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  • I probably use humor to try and avoid getting close to people, in a funny sort of way. Making people laugh is sort of cowardly. It can be an intimate thing, but it also distances you from the person somewhat.
  • Guilt I can do. If [I have] any expertise at all, it's in the area of guilt. I have a black belt in guilt. If you ever want a guilt-off, the next time we meet let's see how we match up. I'm pretty confident in that area.
  • I admit I can't shake the idea that there is virtue in suffering, that there is a sort of psychic economy, whereby if you embrace success, happiness and comfort, these things have to be paid for.
  • The buildings and the cruelty. They're very harsh people, the British: hard to impress, very tough on each other, but I rather like that. It's not that the British are more honest - you're just under no illusion with them. L.A. runs on optimism, enthusiasm and flattery. I think you can go a little bit crazy. I've heard people say there's a limit to the number of years you can stay in this city without going slightly mad. It's just too damn sunny in every dimension - weather-wise, socially and professionally.
  • I picked a reverence for medicine because I rather hero-worshiped my father [a former doctor], and because I admire doctors, I admire study, empiricism and rational thought. I don't admire crystals and chewing willow bark and herbal remedies.
  • I've lost all lingering hopes of maturity. I took a wrong turn somewhere around 10. Mind you, it might be nice if my voice broke. [1]
  • Boredom is not an appropriate response to exploding cars- on when he figured out he had depression.
  • I was not consciously imitating [MacDonald Fraser's series] Flashman. I have never heard anyone say before that my work resembles Fraser's and I don't see how it does. But that really is a superb compliment. It's a real feather in my cap, even if the guy who wrote that Times review is deranged. (Commenting on the New York Times review of his novel, The Gun Seller) [2]
  • People here drive like baboons on crack - they've stolen the keys and sort of figured out how to switch the thing on. I'm just staggered by it.(On driving in L.A.)
  • There's the clown in House, there's an adolescent in him, a child, a playful side. There's also a tormented self-destroyer as well. I get the best of all possible worlds.
  • Tarantino is fantastically entertaining. Kill Bill is about as much fun as you can have in a theater. And I have to see any Clint Eastwood film. I've seen all his movies, some an embarrassing number of times.
  • That's plainly absurd....What I am - and I'm sure everyone knows this - is a profoundly unsexy person playing a sexy character. (On being told he is the "thinking woman's sex symbol", after his success on House, M.D.)
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