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  • The Nazis victimized some people for what they did, some for what they refused to do, some for what they were, and some for the fact that they were. - John Conway
  • Holocaust Memorial Day is intended as an inclusive commemoration of all the individuals and communities who suffered as a result of the Holocaust -- not only Jews, but also Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, political prisoners and dozens of ethnic and other minorities. - Jack Straw
  • We in the United States should be all the more thankful for the freedom and religious tolerance we enjoy. And we should always remember the lessons learned from the Holocaust, in hopes we stay vigilant against such inhumanity now and in the future. - Charlie Dent
  • When I teach about the Holocaust, I use it to try and get people to understand that the values that led to Hitler's election and the theories behind the mass execution of Jews were also prominent and are prominent in American society. - Ralph Leck
  • For me the Holocaust was not only a Jewish tragedy, but also a human tragedy. After the war, when I saw that the Jews were talking only about the tragedy of six million Jews, I sent letters to Jewish organizations asking them to talk also about the millions of others who were persecuted with us together - many of them only because they helped Jews. - Simon Wiesenthal
  • In Italy, the country where fascism was born, we have a particular relation with the Holocaust, but as a turning point in history it belongs to everybody in the world. It is a part of humanity. - Roberto Benigni
  • The Holocaust is a central event in many people's lives, but it also has become a metaphor for our century. There cannot be an end to speaking and writing about it. Besides, in Israel, everyone carries a biography deep inside him. - Aharon Appelfeld
  • No one yet knows what awaits the Jews in the twenty-first century, but we must make every effort to ensure that it is better than what befell them in the twentieth, the century of the Holocaust. - Benjamin Netanyahu

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Isn't that sort of thing more appropriate for Wikipedia? Also, which source refers to 11 million innocent? ScratchMarshall (talk) 06:55, 8 June 2018 (UTC)

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