Tales of Vesperia

Japanese role playing video game

Tales of Vesperia, the next Tales of RPG in the long running franchise marks it's 10th anniversary. Tales of Vesperia's story centers around the theme; justice and what it means to Yuri and gang. Blastia, the source of energy throughout Terca Lumeireis. People use it for their daily living. From water resources, town's barrier, to the weapons that Yuri and gang wields to fight against those who use the Blastia for their own sick (and twisted) ideals.


"Take it easy with the water sports, old man. You're not getting any younger."

"Well, I have to hand it to you, Captain Karol, operation stink bomb was a smashing success."

"You gotta be somewhere? A sick girlfriend with an incurable disease of something?"

"Jeez... You guys been robbed of your manners along with your money?"

"I wouldn't want Captain Karol to dirty his hands on such a filthy door!"

"Wouldn't it be crazy if a monster just gobbled up your foot right now? Just a giant munch, and oops, no more foot."

"It's the world series of villains and you had to take the best seat in the house?"

"Yeah, Captain Karol'd start crying if we tried to tackle the Knights head on."

"I think there are some things that you have to do, even if they're a crime. Someone has to do them, even if it means taking the blame."

"We all have our reasons for what we've done. You and Judith both..."

"...The pride of living by the laws of the guild... taking responsibility... and accepting the choices he'd made... The Don practiced what he preached."

"If there's one thing the Don's last moments taught me, it's that I've been too soft. If a part is infected, you cut it off before it infects the whole. Even if it's a comrade, an Entelexia, or a friend."

"Hey, no complaints from me! I prefer eye candy over scary armor any day."

"Rita, that's great! Now you have a place to go if that whole blastia research thing doesn't work out." (After completing the restaurant serving mini-game in Dahngrest with Rita)

"Humph. People can't understand anything except what they see with their own eyes."

"If you don’t know the value of junk, you’re worth less than junk yourself."

(Rita takes Yuri's hand to look at the ring) "Awww, Rita I've always wanted to hold hands with you."


"Having you pity me makes me want to jump off this cliff."

"No way! Dead people can't want to do anything..."

"He didn't seem too polite when he was making off with that case."

"You break into someone's house, call the owner a thief, and wave a sword in their face? What the hell kind of sense is that!?"

( After everyone in the guild hurts Raven, Rita kicks him)"I didn't want to feel left out."

"Zap..... I like the way that sounds."


"Huh?! Me? And whaddaya mean 'even that signore'... What're you tryin' ta insinuate..."

"What sort of face do you mean? Must be some poor sap with a pretty ugly mug."

"Ah, so this is the end, huh? Farewell, all my dear fans the world over."

"Hey, I've been on pins and needles since we got here. Hold my hand, would ya?"

"Old man? Now you've gone and hurt this old man's feelings."

Don WhitehorseEdit

"You don't do deeds like that so other people will notice. You do them so you can protect your town and your friends."

"You can do like your friend is, and put everything you've got into changin' the system. Or ya can turn your back on the empire, and live by the rules ya set fer yerself."

"A couple eggs might have ta be broken. But I'm prepared to pay a price."

"And it falls on any leader ta take responsibility for the mistakes of their people. So say the laws."

"Listen up! You all gotta stand on yer own two feet from here on! There's a new age coming, so get out there and make it for yourselves!"

Cutscene ConversationsEdit

Karol: "Y-you're sure it's totally dead, right?"
Yuri: "Raaaagh!"
Karol: "Gyaaaah!"
Yuri: "Wow, Captain. If I didn't know you were just goofing around, I'd swear you were really scared."
Karol: "Uh... H-hah hah... Pretty good, huh?"

Yuri: "It'll be much easier to do things to him if we keep him nearby."
Raven: "Whaddya mean 'things...?'"

Raven: "Ah, so this is the end, huh? Farewell, all my dear fans the world over."
Yuri: "I'll make sure your gravestone reads 'Here lies the world's biggest sap.'"
Raven: "You're supposed to say stuff like, 'We can make it through this together.'"

Yuri: "Tell me one thing, though. What made you want to start a guild in the first place?"
Don: "I realized I couldn't protect the things that were important ta me, playin' by the empire's rules."

Yuri: "Not a chance, huh? Yeah, I guess you're not too sexy anyway."
Estelle: "Erk... I'm sexy enough, thank you very much! Want me to prove it?"

Raven: "Sure you'll be alright without the Great Raven?"
Yuri: "I think so. Good luck delivering the letter."
Raven: "...Jeez, aren't ya even gonna try ta stop me from leavin'?"

Don: "So then ask fer help. That's what friends're for, right?"
Karol: "Don...!"
Don: "Take good care of them, and they'll be there whenever ya need 'em."

Don: "So... who's gonna be my second?"
Yuri: "...It would be my honor."
Don: "Guess yer stuck doin' a job nobody much wants."
Yuri: "You too."
Don: "Heh. No kidding. Yuri. I was lookin' forward to watchin' ya go places. I'll make sure to save you a spot in hell."
Yuri: "I don't think they'd let me into the hell you're going to."
Don: "Hah. I won't forget that attitude, boy."
Yuri: "And I won't forget your resolve, Don Whitehorse."

Karol: "Yuri... I... There wasn't anything I could do... The Don... and all the rest of you, you'd made up your minds and did what you could."
Yuri: "..."
Karol: "Nobody in this town's gonna listen to anything I've got to say... So I was thinking I should try talking with Palestralle instead. But they might be done talking and just attack anyway... When I thought that, I... I was too scared to go alone... So I ended up not going at all. I'm not good for anything..."
Yuri: "What about Judy? Weren't you going to look for her?"
Karol: "...I can't. I can't go with you anymore, Yuri... I'm just not cut out to be the boss of a guild..."
Yuri: (picks up Karol and shakes him) "Is that it, then? Is that all guilds and Brave Vesperia mean to you? Just walking away from the dream like that?"
Karol: "But I wanted to be the best guild! To be useful to the Don! For him to notice me! He's been a role model for me... And now he's not around..."
Yuri: "So you're just gonna pack it up and quit? Just what was it the Don died for? You of all people should know the answer to that."
Karol: "You can always do everything you want, Yuri! You'd never understand how I feel! I'm not tough like you! There's no way I can be like you and the Don! It's over. Our guild is--"
Yuri: "Karol! Don't you remember all the Don told you? Did you forget his resolve?"
Karol: "..."
Yuri: "As a member of our guild, I'm going to Mt. Temza to find Judy."
Karol: "Huh...?"
Yuri: "Brave Vesperia will go on, even if you don't. This guild is more than just you now."

Yuri: "I'm not going out on any mercy mission. I told you I need to set things straight, right?"
Estelle: "Yuri..."
Yuri: "What does Judy know? What doesn't she know...? I'm going to see that she comes clean about all of it. I have to, to find out where this guild stands."

Karol: "I might not fully understand what the Don wanted to tell me yet. But Brave Vesperia is my--no, our guild, so... so I've gotta come with you guys!"
Estelle: "Karol."
Karol: "I think if I ran away... If I abandoned my friends, that'd be the end! I couldn't come back... That's why... that's why I've gotta go! Please let me come, too!"
Yuri: "Of course. You're the boss of this outfit, Captain."

Rita: "It never ends with these guilds. Bunch of hot-headed idiots."
Raven: "Hmm, yeah. Quite juvenile, isn't it?"

Karol: "The most important thing is obeying the guild's laws. Those who break the laws will be severely punished. Even friends and family. The laws are the source of a guild's pride. No one can be admitted without making a solemn pledge to uphold them."
Estelle: "And what are the laws of your guild, Karol?"
Karol: "Umm…"
Yuri: "Everybody supporting each other, and always acting with the interests of the guild in mind. Striving to always do the right thing and punishing those who don't."

Judith: "My heart was about to burst from worrying so much."
Yuri: "Yeah, right!"

Judith: "Would it hurt for you to believe in us a little bit more?"
Karol: "Yeah. I mean, we're your friends!"
Yuri: "…You got me, guys. All right, then. We're all in this together. Until the end."

Duke: "…Why?"
Yuri: "…? 'Why' what?"
Duke: "Why do you smile at a time like this?"
Yuri: "I'm just a wild and carefree kinda guy."
Duke: "Foolishness."
Yuri: "Heh, can't help it, I guess. I was born like this. Let's go."
Karol: "…We can tell."
Duke: "…?"
Karol: "On the outside, he might not get angry, or flustered, or cry, but… we can tell. And right now, he's so frustrated it's all he can do not to scream. But Yuri keeps all that hidden away, so it looks like there's nothing wrong. And for me, now, when I see no hope at all… his attitude is why I can still stand up and fight."
Duke: "…"
Yuri: "Karol, what's the hold up?!"
Karol: "I'm coming!"
Duke: "…Why are you telling me this?"
Karol: "…Yeah, you're right. Someday I'll tell him myself. Someday..."
Duke: "True friendship…"

Yuri: "…He's actually sleeping. Man, I can't tell if he's brave, or just stupid."
Raven: "Weren't you gonna have a touching' reunion with your bestest pal?"
Yuri: "Nah, it's that lieutenant of his. She's scary."
Raven: "Hm? Oh, well… I guess I can see that."
Yuri: "What do you mean?"
Raven: "Oh, well, it's just… she's so serious. Gotta be careful not ta rub her the wrong way."
Yuri: "I'm not rubbing anything any way."
Raven: "Well, ya most certainly can't please all the people all the time."

Flynn: "Going already? It looks like things here won't be settled for a while. I had hopes that we'd have the guild ships at our disposal."
Yuri: "I heard they've been having some issues."
Flynn: "It seems they've been unable to decide on a course of action since the Don's passing. It looks like I'll be one step behind you again this time."
Yuri: "No hard feelings, no matter which of us gets to Alexei first, right? Oh yeah. Are you done trying to get Estelle back? I mean, she's still a princess. And what about all that stuff with the imperial succession?"
Flynn: "The council has chosen Ioder as their leader. For all intents and purposes he's got their nomination for the throne."
Yuri: "Hm. Okay. So that's why you don't need to chase her around anymore?"
Flynn: "That's not it. It's just that I've finally come to terms with the choices she's made for herself."
Yuri: "Wow. You sure loosened up."
Flynn: "Don't give me a hard time. It's something I've had to struggle with in my own way."
Yuri: "Well, she'd be happy to hear it."
Flynn: "I'll bring the problems of the aer and the blastia to His Highness' attention. He'll be able to come up with some way of helping, I'm sure. As for Lady Estellise… Yuri, you have my confidence."
Yuri: "I appreciate it. Sorry for being such a pain. Well, I'm gonna get going. See you at Zaude."
Flynn: "…As far as anyone is concerned, the capital was retaken because of my efforts. It isn't just with this, though. No one knows the things you… that Brave Vesperia have done for them. They probably never will. Are you satisfied with that?"
Yuri: [shrugs it off and walks away]

Yuri: "This is ridiculous. Continue as you please till the world comes to an end. But don't bring up a war between the guilds. This isn't a joke."
Karol: "It's all right to be helped by your friends. Protect your friends and they'll respond in kind. That was the last thing that the Don said to me."
Yuri: "Karol."
Cloud of Dawn: "What? Who's this kid?"
Karol: "I can't do anything by myself, but I have my friends! Because my friends are there for me, I can do anything! They're still there for me, even now. Why isn't that good enough for the Union?!"
Raven: "The boy is right. The best thing that the guilds ever had was their ability to help each other. There is always a way to deal with things even if ya aren't some great big leader."
Yuri: "The Don told you that from now on, you have to walk with your own feet. You know how to walk on your won feet, don't you?"
Guy: "You make it sound so easy, but actually--"
Yuri: "Let's go. I'm gonna get sick if I have to stay here any longer."

Yuri: "It was the same when Harry and the guild members asked for your help. You really watch out for others, don't you old man?"
Raven: "Nah, I listened ta what Leblanc had to say. That's all I did."
Judith: "Oh, is somebody embarrassed?"
Raven: "Aw, Judith baby, cut ol' Raven some slack, would ya?"
Karol: "You helping people without pampering them… That's tough. I wonder if I'll ever be like you, Raven…"
Raven: "Puttin' ol' Raven up on a pedestal won't get you anywhere in life, kid."

