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  • Check out my sink. You could wash like two babies in it...and a duck.
    • From MTV Cribs
  • Don't fucking swear. It's not fucking cool, kids.
  • Hey ladies, would you like to make out?
  • I guess Patrick is some kind of musical genius -- he's a total mad scientist.
  • Middle-aged women love me -- they say I look like Dr. McSexy, or whatever his name is.
  • We really don't like the label thing at all. Everyone likes to categorize and simplify things. Why? Don't try to describe it, just listen to it for what it is.
  • (To Patrick and Pete) You guys should just make lo- You guys should get married.
    Patrick: We are.
    • When being interviewed about "Dance, Dance"
  • HaaHaa Dig The JewFro
  • It's Silver sharpie time!!
  • Yeah, all the crackheads are making me feel very welcome.
    • When asked about touring in Detroit
  • You like how I'm laying on the bed? Is it making you queasy?
    • From MTV Cribs
  • Guys, I can get us out of here. You have to trust me about this open hatch button.
    • While in Singapore
  • Five of my dances have been voted Top Five Worst Dances of All Time.
  • You can look at yourself in the mirror and be like, 'Hey, I know you.'
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