as this is definitley what he said. - Frank

Karl was not referring to the fact that the ashtray retains cold. He was talking about the TYPE of cold the astrays have. OLD cold. Not 'old cold :)

- Actually, he then goes on to say, "'cause they 'old the cold." I'm sure he's not stupid enough to use 'old' (as opposed to hold abbreviated) as a verb. Ricky and Stephen just didn't hear properly straight away. The person below is correct. PS. To Frank, Ricky says "The coldness doth get away with the badness", not 'oldness'. - Harry

I always thought he meant they "hold cold".

He does mean "hold cold". He specifies this later in the same section. He uses ashtrays rather than plates because "they sort of hold the cold", at which point Ricky and Steve (and everyone who isn't a round-headed chimp-like buffoon) realise what he means.


This is the best page on wikiquote.

Agreed - Frank

Copyright issuesEdit

There is a lot of material taken verbatim from the diaries, which seems to me to present copyright infringement problems.


  • That's weird innit?
    • Catchphrase
  • Alright
    • Catchphrase - at the commencement of each podcast and always said in a dry and deadpan fashion.
  • I'm just saying...
    • Catchphrase - quoted whenever he has difficulty getting his point across to others.
  • I could eat a knob at night
    • Podcast, to Ricky and Steve regarding I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
  • A relationship is the love of two brains
    • Podcast, to Ricky and Steve regarding his planned film
  • It would be spiteful to put jellyfish in a trifle
    • Podcast, one of Karl's poem
  • things look better from faraway anyway
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