Yuri: "So are you going to tell me why you're so serious?"
Flynn: "Are you just going to go like this?"
Yuri: "Huh?"
Flynn: "The people who command the entire world are gathered here. Now's the time to tell them all you've done."
Yuri: "Not this again…"
Flynn: "Half of my achievements-or more- are really yours…"
Yuri: "So what? It doesn't matter who did them."
Flynn: "It does. Why do you always choose the option that's bad for you? Why do you try to bear everything by yourself? Do you think I can't take the burden?"
Yuri: "…You're carrying what I can't. I know I can do what I want only because someone's watching out for me."
Flynn: "But…! [shakes head] …Forget it. I can't explain. I'll just yell at you again."
Yuri: "Heh heh. In that case… [draws sword] Try it like this."
Flynn: "Yuri…!"
Yuri: "You're not going to beat me in an argument. But you know what you can beat me in… [shows Flynn his sword] This."
Flynn: "Yeah… You're right. Just like always."
[Flynn draws and crosses swords with Yuri]
Flynn: "Everything I feel is in this sword!"
Yuri: "…Good. Come on!"

Flynn: "I can't even win with a sword anymore."
Yuri: "Hah hah hah. Loser."
Flynn: "You've gotten better, Yuri."
Yuri: "…You too. You would've beaten me easy if you were still like when we were kids."
Flynn: "Didn't we swear on our swords when we were kids? We would fight to make people smile."
Yuri: "Yeah… Even if we followed different paths."
Flynn: "Even if we bear different burdens."
Yuri: "Even if people praised us, of hated us…"
Flynn: "The knights and the guilds won't change. Right?"
Yuri: "There are places in each of us the other can't reach."
Flynn: "That's why we're not alone."
[both laugh]

Karol: "Hey, Raven. It's nice to be able to do things for others."
Raven: "Ohhh, such grown-up words from master Karol."
Karol: "Yeah, I never did stuff just for other people. I wanted to show others that I could do stuff. I thought that was my dream, but I guess not."
Raven: "To make a guild. To make the guild big. To be a respected boss. All boys have those dreams. It's fine."
Karol: "But that was all just so I could look cool. I mean, there's so much you can't do alone."
Raven: "Yeah, I guess so."
Karol: "I thought I had to do it alone or I'd look bad or it'd be worthless or whatever. That's not helping people."
Raven: "I see."
Karol: "If you work together, you can do a lot more and make a lot more people happy. I realized that traveling with everyone. I like that a lot more."
Raven: "…Young master Karol, you are something. So far ahead of this old man. You are cool enough just as you are."
Karol: "You're cool, too, Raven. Not as cool as Yuri, but…"
Raven: "Oh! I'm hurt!"
Karol: "Heh heh. So what's your dream, Raven?"
Raven: "Me? To be stinking rich with bevies of gorgeous women all around, mmmm… I'm kidding. Now… Hmm… I'm finally back to just living. So I guess my dream is to be able to dream again someday."
Karol: "That sounds pretty hard… But I'm sure you can do it."
Raven: "Thanks you. I think I'll get it."
Karol: "Hey, is your heart… OK?"
Raven: "Yeah, it's weird, but it's fine. Even if I work it hard, it just keeps going."
Karol: "I guess that's the effect of the spirits."
Raven: "I guess this plan isn't all bad."
Karol: "I'm glad I met everyone. I mean, you too, of course."
Raven: "I'm glad I met you too. Really."
Karol: "…We're going to win tomorrow."
Raven: "In a big way. All right, we should get to bed soon. Lack of sleep is the elderly's worst enemy."
Karol: "Okay. 'Night."
Raven: "Yeah. Good night. [watches Karol head back to the inn] Dreams are so not my style, but here I am. Dreaming. What am I gonna do with myself?"

Yuri: "Yeah. but they made their own choices. Nothing we can do about that."
Estelle: "Choices… You've always made your own choices, haven't you."
Yuri: "I figured if someone's gonna choose, it might as well be me. And I won't find out if I made the right choices until the end."
Estelle: "But… that's wonderful. Making a choice is so hard."
Yuri: "You made your own choice too."
Estelle: "I think I figured it out while traveling with you all. To live means to choose… and to have the resolve to make those choices."
Yuri: "I think that's kind of overdoing it."
Estelle: "I always just played the role I was given. I was happy to heal people and be thanks. But then I learned my power was poisoning the world… Someone was always using me…"
Yuri: "…What about now?"
Estelle: "I… I don't know. But… I feel like I'm here, doing what I am, because it is my choice, my wish. I'm glad I came on this journey with you, Yuri."
Yuri: "Me too. I wasn't too sure what would happen when you asked me to take you out of the castle."
Estelle: "I'm sure."
Yuri: "I like traveling. Lots of different people, different experiences. We travelled the whole world, but I never got tired of it. I think it fits me. I think I'll just keep on going around."
Estelle: "And keep helping people in need."
Yuri: "Hah hah hah. Maybe there's some tomboy princess out there being chased by and evil monster."
Estelle: "…You're mean."
Yuri: "Hah hah hah."
Estelle: "…It's strange. Right now… I'm not scared at all. If anything, the thought that a new world is about to dawn is…"
Yuri: "The Adephagos won't kill us. We'll live on."
Estelle: "And I'll be able to stay with everyone. With you."
Yuri: "Thanks. I feel the same way. Let's get it over with, and live on in a future we choose."

Judith: "I wonder if they'll be OK?"
Yuri: "They believed in us enough to send us. Let's believe in them."

Yuri: "You said we needed to talk?"
Flynn: "Tell me… Why did you kill Cumore? You know it's not our place to pass sentence on the crimes of others. He was to be punished in accordance with the laws!"
Yuri: "And just what laws do you think would have punished him?! The same laws that failed to punish Ragou? Give me a break."
Flynn: "Yuri, you..."
Yuri: "The laws have always been the tools of whoever happens to hold all the chips."
Flynn: "Just saying that doesn't make it right for individuals to judge right from wrong, or for you to operate your own private court of law! If the laws are at fault, then fixing those laws comes first. It's for that very reason that I'm still with the Imperial Knights!"
Yuri: "But you can't deny that lives were saved because those bastards were put down. you'd rather tell those people, 'Sorry you have to die today. I promise we'll change things soon'?"
Flynn: "That's not what I'm saying at all!"
Yuri: "They're out there, you know. People so bad they'll just go on hurting others. What can the average person do but be victimized by people like that? You know it was the same way with our people in the lower quarter."
Flynn: "Even so, Yuri, what you're doing isn't right. Do you intend to rain your justice down on all the villains of the world? That's the behavior of a common criminal."
Yuri: "I recognize it for what it is, and I've made my choices. Murder is a crime."
Flynn: "And even knowing that, you intend to dirty your hands."
Yuri: "Intend to? I already have."
Flynn: "So this is the path you've chosen."
Yuri: "Don't make me repeat myself."

Estelle: "Yuri..."
Yuri: "So, you heard it all?"
Estelle: "I'm sorry."
Yuri: "Are you afraid of me, Estelle? If you are, you can quit right here. Join Flynn and go back to the castle."
Estelle: "…I'm not going back."
Yuri: "Hey..."
Estelle: "…It's true the things you've done are against the law. But I… I'm confused. It's also true that your actions saved the lives of others…"
Yuri: "You never know, someday I might turn my blade on you."
Estelle: "You'd never do something like that without a reason. If you ever end up pointing your sword at me, I'm sure I will have done something to deserve it."
Yuri: "…If you're going to go with Flynn, now's your chance. He seemed like he was in a hurry."
Estelle: "No. I'm going to continue this journey with you. It's what I want. Traveling with you, I know I'll find the right path for myself, too. So what I'm thinking is…"
[Estelle extends her hand to Yuri]
Estelle: "Here's to the road ahead."
[Yuri looks at his hand]
Yuri: "…Thanks."
[Estelle and Yuri shake hands]

Karol: "…Oh, Yuri..."
Yuri: "What's the matter? You look more serious than usual."
Karol: "Yeah… I was just thinking about how hard it is to put a guild together… I thought things might go okay since I was with you guys, but…"
Yuri: "…Have you lost faith in your ability to lead the guild?"
Karol: "No, not at all! I'm working as hard as I can…!"
Yuri: "All right, then I'll borrow from your attitude and do the best I can, too!"
Karol: "…Hey, Yuri. Can I ask you something?"
Yuri: "Yeah?"
Karol: "Is it true that you… that you killed Ragou and Cumore?"
Yuri: "It's true."
Karol: "How could you keep that from me...?"
Yuri: "I kept meaning to tell you. I'm sorry."
Karol: "Even though I think it's bad… you don't regret killing them, do you?"
Yuri: "Yeah, I don't."
Karol: "…I just don't know… Flynn and Estelle were trying to bring them to justice, too… Did you really have to kill them?"
Yuri: "I think there are some things that you have to do, even if they're a crime. Someone has to do them, even if it means taking the blame."
Karol: "Maybe so, but eve still…"
Yuri: "I just did what had to be done. You shouldn't force yourself to try and accept what I did."
Karol: "Yeah."

Duke: "…Was this truly the right thing for us to do?"
Yuri: "I don't know. We lost all the blastia and with that, the barriers are gone… But we chose that path, so I guess we gotta live with it. As long as we're still alive, we'll be OK."
Duke: "You are strong."
Yuri: "Yeah… well… That's because I'm not alone."

Sodia: "Why?! Why didn't you call me out for my actions that time? I… I tried to kill you..."
Yuri: "Oh. I'm not letting it go. But I don't have time to deal with someone who gave up on everything."
Sodia: "I haven't given up…"
Yuri: "No? So why haven't you gone to help Flynn, even alone? You wanted to protect him so badly you'd kill me. Why won't you protect him now?!"
Sodia: "I…I can't protect him by myself … Please… save him… Please..."
Yuri: "You don't have to tell me to do that."
Sodia: "Please…"
Yuri: "You know, there's one thing I agree with you on."
Sodia: "?"
Yuri: "I'm a criminal. I could be killed any time. Flynn is the perfect knight. A perfect leader. He doesn't need a criminal by his side."
Sodia: "…"
Yuri: "I'm just standing in until the right person comes along."
Sodia: "Yuri…"


Manly Musk

  • Yuri: Wow, old man, really making yourself at home with that getup, aren't you?

Raven: Oh yeah! Can you feel the macho energy? The manly musk, waftin' from my physique? My fans across the world are gonna love this!

Rita: Idiot.

Raven: Hey, Rita! Ya interested in becoming my fan? Whaddya say? [inches closer to Rita, she backs away] MANLY MUSK!

Rita: Agh! That's gross! Get away from me! Hey dog, do something about him, would you?

Repede: [moves infront of Rita] *WOOF WOOF!*

Raven: Humph! It seems it is time ta put my macho energy ta the ultimate test--taming the savage beast! [Raven starts moving back]

Repede: *GRRRR!*

Raven: [moves forward, right infront of Repede] Gaze upon my manly physique, and be awed!

Yuri: Repede's male...

Hot Springs are Nyice

  • Yuri: We really worked our butts off in there!

Rita: I can't believe how much Estelle got into character!

Karol: You're one to talk, Rita! You were loving it! Checking yourself out in the mirror over and over again... You know you liked that outfit.

Rita: Sh-shut up! I-I don't know what you're talking about!

Raven: Yer kinda cute when yer embarrassed!

Rita: Ha! [punches Raven]

Raven: Gahack, gugh...

Judith: It felt nice to relax in the outdoor baths after working up a nice sweat doing hard work.

Estelle: I love this kid of lifestyle. It's so fun that we can all relax together in a nice outdoor hot spring!

Raven: G-gahack... Y-yes... Outdoor s-springs are...nyice...

Yuri, Rita, Judith, Karol, Estelle: Nyice?

Not So Good With Heights?

  • Raven: There's somethin' about flyin' that just feels great...like yer on top of the world!

Repede: *Woof!* [And Ba'ul makes that sound he makes]

Raven: Hey, Rita, hun, why don't ya stop loungin' in the middle of the ship and come on over?

Rita: Later.

Raven: Aww, come on... Ya don't feel like livin' it up with ol' Raven, is that it?

Rita: Humph...

Repede: *Grah...Grr grrr grrrrr* [moves over to Rita and starts pulling her towards Raven, while she pulls back]

Rita: Wh-what are you doing, dog?! Stop pulling me! Let me go! Stop it...I said, stop it!

Raven: Oh? Rita, dear...don't tell me you're afraid of heights?

Rita: Wh-who, me? N-no way! L-let go of me already...!

Raven: [grabs Repede] You heard the lady. [drags Repede away]

Repede: *Grah*

Rita: ...

Raven: Oh, ya haven't lived until you've seen the view from up here!

Ba'ul: .....

What Not to Do when Gathering

  • Karol: We've finally managed to gather 1000 items for synthesis! Woohoo!

Rita: What?! You've been counting?!

Karol: Huh? Y-yeah, I mean, I've been taking notes of how many items we found and where we found them...

