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Some quotes appear in the section Sourced but do not have a proper reference. In particular I came here looking for a WP:RS for the quote "our goal is total animal liberation" 18:44, 29 April 2010 (UTC)


  • We're asking kids to get hooked on kindness, not killing
  • Recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal.
  • Why not find out when his birthday is, call the newspapers, and go dance on his grave?
  • It is only human supremacy, which is as unacceptable as racism and sexism, that makes us afraid of being more inclusive.
  • The tape shows experimenters using their power over the monkeys to torture and torment them, while lab supervisors stand by or even join in
  • Sometimes the only kind option for some animals is to put them to sleep forever.
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