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Then why has there been so many Iskcon Hare Krishna Guru’s self-appointed by the head and thankfully dead A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and continuing to this day that physically, mentally, sexually tortured and abuse kids. Yes, let’s chant, meditate and listen to the Hare Krishna fairy tales as we convince parents to chant, chant and chant some more until their minds turn to mush so they can send their young innocent kids all alone (while only seeing them once or twice a year) to schools and temples to get tortured and sexually abused by the Iskcon hare Krishna movement. Let’s throw in some mind control and manipulation that takes place to allow parents to give up their kids to be mercifully abused. Or how about we allow our young kids to go off to college to be recruited by Iskcon to be brainwashed into religious robotic fanatics to give up any semblance of their former life, family, and friends to be controlled by Iskcon a group of perverted con men who want to use you, their robots for slave labor to sell BS books and recruit other unsuspecting members. FU, A victim

Here is a response.

Dear sir or lady, I am not sure if you are open to hearing any advice, discussion or opinions. You come off as extremely angry, and considering yourself a victim. You even sign off with the letters FU, which I do not find very stable or neutral at all.

May I humbly suggest that you remember that you are not God yourself, and that we all have faults here in this existence?

You consider yourself a victim but actually, we are all the victims of our own karma. If something "bad" or "intense" has happened to you, please consider that you have enacted similar intensities on others and that is why you require that experience - to feel it for yourself. By becoming angry that your "karma has arrived" so to speak, you may simply create more karma. Take a step back and ask yourself if you consider the universe to be balanced and completely whole. Is this reality random? Or divinely organized? And I really do wish you well, I know absolutely nothing about you except this what you have written above, and you know nothing about me other than this response. Further more this is anonymous as far as I understand which may be beneficial to both parties. I wish you well. However, I do feel that the topics of the quotes for Srila Prabhupada are totally biased and not neutral in anyway. Basically they are a collection of out of context quotes in attempt to make a personality look bad. Slander. If you want to be actually maturely balanced, then for every quote which you label as "racist, homophobic" etc, perhaps consider finding a quote in which srila prabhupada speaks about love. And if we look at Srila Prabhupada's writings and message overall, I would say less than 1% appears "racist or homophobic" and that 99% of his work, communication and effort is to spread absolute Love. Good luck.

Quotes about (both critical & non-critical) were added. Is it Neutral enough now?Edit

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