Rita: Agh! That's weird! I mean, so pathetic! And creepy!

Yuri: What can I say? Captain Karol loves maps. He's been just as devoted to filling in our world map, too.

[Raven enters and goes to the middle of the screen]

Raven: Oh boy, what a find, what a haul! This beautiful mushroom looks so delicious!

Karol: !!

Raven: Mmmmm! *Nom nom*

Karol: Oh, Raven, don't eat...

Raven: Whoa, this is GOOD!

Karol: ...that mushroom.

Raven: Ahh hah hah hah! Hah hah hah! M-make it stop! Waaah hah hah hah!

Karol: That was a chuckleshroom. They're for synthesis, not eating...

Rita: Maybe that's what it takes to teach you not to eat everything you find on the ground?

Raven: Y-yer actin' like...heh...like it's my fault or somethin', damn it! Ha ha ha!

Yuri: And we're supposed to take you seriously when you're laughing like that?

I Like It!

  • Karol: It's so hot...

Raven: That's 'cause Rita keeps usin' all that fire magic.

Rita: It doesn't have anything to do with my magic! The desert's just hot! [punches Raven]

Raven: Ack!

Karol: Whatever. It's just...really hot...

Rita: What...are you saying I should stop?

Yuri: I guess we're saying it'd be real nice if you would...

Rita: I won't stop...

Karol: Huh...?

Rita: I won't stop. I like it.

Yuri: Aren't you hot, too? Come on...

Rita: I'm hot! But using the magic makes me feel so good that I forget all about being hot, all right?!

Karol: Wah, Rita's nuts!!

Repede and Judith

  • Judith: Is he also a member of your party?

Yuri: Yeah, well he doesn't get along too well with people though. Don't let it get to you

Judith: I'm Judith. Nice to meet you.

Repede: *whine*

Estelle: Hey, why is he letting Judith pet him?

Raven: Maybe the little pup's a fan of pretty girls.

Estelle: B-But I'm a pretty girl too! [Repede moves away from Estelle as she moves towards him.]

Judith: My, my.

Estelle: Why doesn't he like me?

Melts a Young Girl's Heart

  • Karol: How'd you master making crepes, Raven? I thought you hated sweet foods.

Raven: My boy, you got a lot ta learn about the miraculous powers sweet foods have over the ladies. An exquisite crepe melts a young girl's heart and leads her straight into the arms of the chef--me!

Estelle: For people who like sweet things, there's nothing harder to refuse than a delicious crepe.

Judith: And if you know someone made it just for you...

Karol: Uh...yeah, I guess crepes could really reel 'em in...

Rita: I know someone's reeling at least...

Raven: Told ya. They love me!

Karol: Y-yeah. Okay, good luck then.

Raven: Not luck, son. Skill.

Hot Food, Hot Sun

  • Rita: Who the hell decided to pan-fry noodles in the middle of a searing hot desert?

Estelle: People really should give more thought to these decisions...

Yuri: Yeah. And it's not just hot--this strong taste really dries out your throat, too!

Repede: *Woof, woof woof*

Judith: I feel like the more I eat, the weaker I get...

Yuri: I can't stop sweating. Damn it, I can't stop!!

Karol: Yuri, you're more worked up than usual...

Raven: ...Let's just say ya owe us one, boss.

Yuri: Owe you one?

Raven: I see what yer doin', gettin' all worked up. Ya said yourself yesterday that ya wanted some noodles. So, did ya make 'em yourself? Did ya ask someone else ta do it? Hmm?

Yuri: ...Sorry. I guess fried noodles really aren't good for eating in the desert.

Repede: *...Whine*

The Cold is Fatal

  • Rita: Who the hell thought it'd be a good idea to make s-s-sorbet in this freezing weather...

Karol: It's s-s-so cold, my t-t-t-teeth are chattering too much to eat...

Judith: I think sorbet can be delicious, even in the cold.

Rita: So it was you!

Judith: I was just expressing my opinion...I never said it was me!

Karol: J-J-Judy, you're all right eating sorbet d-d-dressed like that?

Raven: If ya get...an upset stomach, Judy...I'll give ya a massage!

Rita: Th-th-that's hardly something you should be saying, with your p-p-purple lips and your runny nose!

Yuri: Rita, can you...cast spells...like that?

Rita: P-p-probably not... My t-t-teeth are chattering too much...

Karol: And my hands are t-t-too stiff to hold my weapons!

Yuri: Eating sorbet...in a frigid cold field of snow... Th-th-this is not fun...

Voyage of the Scurvy Dogs

Rita: How long do you plan on goofing around on the ocean?

Yuri: What's the rush? I think it's nice to take things easy every once in a while.

Karol: Yeah, me too. It's a little slow, but it's so nice sailing on the ocean.

Repede: *Woof*

Raven: [mimicking a pirate] Arrr, so ye three scurvy dogs are on my side.

Judith: So, shall the women take them on?

Rita: It's a stupid argument. Do what you want. We're going below deck. [leaves]

Estelle: Wait, I'm... [follows Rita]

Raven: [still mimicking a pirate] Arr, this vessel now belongs ta Cap'n Raven! Come on, men! We set sail fer adventure!

Karol: Raven's acting weird...

Repede: *Whine...*

Yuri: I actually like the old man's passion... Just don't forget where we're going, okay?

If Only it Could...

  • Rita: I'm pretty certain the ring's not going to change form any more then it already has.

Estelle: It sure has gotten a lot of new capabilities since we first got it.

Raven: Aww, but its kinda sad ta think this is all we get from it...

Judith: You were hoping it would get even more, huh?

Karol: Yeah, me too! I thought it would be able to do a lot more things! Too bad...

Yuri: Well, what else do you want it to do, Captain Karol?

Karol: Hmm, lets see... I'd think it'd be kind of fun if it would let us talk with animals!

Estelle: That would be great! I'd like to talk to Repede.

Raven: Nah, I think I'd prefer some more practical capabilities myself...

Judith: Don't you think its already pretty practical as is?

Raven: Nah... Now, if it could tell me what yer thinkin', Judith, then maybe... Or if it could make pretty girls fall in love with ol' Raven... Or if it could see through yer clo-

Rita: Ha! *Punches Raven*

Raven: Ow!

Rita: You just want it for your perverted fantasies! Its a Sorcerer's Ring, not a Sleezebag Ring! *Changes to full body view* Ooh, I've had enough of this! I should kill you!!! *Sends Raven flying*

Yuri: Oh hell... *Raven comes flying down* Hey old man, what do you wish the ring could do now?

Raven: Ur...urgh... Go back in time...shut me up...

Out of Time?

  • Rita: The capital's like this,and Estelle's power's been released....The world might be done for...

Raven: Oh, the gloom! Rita darlin', how can ya be so gloomy?!

Rita: Okay, first... Never call me "darlin'"... Second, excuse me for not being as optimistic as you...

Raven: ...Hey, now. Old Raven's not without his own worries.

Rita: Oh, really...?

Raven: Sure. But what's the point of getting all down? We're doin' all we can ta make this work out, right? Ya just gotta believe in yourself... Wait, that's basically a Rita trademark, ain't it?

Rita: ...Okay, fine, you're right! Ooh! How could I let YOU outsmart ME?!

Raven: There now, there's hope for the world yet. As long as our little genius doesn't lose that attitude.

Pouty Estelle'

Estelle: I love dinner over a camp fire. Maybe it’s the spice of the star….

Yuri; The spice of the stars. Maybe so.

Karol: Nah, I think the food at the inn is way better!

Raven: The preety young lady says something nice and ya go kill the mood.

Karol; Wait, but no..

Rita; Food is food, no matter where you eat it! It all ends up in a big ball of mush in your stomach anyway

Raven; And theres our little ray of sunshine, to chime in with something even more insenitve.

Estelle: No its okay. Karol your right inn food is way better, and it does n ot matter where you eat it.

Yuri: Aw look now you made Estelle all pouty…

Rita: Er no I mean I, you see.. well I guess..sorry.

'Yuri’s secret ingredient

Karol: Yuri’s croquettes are the BEST!

Rita: How strange…They’re just balls of mashed potatoes, but..

Judith: There must be a secret ingredient

Raven: Oh yeah? What’d you put in it Yuri?

Yuri; Love

Rita; Agh..*Hack* *hack* Ick, blech!

Karol: Wh-who are you and what did you do with yuri…?

Raven: My hearin isn’t what it used to be. What’d you say was the secret ingredient?

Yuri: Love! The lady who ran the inn I lived at always said cooking was all about love. I put as much love in them as I could. So eat them with care, okay?

Karol: Yuri’s loved filled croquettes….

Rita: Ugh

Raven: I wish they weren’t so good.

Judith: A secret ingredient is a cook’s greatest treasure. You did not want to tell them did you?

Yuri: Actually I didn’t put anything special in there at all.

         Grown up kids

Karol: hey, do you mind if I have a gel?

Judith: Karol, I really don’t think you should eat those unless you need them.

Karol: But I cant stop thinking about how good they taste, or the smooshy way they feel between my teeth!

Yuri: I noticed we’ve had fewer gels latley…. You’ve been snacking on them, haven’t you?

Rita: I want them so bad I can’t sleep! And here youve been eating them while we weren’t looking!

Karol: I haven’t been doing anything like that1…. What, Rita, you were losing sleep over gels…?

Rita:...N..no! of course not! Ah hah wh..what are you talking About…?

Raven: They’re not snacks you know. They might be small but they’re pretty expensive.

Estelle: I cant say I like they’re taste or texture very much.

Judith: Perhaps they’re not too pleasing to a princesses palate.

Yuri: No that’s not it. I don’t think they’re good either

Karol: I’m addicted to they’re simple taste. You just don’t get it…

Raven: Gels were made sweet and soft so they’d appeal ta children, after all.

Karol:…Are you saying my sense of taste is …childish?!

Judith: what’s the matter with that? You ARE both children.

         On Arts

Estelle: This figurine is lovely!

Yuri: A figurine? Id say its more of a toy, really.

Karol: You must not of seen many things like this in the castle , Estelle.

Estelle: Id like to see more of these figurines.

Yuri: and thus a figurine collector is born.

Judith: Oh some people are just more interested in aesthetics than others Yuri. Its not all that unusual.

Rita: Yeah, I really don’t have any other inrests outside of blastiea.

Karol: ive always been a fan of cool guild emblems myself.

Estelle: What about you Yuri.

Yuri: Huh? Ive never really given much thought to artistic sorts of things. I never really looked at anything in art.

Raven: ask me, ask me! Ask me what I like

All: girls

Raven:…Th…that’s right….

Rita: We know that’s right.

Battle QuotesEdit

Artes and IncantationsEdit


  • O' flickering blaze burn, Fireball!
  • [Fireball shortened] Now! Fireball!
  • O' din of this modest land, Stone Blast!
  • [Stone Blast shortened] Now! Stone Blast!
  • O' caprice of innocent waters, Champagne!
  • [Champagne shortened] Now! Champagne!
  • Smile of wavering darkness, Spread Zero!
  • [Spread Zero shortened] Now! Spread Zero!
  • Grant them thy undefiled purity, Splash!
  • [Splash shortened] Ready? Splash!
  • O' sharpened rage, run through that which blocks our future! Stalagmite!
  • [Stalagmite shortened] Ready? Stalagmite!
  • Spread thy alluring snare and deliver my enemies unto me! Tractor Beam!
  • [Tractor Beam shortened] Ready? Tractor Beam!
  • Come forth o' avaricious netherworld and crush the evil before me! Negative Gate!
  • [Negative Gate shortened] Ready? Negative Gate!
  • O' incandescent locus, annihilate the vulgar before me! Spiral Flare!
  • [Spiral Flare shortened] Ready? Spiral Flare!
  • O' mad and greedy waters, rise up and storm the very heavens! Tidal Wave!
  • [Tidal Wave shortened] Blah blah blah... Tidal Wave!
  • O' disturbing power now unleashed, mete thy judgement upon the evil before me! Violent Pain!
  • [Violent Pain shortened] Blah blah blah... Violent Pain!
  • O' blade of noble light, overpower even indestructible evil! Blade Roll!
  • [Blade Roll shortened] Blah blah blah... Blade Roll!
  • O' beating of the earth, sacrifice thy body to crush my enemies! Ground Dasher!
  • [Ground Dasher shortened] Blah blah blah... Ground Dasher!
  • O' merciless conflagration, burn the very souls of my enemies! Crimson Flare!
  • [Crimson Flare shortened] Blah blah blah... Crimson Flare!
  • O' countless particles that wander the heavens, rain down and glorify the land! Meteor Storm!
  • [Meteor Storm shortened] Blah blah blah... Meteor Storm!
  • O' infernal emperor, rise from the depths of the earth! Eruption!
  • [Eruption shortened] Arise! Eruption!
  • Awake o' unmerciful and unnamed queen of thorns! Ivy Rush!
  • [Ivy Rush shortened] Thorns! Ivy Rush!
  • O' obsidian flash, be as a raging spear to run my enemies through! Demon's Lance!
  • [Demon's Lance shortened] You can't get away! Demon's Lance!
  • O' mother praised while her indigo life break apart and raise thy clear new voice! Aqua Laser!
  • [Aqua Laser shortened] Going up! Aqua Laser!
  • O' frozen blade, fly sharply across the heavens! Freeze Lancer!
  • [Freeze Lancer shortened] Sharpen fast! Freeze Lancer!
  • O' demon who crawls the depths of the earth, gore my enemies and crush them to dust! Riot Horn!
  • [Riot Horn shortened] Pulverize! Riot Horn!
  • O' golden rain who bring us good fortune, thy name is, Gold Cat!
  • [Gold Cat shortened] Meow! Gold Cat!
  • O' seething fire be as a holy beast to devour the wicked! Flame Dragon!
  • [Flame Dragon shortened] Get outta here! Flame Dragon!
  • O' gathering flames of darkness, treat our dear guests to the strains of your terrible song! Bloody Howling!
  • [Bloody Howling shortened] The final curtain draws near! Bloody Howling!
  • O' righteous will, let fall thy sword of lightning upon those who bear fault! Thunder Blade!
  • [Thunder Blade shortened] This'll tingle a little! Thunder Blade!
  • O' resplendent mystery, Mystic Drive!!
  • O' apoplectic flame, Raging Drive!!
  • O' blades blowing past, Fleeting Drive!!
  • O' destructive pressure, Ruinous Drive!!
  • O' dancing water, Diffusional Drive!!
  • O' power that lies in the root of all creation, o' memory inscribed in ages past, hear my call and arise before me...! Ancient Catastrophe!!!

I who stand in the full light of the heavens, call upon thee who will open up the gates of hell, come forth Divine lighting! This ends now! Indignation!!!!!


  • All my heart! [Bouquet]
  • And a spin~ [Around]
  • Who loves ya, baby? [Love Shot]
  • C'mere! [Dark Chase]
  • Watch out! [Violent Snake]
  • Ah, such grace! [Just Like Dancing]
  • Get outta here! [Cyan Instant]
  • Ah, such luster~! [Falling]
  • Retribution! [Crime]
  • Run 'em through! [The Wind's Howl]
  • Spin around and around~ [Around and Around]
  • See ya, you're gone! [Cloud of Heaven's Tears]
  • Never more luster~! [Falling Further]
  • Spread out! [The Growing World]
  • C'mon wind, knock em around and cut em down, Wind Blade!
  • [Wind Blade shortened] Attack!! Wind Blade!
  • All my heart, baby, all my love. Get outta here! [Arrividerci]
  • [Arrivederci shortened] Take this! Get outta here!
  • Howl and rage, o' mighty vortex, Havoc Gale!
  • [Havoc Gale shortened] Boom! Havoc Gale!
  • Blossom of light, blind em with your beauty! Vanji Lost!
  • [Vanji Lost shortened] Here's a little present! Vanji Lost!
  • Breezy...slippery...crackly...BOOM! Inverno!
  • [Inverno shortened] Attack!! Inverno!
  • Uh oh, looks like a storm's brewin'. Tempest!
  • [Tempest shortened] Boom! Tempest!
  • Halt o' march of time, I'll pay ya back later! Stop Flow!
  • [Stop Flow shortened] Here's a little present! Stop Flow!
  • Scatter! I'll fill ya full of arrows!! [Fury Blast]
  • Fight! Burn in hell!! [Chaotic Fury]
  • Void! Shine on!![Kamikaze Fury]
  • Focus! ...Bang!! [Garnet Chaos]
  • Fall! Heavens Light... Rain Down!![Storm of Chaos]
  • Here goes my life... Roar, o' mighty beating...Blast...HEART!!!


  • You're dead! Divine Wolf!!
  • Burn! Divine Wolf - Blaze!!
  • Killing wind! Divine Wolf - Storm!!
  • I'll put you in your grave! Divine Wolf - Crush!!
  • Water rise! Divine Wolf - Flood!!
  • This ends now! O' brilliant blade of coldest steel, rend the infinite darkness, and crush my enemies to nothing! Savage Wolf Fury!!!


  • Prepare! Ashen Moonlight!!
  • Into the heavens!! [Conflagration Blast]
  • As a howling wind brims the world... Quasi Seal!!
  • This vicious blade will cut you down! Crushing Grave!!
  • A flood of drops burst through! Midnight Flood!!
  • Come forth, o' lightning! Receive your punishment! Radiant Moonlight!!!


  • Watch me go! Ultra Punishing Swing!!
  • Don't get too close! Ultra Punishing Heat!!
  • Rise up! Ultra Punishing Typhoon!!
  • I'll crush you! Ultra Punishing Crush!!
  • Bring the flood! Ultra Punishing Soul!!
  • Here it goes! Everything I got! One! Two! Three! Overlord Reign..... Impact!!!


  • Holy power come to me, First Aid!
  • [First Aid shortened] Light! First Aid!
  • Foul affliction, be gone! Recover!
  • [Recover shortened] Recover!
  • Strength, dwell in this blade! Sharpness!
  • [Sharpness shortened] Here I go! Sharpness!
  • O' enduring protection, Barrier!
  • [Barrier shortened] Barrier!
  • Arise, watch tower, and bring us the height of your power! Astion!
  • [Astion shortened] Go! Astion!
  • O' power that defies mine enemies, Resist!
  • [Resist shortened] Resist!
  • O' power that tries soul's shine, Photon!
  • [Photon shortened] Light! Photon!
  • Arise o' light of life! Healing Circle!
  • [Healing Circle shortened] Go! Healing Circle!
  • Bring them back from the abyss of death! Resurrection!
  • [Resurrection shortened] Go! Resurrection!
  • O' source of illness, be gone! Dispel!
  • [Dispel shortened] Dispel!
  • Come, o' silver light. Angel Ring!
  • [Angel Ring shortened] How do you like this? Angel Ring!
  • O' brilliant angels, grant us your favour! Nurse!
  • [Nurse shortened] Light! Nurse!
  • O' divine spear, run mine enemy through. Holy Lance!
  • [Holy Lance shortened] Here I go! Holy Lance!
  • O' breath of life that dwells in all creatures, come forth! Revitalize!
  • [Revitalize shortened] Light! Revitalize!
  • O' brilliant light, be as a wall to allay arms. Force Field!
  • [Force Field shortened] Force Field!
  • O' six and circling stars, be as light that obstruct all things! Variable Hex!
  • [Variable Hex shortened] Variable Hex!
  • Grant the power to defy fear and defeat evil. Resist Field!
  • [Resist Field shortened] Resist Field!
  • O' evil soul, fall before this pure light! Grand Chariot!
  • [Grand Chariot shortened] Here I go! Grand Chariot!
  • Always look to the brilliant light of hope! Revive!
  • [Revive shortened] Light! Revive!
  • You, whose eyes are closed, beat the rhythm of your heart once more! Regenerate!
  • [Regenerate shortened] Go! Regenerate!
  • O' angelic princess, grant us your magnificent embrace! Nightingale!
  • [Nightingale shortened] Nightingale!
  • O' holy waters, rain down your power on us! Holy Rain!
  • [Holy Rain shortened] How do you like this? Holy Rain!
  • Brighter than the heavens! Extreme Stars!!
  • Fly o' crimson wings... Star Sign - Flame!!
  • O' exalted one... Star Sign - Gale!!
  • O' obstinate steps... Star Sign - Geo!!
  • O' great beast that swims the ocean... Star Sign - Aqua!!
  • Here I go! Divine judgement for an evil soul... Sacred Penance!!!

I'll Finish you, O majestic Providence, Face of heaven and Earth ruler of all things, Now Fulfill your ancient pact, Ultimate Elements!!!!

Boss Artes and IncantationsEdit


  • Savage fire, shining bright, Fire Ball!
  • O' din of this modest land, Stone Blast!
  • O' holy waters, rain down your powers upon us. Holy Rain!
  • O' divine sword of lightning incarnate, run my foolish enemies through! Thunder Blade!
  • O' mad and greedy waters, rise up and storm the very heavens! Tidal Wave!
  • Come forth, o' avaricious netherworld, and crush the evil before me! Violent Pain!
  • O' beating of the earth, sacrifice thy body to crush my enemies! Ground Dasher!
  • Fly, o' holy sword! Brilliant Cataclysm!!!


  • Be lost in a silver embrace! Inverno!
  • Raise them high, o' mighty storm. Farewell! [Arrivederci]
  • Come, o' wind, and cut them down! Wind Blade!
  • Burn this life to punish my enemies! Blast...HEART!!!


  • You will never walk this earth again! Welcome to the Hornet's Nest!!! [Shining Blastia Field]


  • Time to say,"bye-bye"! Caress of DEATH!!!


  • Holy power, come! First Aid!
  • Thunder rumble! BOOOOM~! Thunder Blade!
  • In an instant, we echo and our hearts meet... Impact Cross!!!


  • Holy power, come! First Aid!
  • Fall to this lightning! Thunder Blade!
  • Enticing flames, burning bright... Eruption!
  • In an instant, we echo and our hearts meet... Impact Cross!!!


  • Holy power, come! First Aid!
  • O' divine spear, run mine enemy through! Holy Lance!
  • Now we end this! HAAAHH! Light Dragon...DESTRUCTION!!! [Radiant Dragon Fang]


  • I now unleash the full force of my life! Guilty Resolver!
  • Fear the roar of the wolf! Bloody Howling!
  • Unleash thy fiery breath, Flame Dragon!
  • You have no need for time itself, so allow me to steal it away! Stop Flow!
  • The winds cannot abide you any longer! Tempest!
  • O' light, grant my life thy brilliant power. Healing Circle!
  • O' countless particles that wander the heavens, rain down and glorify the land... Meteor Storm!
  • Prepare! Toll the beginning of time... BEGONE!!! ...You still stand? [Big Bang]
  • Prepare! Toll the beginning of time... BIG BANG!!! ...You still stand?
  • Your very beings are now within my grasp...! See? Die! Brave...VESPERIA!!!


  • There's no way out! Infernal Lord!!! [Dragon Blade: Infernal Lord]


  • Holy power, come to me! First Aid!
  • O' din of this modest land... Stone Blast!
  • Sharpen thy rage and run them through! Stalagmite!
  • I've had enough of you! Soaring Raptor Blast!!!

Traitor to Heaven

  • Struggle against these holy chains... Shining Bind!!!

Time Traveler

  • Dhaos Laser!!! [Super Dhaos Laser]

Killer of Heroes


The Sorrowful Queen of Darkness

  • Partake in my baptism of darkness!!! [Eternal Fatality]

Battle StartEdit


  • I'm gonna make you work!
  • Don't get in my way!
  • Just go away!
  • We'll destroy them in no time!
  • Sorry, but you're going bye-bye!
  • Let's eliminate them!
  • I'll take 'em out! [Advantage Encounter]
  • Let's take care of 'em, quick! [Response to Advantage Encounter]
  • What a pain! They're everywhere! [Link Encounter]
  • Wipe them out in one shot! [Response to Link Encounter]
  • I feel like an easy win! [Easy Battle]
  • Don't let them trip you up! [Response to Easy Battle]
  • This enemy doesn't look so nice! [Hard Battle]
  • Don't just stand there whining! [Response to Hard Battle]
  • Behind us! [Surprise Encounter]
  • Cowards! [Response to Surprise Encounter]
  • I... I can't fight in this! [Miska Doctoral Degree Equipped]


  • Yeah, I guess we'll fight...
  • You don't scare me!
  • I'm gonna go a little craaazy here!
  • Oh, man...! All right, let's go!
  • Fight like I'm gonna die, huh?
  • Ooh, now's our chance! [Advantage Encounter]
  • This ain't a bad strategy either. [Response to Advantage Encounter]
  • Do we hafta take them all out? [Link Encounter]
  • The bigger the bunch, the weaker the monster. [Response to Link Encounter]
  • Ah, there's no challenge at all. [Easy battle]
  • Let's just get it over with. [Response to Easy Battle]
  • This doesn't look good! [Hard Battle]
  • You wanna run away? [Response to Hard Battle]
  • They got us from behind! [Surprise Encounter]
  • I'm not used ta this team! [Response to Surprise Encounter]
  • Lookin' good, old man, lookin' gooood. [Spa Manager Equipped.]


  • Guess we can do this.
  • Let's get this over with!
  • Ah, man... All right, all right!
  • Hold still, I'll make this quick.
  • You'll be gone soon enough!
  • Get ready, I'm taking you down.
  • I don't care what rock you crawled out from, bring it!
  • This looks like fun!
  • Keep your eyes on my sword!
  • We got a head start! [Advantage Encounter]
  • It's nothing personal. [Response to Advantage Encounter]
  • They're too many! [Link Encounter]
  • We'll crush em all! [Response to Link Encounter]
  • Man, could you be any weaker?! [Easy Battle]
  • Don't get careless! [Response to Easy Battle]
  • This one looks pretty tough. [Hard Battle]
  • Get ready for anything. [Response to Hard Battle]
  • From behind?...Oh, man. [Surprise Encounter]
  • This is awesome! [Response to Surprise Encounter]
  • Oh well, as long as I can move around in it! [Improvisionist Equipped]


  • Hah hah! Here we go~!
  • Don't hurt us now~
  • We should really enjoy these little times together~
  • So do we just go all out?
  • Watch my back!
  • They're wide open! [Advantage Encounter]
  • Our strategy worked! [Response to Advantage Encounter]
  • Are they all together? [Link Encounter]
  • This is fun! [Response to Link Encounter]
  • This'll make good practice! [Easy Battle]
  • Ooh, they look scary. [Easy Battle]
  • I guess I'll go easy on them. [Response to Easy Battle]
  • Ooh, I can't wait to fight this one! [Hard Battle]
  • Ooh, scary, scary~! [Response to Hard Battle]
  • Oh, we're all over the place! [Surprise Encounter]
  • Relax. [Response to Surprise Encounter]
  • Even in this, I still won't go easy on my enemies. [Sultry Tempest Equipped]


  • I...I'm gonna do it!
  • I won't lose!
  • Leave it to me!
  • Chaaaarge!
  • Now's our chance! [Advantage Encounter]
  • All right, let's go! [Response to Advantage Encounter]
  • They're all over the place! [Link Encounter]
  • We'll get every last one! [Response to Link Encounter]
  • Piece of cake! [Easy Battle]
  • Lemme at 'em! [Response to Easy Battle]
  • B-be careful, everyone! [Hard Battle]
  • Do we even have a chance?! [Response to Hard Battle]
  • It's an ambush! [Surprise Encounter]
  • Our ties to each other will save us! [Response to Surprise Encounter]
  • Hey... This outfit's actually not that bad! [Brilliant Support Role Equipped]


  • Don't get sloppy!
  • Sorry if I hurt you!
  • Let's work together!
  • I'll do my best!
  • I've been trained by knights, I won't lose!
  • We will not go easy on you!
  • We do battle with all our might!
  • Focus on the enemy in front!
  • Prepare to meet your doom!
  • We have a great opening now! [Advantage Encounter]
  • I...It doesn't seem fair... [Response to Advantage Encounter]
  • One at a time! One at a time! [Response to Link Encounter]
  • This looks easy... [Easy Battle]
  • Don't get cocky! [Response to Easy Battle]
  • This one's strong! [Hard Battle]
  • We must be cautious! [Response to Hard Battle]
  • Our formation's all over the place! [Surprise Encounter]
  • We can still overcome this! [Response to Surprise Encounter]
  • D...Do I really have to wear this? [Massage Therapist Equipped]


  • Let's have a good time!
  • Battle mode activated!
  • I suppose I could try.
  • Hmph! How feeble-looking. [Easy Battle]
  • This happens all the time! [Response to Surprise Encounter]



  • I am SO gonna make you hurt! [Overlimit]
  • This is the fruit of my research! [After Mystic Arte]
  • I've deciphered the formula, now for the test! [Altered Arte]
  • You're dead! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • Yah! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • Weak! [Defeated enemy with Fatal Strike]
  • Hey, help me out while I'm casting! [Spell Interrupted]
  • Protect me while I'm casting! [Spell Interrupted]
  • Okay! [Response to Spell Interruption]
  • Now my clothes are all dirty! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • I'm fine! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • Aw, man..! [Dizzied]
  • I'm not feeling so hot... [Dizzied]
  • Come on, Rita...snap out of it... [Received Status Effect]
  • I think I'm gonna be sick...! [Received Status Effect]
  • Oh, no, I'm fine...~ [Charmed]
  • Ooooh~ Hah~ [Charmed]
  • Found your weak spot~! [Attack Effective]
  • I found your weak spot! [Attack Effective]
  • That's no good! [Attack Ineffective]
  • That's an attack?! [Blocked Attack]
  • No way! [Blocked Attack]
  • Damn it! [Guard Break]
  • That was too easy! [Defeats Enemy]
  • Huh, not bad! [Ally defeats Enemy]
  • Ow! That was mean! [Took Heavy Damage]
  • It's not over yet! [Response to taking Heavy Damage]
  • We're not done yet! [Response to taking Heavy Damage]
  • Help me out here... [Low HP]
  • Agh!...I-I'm dyin' here! [Low HP]
  • How careless! [Response to Low HP]
  • The dog looks really hurt! [Repede is at low HP]
  • Think! Think before you use your artes!! [Ally at Low TP]
  • S..somebody, heal me..! [Response to Low TP]
  • Damn! [HP reaches 0]
  • Aagh! [HP reaches 0]
  • What the hell am I doing?! [Ally is defeated]
  • You're dead! [Ally is defeated]
  • What? You just know one?! [Ally uses same arte repeatedly]
  • Is that a problem?! [Response to repeated arte usage]
  • So how long are you gonna run away? [Ally does nothing but Free-Run]
  • This is how I do things! [Response to just Free-Running]
  • I'm using this! [Item used on self]
  • I'm using an item! [Item request]
  • Lemme use this. [Item request]
  • Hah! [Told to cancel item request]
  • Okay. [Told to cancel item request]
  • I was fine, really! [Healed by Ally]
  • Thanks! [Healed by Ally]
  • Don't be a pain! [Using item on Ally]
  • That was close! [Using item on Ally]
  • But I need them! [Response to using too many items]
  • No. [Refusing item requests]
  • Come on, hurry up! [Giving Ally a Command]
  • Just like that! [Giving Ally a Command]
  • Okay! [Given a Command]
  • That's enough! [Change to "Moderate" Strategy]
  • Okay, that's enough! [Change to "Moderate" Strategy]
  • Follow my orders! [Change Strategy]
  • Next! [Change Strategy]
  • Change tactics! [Change Strategy]
  • Yeah, that sounds good! [Change Strategy]
  • Let's do this! [Change Strategy]
  • We're changing tactics! [Change Strategy]
  • Here comes some magic! [Change to "Beware of Magics!" Strategy]
  • Retreat! [Escaped]
  • Hurry up! [Escaped]
  • Time to run! [Escaped]
  • We can't keep up with them! [Escaped]


  • Now we're gonna have some FUN! [Overlimit]
  • I thought I was dead... [After Mystic Arte]
  • I just thought somethin' up! [Altered Arte]
  • Take this! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • Admit it, that was awesome! [Defeated enemy with Fatal Strike]
  • You're done! [Defeated enemy with Fatal Strike]
  • Cover me, would ya?! [Spell Interrupted]
  • Oh, all right, all right! [Response to Spell Interruption]
  • Ounce of prevention, pound of cure. [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • I wonder what's fer dinner tomorrow... [Dizzied]
  • You really like me..dont'ya~...? [Dizzied]
  • Oh, eeeugh! [Received Status Effect]
  • Ugh, now that's a hangover! [Receives Status Effect]
  • Guess that worked! [Attack Effective]
  • Hey, that didn't work?! [Attack Ineffective]
  • Is that it?! [Blocked Attack]
  • Woah! [Blocked Attack]
  • Hey, didya see what I did there?! [Defeated Enemy]
  • Brilliant! Brilliant!! [Ally defeats Enemy]
  • That was way too strong... [Took Heavy Damage]
  • Heh, you're pretty tough. [Response to taking Heavy Damage]
  • I'm dyin' here! [Low HP]
  • This old man's about dead... [Low HP]
  • You okay, Repede? [Repede is at Low HP]
  • Aren't you going a little overboard on the artes? [Ally at Low TP]
  • Oh, goodbye, cruel world...! [HP reaches 0]
  • Aaagh...! [HP reaches 0]
  • Oh, it's on now! [Ally is defeated]
  • You really like that, don't you? [Ally uses same arte repeatedly]
  • I love that arte, but I'm terrible at it. [Response to repeated arte usage]
  • Ya need ta calm down! [Ally does nothing but Free-Run]
  • Hey! This is a legitimate tactic! [Response to just Free-Running]
  • I'm usin' this. [Item request]
  • Aw, that's too bad. [Told to cancel item request]
  • Ah~ [Item used on self]
  • Oh, I love you~ [Healed by Ally]
  • You okay? [Using item on Ally]
  • Lemme use what I need, all right? [Response to using too many items]
  • Hold up! [Refusing item requests]
  • Do it already! [Giving Ally a Command]
  • See? Ya need me! [Given a Command]
  • That's good fer now! [Change to "Moderate" Strategy]
  • Ah, just follow me! [Change Strategy]
  • Okay, we're changin' up! [Change Strategy]
  • Do like I told ya! [Change Strategy]
  • All right, guys, that's enough! [Change to "Take It Easy" Strategy]
  • We should get outta here! [Escaped]
  • See ya! [Escaped]


  • I'll blow you away! [Overlimit]
  • Hey! [Altered Arte]
  • You're dead! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • I'll finish you! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • You're done! [Defeated enemy with Fatal Strike]
  • All right, I'm on it! [Response to Spell Interruption]
  • No good! [Recovering from being Knocked into the Air]
  • I ain't done yet...! [Dizzied]
  • Damn it! [Dizzied]
  • Man, I feel bad... [Received Status Effect]
  • What the?! [Received Status Effect]
  • That's it! That's it! [Attack Effective]
  • That didn't work! [Attack Ineffective]
  • Hah hah! [Blocked Attack]
  • Humph. [Blocked Attack]
  • Damn it! [Guard Break]
  • All right, who's next?! [Defeated Enemy]
  • I've gotta try to keep up! [Ally defeats Enemy]
  • ...This isn't good... [Low HP]
  • Ah...This is bad! [Low HP]
  • You all right, Repede?! [Repede is at Low HP]
  • You gotta think about artes, you can't just go all out! [Ally at Low TP]
  • Guess I overdid it. [Response to Low TP]
  • Agh...I screwed up... [HP reaches 0]
  • Bastard! [Ally is Defeated]
  • Again? [Ally uses same arte repeatedly]
  • Huh? What, was it the same one? [Response to repeated arte usage]
  • Hey, come on, fight! [Ally does nothing but Free-Run]
  • I'm almost ready. [Response to just Free-Running]
  • I'm using this! [Item request]
  • Huh? I can't? [Told to cancel item request]
  • Hah! [Item used on self]
  • Sorry, thanks! [Healed by Ally]
  • This is nothing! [Revived by Ally]
  • Thanks. [Revived by Ally]
  • Don't be a pain! [Using item on Ally]
  • No way. [Refusing item requests]
  • It's all you! [Giving Ally a Command]
  • Got it! [Given a Command]
  • That's good. [Change to "Moderate" Strategy]
  • Let's change strategy! [Change Strategy]
  • Change up! [Change Strategy]
  • Let's try this! [Change Strategy]
  • Leave it to me! [Change to "Leave It To Me" Strategy]
  • Later. [Escaped]
  • We're out! [Escaped]


  • Now we'll have some FUN! [Overlimit]
  • How was that? [Used Mystic Arte]
  • How do you like this? [Altered Arte]
  • You're finished! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • This ends now! [Defeated enemy with Fatal Strike]
  • I'll send you to your death! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • Okay. [Response to Spell Interruption]
  • We can't just lie around...! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • We're not done yet! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • Heh heh heh! [Recovering from being Knocked into the Air]
  • Everything's spinning...! [Dizzied]
  • Ooh, that hurt... [Dizzied]
  • This...puts us at a disadvantage... [Received Status Effect]
  • Oh...I don't feel good... [Received Status Effect]
  • That's your weak spot! [Attack Effective]
  • That was useless! [Attack Ineffective]
  • Please. [Blocked Attack]
  • Is that it? [Blocked Attack]
  • Oh no! [Guard Break]
  • (hissing) Goodbye! [Defeats Enemy]
  • Ooh, nice moves~ [Ally defeats Enemy]
  • Ooh, I felt that... [Took Heavy Damage]
  • Careful! [Response to taking Heavy Damage]
  • Concentrate! [Response to taking Heavy Damage]
  • ...Careful... [Low HP]
  • I'm not doing too well... [Low HP]
  • We're not doing too well... [Group is at Low HP]
  • This is very dangerous! [Response to Low HP]
  • Repede, are you okay? [Repede is at Low HP]
  • You're using too many artes. [Ally at Low TP]
  • But it feels so good! [Response to Low TP]
  • Gaaah! [HP reaches 0]
  • I guess I messed up... [HP reaches 0]
  • Oh, that's it! [Ally is defeated]
  • I'll avenge you...! [Ally is defeated]
  • Sorry I couldn't help. [Ally is defeated]
  • Watch yourself! You don't wanna be next! [Response to an ally being defeated]
  • Do you not know any other artes? [Ally uses same arte repeatedly]
  • If you like something, you'll get good at it. [Response to repeated arte usage]
  • You'll never finish the fight like that. [Ally does nothing but Free-Run]
  • You take that over there. [Response to just Free-Running]
  • Using this. [Item request]
  • Oh... Okay. [Told to cancel item request]
  • Hah! [Item used on self]
  • Sorry to trouble you. [Healed by Ally]
  • Sorry...! [Revived by Ally]
  • I can't keep doing this! [Using item on Ally]
  • No. [Refusing item requests]
  • Take care of it! [Giving Ally a Command]
  • I'm on it! [Given a Command]
  • That's enough. [Change to "Moderate" Strategy]
  • Next strategy! [Change Strategy]
  • Follow me! [Change Strategy]
  • Move! [Change Strategy]
  • We're going up! [Change to "Jump!" Strategy]
  • Retreat! [Escaped]
  • You'll never catch us! [Escaped]


  • I can DO this! [Overlimit]
  • All right! [Altered Arte]
  • I will win! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • Seeya! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • I've gotta do this! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • Keep your eyes open! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • I see stars... [Dizzied]
  • Not good... [Dizzied]
  • Oh no... [Dizzied]
  • I...I won't lose...! [Received Status Effect]
  • Guard! [Blocked Attack]
  • No way! [Blocked Attack]
  • Woah! [Blocked Attack]
  • All right! [Ally defeats Enemy]
  • S-somebody...! [Low HP]
  • We're gonna DIE! [Group is at Low HP]
  • Get back! [Response to Low HP]
  • Repede, you okay? [Repede is at Low HP]
  • Go easy on the artes! [Ally at Low TP]
  • Oh yeah! Oops. [Response to Low TP]
  • Gyaaaaaagh!! [HP reaches 0]
  • Oh no... [Ally is defeated]
  • I'll get you! [Ally is defeated]
  • You keep using the same arte! [Ally uses same arte repeatedly]
  • It's all about my style~ [Response to repeated arte usage]
  • Where are you running? [Ally does nothing but Free-Run]
  • I know, I know! [Response to just Free-Running]
  • Lemme use this! [Item request]
  • Aw, man! [Told to cancel item request]
  • Whaddya mean,"I can't?!" [Told to cancel item request]
  • Here! [Item used on self]
  • Thanks! [Healed by Ally]
  • You okay? [Using item on Ally]
  • Wait! [Refusing item requests]
  • Ya got that? [Giving Ally a Command]
  • All right...! [Given a Command]
  • Got it! [Given a Command]
  • That's good! [Change to "Moderate" Strategy]
  • Follow me! [Change Strategy]
  • Use that strategy! [Change Strategy]
  • Change strategy! [Change Strategy]
  • Everybody, get in front! [Change to "Assemble!" Strategy]
  • Let's get outta here! [Escaped]
  • And don't come after us! [Escaped]
  • Everybody retreat! [Escaped]


  • We're finished! [Overlimit]
  • Rest in peace! [Used Mystic Arte]
  • I can do this now! [Altered Arte]
  • I'll finish you! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • That's enough! [Used Fatal Strike]
  • Rest in peace! [Defeated enemy with Fatal Strike]
  • This is the end! [Deafeated enemy with Fatal Strike]
  • Someone protect me while I'm casting! [Spell Interrupted]
  • I'll protect you! [Response to Spell Interruption]
  • I'm okay! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • We have to keep going! [Recovering from being Knocked Down]
  • I'm not done yet! [Recovering from being Knocked into the Air]
  • Have to...snap...out... [Dizzied]
  • Augha! [Dizzied]
  • I don't feel good... [Received Status Effect]
  • I found it's weakness! [Attack Effective]
  • That didn't work?! [Attack Ineffective]
  • No! [Blocked Attack]
  • No way! [Blocked Attack]
  • Ah! [Guard Break]
  • Next! [Defeated Enemy]
  • Wonderful! [Ally defeats Enemy]
  • I thought we were dead... [Took Heavy Damage]
  • Shall I heal you? [Response to taking Heavy Damage]
  • This is dangerous... [Low HP]
  • I...I can't take much more...! [Low HP]
  • Is everyone okay? [Group is at Low HP]
  • Repede, are you okay?! [Repede is at Low HP]
  • You're using too many artes! [Ally at Low TP]
  • I...I'm sorry! [Response to Low TP]
  • I'm...sorry... [HP reaches 0]
  • Aaagh! [HP reaches 0]
  • How could this happen?! [Ally is defeated]
  • I was too late! [Ally is defeated]
  • I guess you like that arte! [Ally uses same arte repeatedly]
  • I like that one a lot! [Response to Repeated Arte Usage]
  • I don't think the enemy is over there. [Ally does nothing but Free-Run]
  • I-I'm sorry! [Response to just Free-Running]
  • May I use this? [Item request]
  • I suppose not... [Told to cancel item request]
  • I won't use it! [Told to cancel item request]
  • Hm! [Item used on self]
  • Thank you so much! [Healed by Ally]
  • Thank you for the help! [Revived by Ally]
  • Are you okay? [Using item on Ally]
  • I'm sorry. [Refusing item requests]
  • Please! [Giving Ally a Command]
  • Understood! [Given a Command]
  • That will be enough! [Change to "Moderate" Strategy]
  • Let's change tactics! [Change Strategy]
  • Let's try this! [Change Strategy]
  • Change Tactics! [Change Strategy]
  • Cover me! [Change to "Caution!" Strategy]
  • We should run away! [Escaped]
  • It's no good! Let's run! [Escaped]


  • I have an answer for you! [Overlimit]


  • It's time for revert! [Overlimit]
  • One arte after another... [Ally at Low TP]


  • Yuri: [waves his hand in a manner saying,"C'mere!"] Don't just stand there!
  • Yuri: [swings his sword then points it infront of him] Come on! Bring it!

  • Rita: [takes her book out and reads] Oh yeah!... Okay!
  • Rita: [stretches] Mm...aaah~

  • Raven: [does a 180 and swings his dagger] C'mon! Ya gotta work with me here!
  • Raven: [scratches his ear] Yeah, I guess I'll fight.

  • Judith: [leans against her spear] Is that the best you can do?
  • Judith: [spins her spear then sticks it in the ground] You're just not into this, are you?

  • Repede: [sits down and scratches his ear]
  • Repede: [growls and then barks twice]

  • Karol: [raises his weapon and then swings it lightly] C'mon already!
  • Karol: [spins his arm around then points] This is gonna hurt!
  • Karol: [raises his weapon and then swings it lightly] I'm nowhere near done!

  • Estelle: [bows] You must do better than that!
  • Estelle: [raises her sword and shield infront of her, then points the sword forward] I know how to use a sword.

  • Patty: [shuffles cards] You and me, pal!

Battle ConversationsEdit

  • [Against Zagi in Zaphias Castle]

Yuri: You got the wrong guy!

Zagi: Die!

Yuri: You really should listen a little more!

Zagi: My name is Zagi. Remember it well, Flynn!

Yuri: Listen, I'm not Flynn!!

Zagi: Heh heh. Oh, what's wrong~?

Yuri: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Zagi: I'm gonna kill you and carve your name into my blood!

Yuri: Yeah... That's pretty disgusting.

Zagi: Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun!!

  • [Against Zagi in Zaphias Castle when Estelle joins]

Zagi: Hah hah hah hah, this is fun!!

Estelle: Relax! He's just doing that to mess up our fighting!

Yuri: You relax! Trust me, he's not thinking that hard.

Estelle: So...that's just who he is?

Zagi: The more you talk, the faster you die, Flynn!

Yuri: Damn it, I am not... Nevermind, you're not listening anyway.

Estelle: But if it's just a misunderstanding, maybe we can talk?

Zagi: Hah hah hah hah! Your fate was sealed when we met!

Yuri: You seriously think we can talk to him?! Just take him out already!

Zagi: Ugh... You're strong... Heh hah hah... Ooh~ That hurts~!

  • [Against Zagi on Ragou's ship]

Zagi: You think you can kill me?! Go ahead, try it!!

Yuri: Trust me, I will.

Karol: We... We won't lose!

Zagi: Yes! Cry out! Writhe in pain!! Die for me!!!

Yuri: What the hell are you trying to do?!

Estelle: Please, we have to catch Ragou!

Zagi: Hah hah hah hah, you can't hurt me...!

Yuri: So we'll just keep pounding you until the end!

  • [Against Gigalarva in Keiv Moc]:

Raven: What's up with this forest? I can't believe there's a place like this in the forest.

Estelle: I-is there any way to quiet the monsters?

Yuri: We have to get them before they get us.

Raven: So, it's a little tough? Let's just get it over with!

Rita: I hope we only have to kill this one!

Yuri: Stay sharp.

Estelle: We'll lose our lives if we're not careful!

  • [Against Outbreaker in the Sands of Kogorh]:

Yuri: Damn, what is this thing?!

Estelle: I don't want to deal with it if we don't have to...

Rita: Come on guys... Fight...

Judith: I guess we have no choice.

  • [With Flynn against the monsters in Hypionia]

Yuri: Hey, don't go getting yourself ripped apart!

Flynn: You'll get yourself killed if you keep watching me fight!

Yuri: Hah hah! Come on, I'm just in awe of the great Flynn Scifo!

Flynn: Sh-shut up!!

Yuri: Hey, this isn't the time to get worked up.

Flynn: I am not worked up!!

Yuri: Okay, don't hide it!

Flynn: Would you be serious for once?!

Yuri: I am serious!

Flynn: I can't concentrate with you talking all the time!

Yuri: Well, I can't concentrate without talking! Sooo...we're kinda stuck.

  • [Against Flynn in Aurnion]

Yuri: You just keep getting better!

Flynn: You do too.

Yuri: I guess life has taught us both a few things.

Flynn: How many years has it been since we've fought like this?

Yuri: Uhh, we fought in the coliseum. You forget already?

Fylnn: Of course not! Just, y'know, a lot of stuff has happened. It's,---

Yuri: Yeah?

Flynn: It's just different.

Yuri: Yeah, it feels different for me too.

Flynn: I wonder what it is?

Yuri: Does it matter? I am so gonna kick your ass!

Flynn: No no no no no no no, I'm gonna kick your ass.

Yuri: Oho! It's on now!

  • [Against Alexei ontop of Zaude]

Alexei: This world will be reborn, do not interfere.

Yuri: Nobody gives a damn about whatever world you want!

Alexei: You're a fool to cross swords with me...

Yuri: Damn, he may be crazy, but he still fights like a Commandant.

Alexei: So, the tool turns on its master...?

Raven: Heh, tools can kill ya if they aren't used properly.

Alexei:You are foolish to rebel against your destiny!

Estelle: I've chosen my own destiny, to fight you!

Alexei: Not a single one of you can best me!

Estelle: You've chosen the wrong path!

Alexei: We finish this now!

Victory QuotesEdit

  • Yuri: Heh, I got a little worked up!
  • Yuri: Yeah! Easy win!
  • Yuri: That was easy!
  • Yuri: You want revenge? Bring it!
  • Yuri: Man, I want some more!
  • Yuri: Man, I was just getting warmed up.
  • Yuri: That wasn't too bad.
  • Yuri: I'm just gettin' started!
  • Yuri: That's what happens when I get serious!
  • Yuri: We're done.
  • Yuri: Hmph.
  • Yuri: Let's go.
  • Yuri: That was so easy!
  • Yuri: That's over.
  • Yuri: You picked the wrong people to fight with!
  • Yuri: There's no way we're gonna lose!
  • Yuri: [With Low HP] That was close...
  • Yuri: [after beating the 30 Man Melee] That was just what I was in the mood for.
  • Yuri: [after beating the 50 Man Melee] This is a good warm up.
  • Yuri: [after beating the 80 Man Melee] That was some pretty good fighting!
  • Yuri: [after beating the 100 Man Melee] Yeah! Now that's a win!
  • Yuri: [after beating the 200 Man Melee] Yeah! I feel awesome!
  • Yuri: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] Now that's skill!
  • Yuri: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] So I bloodied my blade again...
  • Yuri: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] We're done here.
  • Yuri: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I'll cut down any enemy that gets in our way!

  • Rita: Hah! You're done already?
  • Rita: Could you be any more of a pain?!
  • Rita: Were you fighting...? Cuz I felt nothing.
  • Rita: That was annoying!
  • Rita: There's no way you can win!
  • Rita: Are you done already?
  • Rita: Okay, let's go.
  • Rita: You thought you could win?...Too bad.
  • Rita: Oh...guess we're done.
  • Rita: Don't get in our way!
  • Rita: [With Low HP] Ugh... I got careless...
  • Rita: [after beating the 30 Man Melee] What a waste of time!
  • Rita: [after beating the 50 Man Melee] Go train for like...a thousand years, then we'll talk!
  • Rita: [after beating the 80 Man Melee] Come on! I'll take you all on at once!
  • Rita: [after beating the 100 Man Melee] I'm just too strong. That's it, you never had a chance!
  • Rita: [after beating the 200 Man Melee] All right!! ...Ahem...
  • Rita: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] You never had a chance! Not even one percent!
  • Rita: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] That's my true power!

  • Raven: This is my victory pose!
  • Raven: You got anything up there? [points to his head]
  • Raven: What? That's it? You're done?!
  • Raven: Hey, that was a nice break from things! Thanks!
  • Raven: Shouldn't you be using...this a little more? [points to his head]
  • Raven: So..yeah...Just stay dead!
  • Raven: So don't pick any more fights!
  • Raven: Oh, you poor thing.
  • Raven: Not too shabby for an old man, right?
  • Raven: Victory is sweet.
  • Raven: Oh, the time has come to say goodbye.
  • Raven: You know...maybe you should..uh..think? [points to his head]
  • Raven: [With Low HP] I'm dead... I'm so dead!
  • Raven: [after beating the 30 Man Melee] Even the wimps tire me out...
  • Raven: [after beating the 50 Man Melee] Swing all ya want! It doesn't matter if ya can't...uh...ya know, hit me?
  • Raven: [after beating the 80 Man Melee] I'm gettin' too old for this...
  • Raven: [after beating the 100 Man Melee] Ah...I'm glad that's over.
  • Raven: [after beating the 200 Man Melee] Ah... This old man's ready for a nap.
  • Raven: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I actually got a little serious there!
  • Raven: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] No, no! Don't say it! I know...I'm good!
  • Raven: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] Raven the Great strikes again!
  • Raven: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I haven't lived all these years fer nothin'!

  • Judith: You lose~
  • Judith: I just can't hold back!
  • Judith: Easy!
  • Judith: Yes, take a nice long nap!
  • Judith: Was that a little too painful?
  • Judith: The secret to my strength...is a secret.
  • Judith: That was too short.
  • Judith: Was I a little hard on you?
  • Judith: Sorry for being so strong.
  • Judith: So how was that?
  • Judith: That was a nice little break.
  • Judith: So, was that okay?
  • Judith: Bye, bye!
  • Judith: [With Low HP] ...This one gets a post mortem...
  • Judith: [With Low HP] I didn't think you were that strong...
  • Judith: [after beating the 30 Man Melee] Oh... It's...over?
  • Judith: [after beating the 50 Man Melee] The real fight's just starting.
  • Judith: [after beating the 80 Man Melee] Ah, this feels good~!
  • Judith: [after beating the 100 Man Melee] Hehe, thank you for a wonderful fight~!
  • Judith: [after beating the 200 Man Melee] I'm so strong, I even scare myself!
  • Judith: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] As quick and sharp as thunder!
  • Judith: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] You should be happy to die by my hand.
  • Judith: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] Your fate was sealed when we met.
  • Judith: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] The final blow feels so good!

  • Karol: Full power! Onward!
  • Karol: That was awesome!
  • Karol: That was too easy!
  • Karol: Didn't think I was that strong, did you?
  • Karol: Not too shabby, huh?
  • Karol: No one can stop Brave Vesperia!
  • Karol: Forward! Onward!
  • Karol: Just like that next time, guys!
  • Karol: Friendship and hardwork win!
  • Karol: Now that's teammwork!
  • Karol: Yeah, that was great!
  • Karol: [after beating the 30 Man Melee] That was easy!
  • Karol: [after beating the 50 Man Melee] I'm all warmed up now!
  • Karol: [after beating the 80 Man Melee] Yeah! I rule!
  • Karol: [after beating the 100 Man Melee] Yeah! One-hundred down!
  • Karol: [after beating the 200 Man Melee] If I can do this, I can do anything!!
  • Karol: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] We're done!
  • Karol: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I always get my target!

  • Estelle: A cornered cat becomes a lion!... Or so they say.
  • Estelle: The best defense is a good offense!... Or so I've read.
  • Estelle: We can't lose!
  • Estelle: An exquisite victory!
  • Estelle: We performed marvelously!
  • Estelle: That was wonderful!
  • Estelle: We shouldn't let this go to our heads.
  • Estelle: We can't lose!
  • Estelle: Rest in peace!
  • Estelle: Goodbye.
  • Estelle: Come on, let's keep going!
  • Estelle: We have certainly grown stronger!
  • Estelle: Victory is ours.
  • Estelle: Farewell!
  • Estelle: We must go on!
  • Estelle: I will fight...for the world!
  • Estelle: More honour for this blade!
  • Estelle: I will fight until we crush the menace.
  • Estelle: [after beating the 30 Man Melee] Thank you for the challenge!
  • Estelle: [after beating the 50 Man Melee] Thank you all!
  • Estelle: [after beating the 80 Man Melee] I never thought I could come this far!
  • Estelle: [after beating the 100 Man Melee] I've never felt this sense of achievement before!
  • Estelle: [after beating the 200 Man Melee] Hehehe! I can barely stand up anymore!
  • Estelle: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I will bring happiness to all people!
  • Estelle: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I fight for peace in this land!
  • Estelle: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] This victory must mean something...
  • Estelle: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] We will keep winning to move forward!
  • Estelle: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I fight to protect this land, and it's people!
  • Estelle: [after beating battle with Mystic Arte] I won't lose! I love this world too much!

  • Patty: Victory is a whirling tide!
  • Patty: Anyone with a spine to face us?
  • Patty: Huh? It's over already?
  • Patty: Remember to keep a sharp eye out.
  • Patty: That was a breeze.
  • Patty: Are there any more foes about?

  • Flynn: Concentrate our efforts.

  • [after Raven beats the battle with his Mystic Arte]

Karol: Awesome...

Yuri: You get wiser with age.

Raven: Aw yeah~

Rita: Shut up.

  • [After fighting Zagi in Zaphias Castle]:

Yuri: Do I look like Flynn to you?!

Estelle: Not in the least.

  • [After fighting Goliath in the Shaikos Ruins]

Rita: I will not let them use blastia for evil!

Yuri: Let's go chase 'em down!

Karol: Aw, man, no break?!

  • [After fighting Rhybgaro]

Yuri: It's not over yet!

Karol: We still have a long way to go!

  • [After fighting the enemies on Ragou's ship]

Yuri: These guys connected to the blastia thief, too?

Estelle: Just what is the magistrate up to?

  • [After fighting Zagi on Ragou's ship]

Yuri: Don't let me see you again.

Estelle: I agree.

  • [After learning Fatal Strikes in Caer Bocram]:

Yuri: That was fun.

Karol: Yuri... You're awesome!

  • [After beating the Dreaded Giant in Caer Bocram]:

Yuri: That monster was huge!

Rita: Hey, what's with the kid?

Repede: *Whines*

  • [After the first wave of monsters in Dahngrest]:

Yuri: Don't let up, there's more coming!

Estelle: Why are there so many?

  • [After the second wave of monsters in Dahngrest]:

Rita: Damn, there's no end to these things!

  • [After fighting the Red-Eyes in Dahngrest]:

Yuri: Destroying a barrier... But that's...!

Estelle: We have to repair the blastia, quickly!

  • [After fighting Gigalarva in Keiv Moc]:

Estelle: I was so surprised!

Yuri: You can't relax yet.

Rita: The aer is still out of control!

  • [After fighting Zagi in Nordopolica]:

Yuri: Heh. You and that weird arm.

Raven: Heh. What a poor excuse for a person.

  • [After fighting Zagi in Nordopolica]:

Yuri: Heh. You and that weird arm.

Judith: I won't let you do this anymore.

Raven: Judith, you're looking kinda scary.

  • [After fighting Outbreaker in the Sands of Kogorh]:

Rita: This...? This is nothing...

Estelle: I'm so tired...

Judith: What was that...?

  • [After fighting Zagi on the Heracles]

Yuri: How long are you going to keep chasing us?

Rita: Probably until you're dead.

Repede: *Woof, woof!*

  • [After beating Baitojoh]

Karol: I will protect the guild...!

Yuri: Don't try doing everything on your own.

Rita: Show off!

  • Estelle: We finished them off!

Yuri: I finished them off.

Estelle: Huh?

  • [After beating Tyson and Nan]

Karol: Guess I overdid it a little...

Yuri: You don't show mercy to your enemies.

Judith: I will protect Ba'ul.

  • Yuri: It'll be one hundred years before you can beat me!

Estelle: Because you've lived a lot longer, right?

Yuri: ...Not exactly.

  • Yuri: Yeah, I beat you into next week!

Estelle: Next week?...But can you really--

Yuri: Never Mind.

  • Estelle: This whole journey is a learning experience!

Yuri: I think you need to lighten up.

  • Yuri: Resound the cry of victory!

Repede: *Woof!* *Woof!* *Woof!*

Yuri: All right!

  • Karol: This?..Nah, t-this isn't scary..!

Yuri: Your legs are shaking.

Karol: Y-you're kidding!!

Yuri: Yeah, I am.

  • Estelle: You did it, Rita!

Rita: Yeah... I guess.

Estelle: And you're so cool!

Rita: I'm gonna go nuts.

  • Rita: It's not about how many you get.

Yuri: This coming from a thief.

Rita: I-I am not!

  • Rita: That bohdi blastia of yours...

Estelle: It's pretty, huh?

Rita: That's not what I was gonna say!

  • Karol: See? You see what I did? That was nothin'!

Repede: *Whines*

Estelle: Repede helped, too!

Yuri: Thanks...

  • Karol: Man, we are awesome together!

Estelle: We make such a great pair, Karol! Let's keep it up!

Yuri: Yeah, don't mind me.

  • Estelle: The sign of victory!

Yuri: Yeah! [raises hand]

Estelle: Yay! [high-fives Yuri]

Yuri: You're pretty good.

  • Karol: The sign of victory!

Yuri: Yeah! [hi-fives Karol]

Karol: All right!

Yuri: Hey...that kinda hurt!

  • Estelle: Put out your hand!

Rita: Like this? [raises hand]

Estelle: Yay! [high-fives Rita]

Rita: Wh-what was that?!

  • Rita: All right, here we go! [raises hand]

Estelle: Yay! [high-fives Rita]

Rita: All right!

Estelle: We did it!

  • Estelle: The sign of victory!

Judith: Okay! [raises hand]

Estelle: Yay! [high-fives Judith]

Judith: Good job!

  • Raven: Hey, c'mon! [holds out hand]

Estelle: Yay!

Raven: [quickly outstretches his arms for a hug] All right! How 'bout a hug?

Estelle: I...don't think so...

  • Raven: Aaah~ Enter...Rita the Great!!

Rita: Flattery will get you nowhere!

Karol: Yeah, she's happy.

  • Judith: You were pretty vicious!

Rita: You're one to talk!

  • Rita: You were pretty rough out there.

Judith: It would be rude not to!

  • Rita: We show no mercy to enemies.

Judith: We just rip them apart!

  • Estelle: Our weapons are...Love!

Yuri: Justice!

Raven: Sexxuuualllitttyyy-AH!

Rita: Would you stop!?

  • Karol: We won!

Yuri: All right!

Repede: *Howls*

Raven: Too many guys around here..

  • Yuri: Our weapons are...
  • Karol: Bravery!
  • Raven: Youth!
  • Judith: Modesty.
  • Yuri: Like any of you have those.

  • Yuri: [in unison with Repede] All right!

Repede: [in unison with Yuri] *Woof!*

Rita: They know each other WAY too well.

  • Estelle: They're...bouncing...

Judith: What are you looking at?

Estelle: I wish I could bounce...

  • Yuri: What's the secret to your strength?

Judith: I dunno, maybe I just have fun fighting?

Rita: You...certainly are a fighter.

  • Yuri: You're weak!

Karol: You're a hack!

Estelle: You're whack...! [giggles]

  • Yuri: I got no time to think!

Judith: Just beat 'em senseless and you'll win!

  • Judith: So was that okay?

Yuri: Beautiful.

  • Judith: Good job.

Raven: Wh...what...this..?

Yuri: Breathe, Raven, breathe.

  • Raven: Oooh, I think I'm in love~

Judith: You'll just get burned.

Raven: Baby, I'm already charred to a crisp.

  • Judith: We're done.

Raven: I wanna fly too!

Rita: So fly!...Stalagmite!

Raven: [screams]

  • Karol: Victory pose! [poses]

Judith and Estelle: Me too! [pose as well]

Rita: [reading book] I can't...I-I just can't...

  • Karol: Victory pose! [poses]

Rita, Judith and Estelle: Me too! [pose as well]

  • Karol: Victory pose! [him and Judith pose]

Judith: You, too!

Rita: [reading book] Oh HELL no!

  • Rita: Good job, Spot!

Repede: *Woof!*

  • Rita: Nice job, Repede!

Repede: *Woof!*

  • Raven: Will this fight ever end?!

Rita: It just did.

Raven: Hunh?!

  • Raven: This fight's never gonna end...

Rita: Okay, we'll just leave you here.

Raven: Hey, be nice!

  • Rita: Huh, wimps.

Estelle: That was so cool!


Rita: Oh, shut up, you!

  • Estelle: Repede! [holds out hand]

Repede: *Woof!* [moves his tail towards Estelle]

Estelle: Your tail?!

  • Judith: The Beauty Corps is invincible!

Estelle: Beauty Corps... I like that!

Rita: What, are you calling yourself beautiful?

  • Rita: Just because we're women doesn't mean we're weak.

Judith: Even pretty things have thorns.

Estelle: Lots and lots of thorns.

Rita: Yeah! Tell us how you really feel!

  • Repede: *Woof!*

Judith: What? Enemies?

Rita: We got 'em all.

Yuri: Now that's an instant kill!

  • Estelle: We won!

Repede: *Woof! Woof, woof!*

Estelle: That's the cry of victory!

  • Karol: Repede, that was awesome!

Estelle: Repede, that was wonderful!

Repede: *Whine*

Karol: You could act a little more grateful, you know.

  • Flynn: There's still a lack of devotion.

Yuri: You're as stiff as ever.

Flynn: That's why you...

Judith: Yes, indeed.

  • Patty: All's well that ends Welsh Corgi.

Karol: With shorter legs?

Rita: I don't think that's the point.

  • Patty: Yuri, our love will conquer all.

Yuri: Okay, okay.

Judith: Does he hide his love by being cold?

Level Up QuotesEdit

  • Yuri: I feel power running all through my body!
  • Yuri: I'm not done yet!
  • Yuri: I can do even better than this!

  • Rita: Hm? Okay, sure.
  • Rita: That's the logical outcome.

  • Raven: Hooray for the old man!
  • Raven: Hey, I'm gettin' pretty good!

  • Judith: Ooh! That's nice!
  • Judith: Stronger and Stronger!
  • Karol: I just keep getting stronger!
  • Karol: YEAH! Another Level!

  • Repede: (howls)

  • Estelle: Oh, I feel so powerful!
  • Estelle: I did it!
  • Estelle: I'm even stronger now!

  • Patty: Horray!

Flynn: There's potential within me.

Skill QuotesEdit

  • Yuri: Hey, I learned something!
  • Yuri: Yeah, I feel good!

  • Rita: Finished that one!
  • Rita: That's nice, but I can do so much more!

  • Raven: Thank you! Thank you!
  • Judith: This power will make me stronger.
  • Judith: Stronger and stronger!

  • Karol: I feel this power inside me!
  • Karol: Another arte mastered!

  • Estelle: These are the threads that weave our future.
  • Estelle: I will use this power for justice.
  • Estelle: I have mastered a skill!

  • Patty: A new skill under my belt!


  • [If you win against Flynn in Aurnion]

Flynn: I can't even win with a sword anymore...

Yuri: Hah hah hah. Loser.

Flynn: You've gotten better, Yuri.

Yuri: ...You too. You would've beaten me easy if you were still like when we were kids.

Flynn: Didn't we swear on our swords when we were kids? We would fight to make people smile.

Yuri: Yeah... Even if we followed different paths.

Flynn: Even if we bear different burdens.

Yuri: Even if people praised us, or hated us...

Flynn: The knights and the guilds won't change. Right?

Yuri: There are places in each of us the other can't reach.

Flynn: That's why we're not alone.

Yuri and Flynn: ...

Yuri [in unison with Flynn]: Heh.

Flynn [in unison with Yuri]: Hah.

Yuri and Flynn: Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah.

  • [If you lose against Flynn in Aurnion]

Yuri: You never go easy on me.

Flynn: I told you. Everything I feel. You've gotten better, Yuri.

Yuri: ...You too. You would've beaten me easy if you were still like when we were kids.

Flynn: Didn't we swear on our swords when we were kids? We would fight to make people smile.

Yuri: Yeah... Even if we followed different paths.

Flynn: Even if we bear different burdens.

Yuri: Even if people praised us, or hated us...

Flynn: The knights and the guilds won't change. Right?

Yuri: There are places in each of us the other can't reach.

Flynn: That's why we're not alone.

Yuri and Flynn: ...

Yuri [in unison with Flynn]: Heh.

Flynn [in unison with Yuri]: Hah.

Yuri and Flynn: Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah.

  • [Yuri vs Adecor and Boccos in all Arena modes]

Adecor: I say, today is the day you lose!

Boccos: We will take you back to the capital!

Yuri: These guys never learn... You should get an award or something.

Adecor: Then go ahead! Praise us, I say!

Yuri: All right, then keep up the good work! Too bad that's not gonna do anything for you in the real world.

Boccos: Hey! How dare you mock what we are trying to accomplish!

  • [Yuri vs Flynn in the 100-200 Man Melee Arena Modes]

Yuri: So the acting Commandant is just killing time here?

Flynn: I have an important mission: I watch and punish dangerous people.

Yuri: Like me. Heh heh. Hey, you're associating with a criminal like me, so I guess you're dangerous, too.

Flynn: You just can't stay quiet, can you?

Yuri: I guess we can't just stand here, yelling at each other.

Flynn: Yeah, I think it's time for swords!

  • [Karol vs Nan in the 50-200 Man Melee Arena Modes]

Nan: Karol, show me how much you've grown!

Karol: Okay, I guess, but do we really have to fight?

Nan: I won't rest easy until we do! I have to do this for myself!

Karol: I don't really get what you're saying...

Nan: Doesn't matter! Come on!!

Karol: W-Why?

  • [Karol vs Nan a second time in the 100-200 Man Melee Arena Modes]

Karol: Hey, didn't I beat you earlier?!

Nan: I only lost cuz I felt bad! One more fight!

Karol: Why do you have to fight me to prove yourself?!

Nan: I-I like strong men like Master...

Karol: Okay... But, what does that have to do with us fighting?

Nan: Take a guess, you idiot!!

Karol: I don't know!!

  • [Raven vs Gauche and Droite in the 100-200 Man Melee Arena Modes]:

Gauche: I will avenge Yeager!

Raven: Sorry, I apologize, so let it go already!

Droite: Okay, fine!

Gauche: Shut up, Droite!

Raven: Aw, are you two breaking up?

Droite: No no no, we never fight!

Gauche: Right! So shut up and start fighting!

Raven: Just like that? Looks like you got a little squabble goin'.

Droite: Nope, we're done! Let's fight!

Gauche: Droite, we need to talk when we get back.

Droite: Uuuhh....

  • [Judith vs Tison in the 80-200 Man Melee Arena Modes]:

Judith: Oh, you're the ones who played with Ba'ul.

Tison: What is your relationship to that monster?!

Judith: He's my friend, and he's not a monster!

Tison: I can't believe this! Some monster's friend is preachin' to me!

Judith: Well then, I'll just have to beat some sense into you!

Tison: Oh, that sounds like fun!!

  • [The last event in the Yumanju Spa, you will need to have paid the 900,000 Gald and will need to be wearing ALL the costumes obtained from the spa to activate it.]

Manager: Ah, so nice to see you again! And wearing your uniforms, I see!

Estelle: We're all so fond of them! <3

Karol: All I got is this stupid towel...

Raven: I wasn't too crazy about the loincloth I've got on, but I'm startin' ta get used ta it. Besides, boy, the fewer clothes on yer back, the faster ya can jump inta the bath! That's a pretty nice perk.

Manager: So, will you be visiting our hot springs today? Your free pass entitles you to any of our services...even your own reserved bath, if you'd like.

Judith: We've come all the way out here... Why not?

Rita: All right, then us girls will go in first again, okay?

Yuri: How about we all just go in together? I mean, what's the big deal?

Karol: B-b-but that means...!

Yuri: The baths are pretty big. We could go to separate ends of the area, and it'd be like we had our own baths. It'd be no big deal. Isn't that right, Raven?

Raven : R-right, Yuri... I mean, I don't really mind either way, of course...

Rita: Something's fishy about this...

Judith: No, I trust Yuri. I don't think we need to worry.

Estelle: Yes. Let's stop fretting about it and all go in together!

Manager: Go on in! Enjoy your visit! But might I recommend waiting until after sunset and going in then? I assure you, the nighttime atmosphere is not to be missed!

Yuri: Ah, good idea. Let's do that.


Raven: Phew... Finally, some time ta relax...

Yuri: We've still got a lot of big problems ahead of us...but I guess we can forget about them, for now.

Rita: Right! Save your worries for later!

Estelle: When you're so busy, it's easy to forget to just slow down and relax.

Raven: Oh, you ladies are here too? You were so quiet... I had no idea.

Rita: What do you mean? You mean you would've come over to spy on us if you had known?

Raven: Huh? Why would I go over there ta see a bunch of flat-chested little girls?

Rita: What did you say you perverted old troll?! Get your butt over here right now or it's fireball time!

Raven: Why don't ya come over ta the men's side? I dare ya! I triple dog dare ya!

Rita: Like I'd want to see your wrinkly old geezer bits!

Raven: Why I oughta...!

Rita: What? Bring it on, old man!

Yuri: If you two don't settle down, the water's going to get cold.

Estelle: What? You all haven't changed yet? The girls are out of the bath and done changing.

Yuri: The girls are done, eh... All of us have finished changing, too!

Judith: Then we don't need to be talking through a partition, do we?

Karol: Right, we're already out... Aaaaachooo!!

Yuri: We'd better get inside before Captain Karol of the Lone Towel catches a cold.

Rita: Why are you the only one still in a towel...?


Judith: Phew... That was a nice change of pace.

Rita: How long are you going to stay dressed like that?

Karol: I was in a hurry when I got out from bath this morning... All of you are still in your bath uniforms!

Yuri: Yeah, but this is formal attire compared to what you're wearing...

Karol: S-stop staring at me like that... It's making me nervous! Come on, let's just go!

Final Battle (vs Duke)Edit

Pt. 1Edit

  • Yuri: Duke, we have the four elemental spirits. Their power can counter the Adephagos
  • Estelle: There's no need to use people to destroy the Adephagos!
  • Duke: Look at its size. Four spirits are nothing against it.
  • Rita: They're crucial. We'll make up the rest by turning the blastia cores to spirits too.
  • Karol: Every single core in the world!
  • Raven: And as a bonus, it'll put and end to the blastia culture that you hate so much. Not too shabby huh?
  • Duke: ...I doubt humans will hand over their blastia quietly. Or will you force them?
  • Judith: Can you not believe that people can move forward and change?
  • Duke: Humans will not let something go once it is in their grasp.
  • Yuri: So you won't listen...
  • Yuri: We will destroy the adephagos our own way. Please, wait just a little longer.
  • Duke: ...And will the world return to it's former state?
  • Rita: Huh?
  • Duke: Will the Aer be controlled by the Entelexeia? Will all life return to a time where nature ruled?
  • Rita: No
  • Duke: You are changing this world -our Terca Lumereis- for what? For the convenience of humans...Nothing more.
  • Estelle: Can't you think that the world might be growing? I think of the Entelexeia becoming spirits as evolution. Can't you see that?
  • Duke: I would not presume to speak on the choices of the Entelexeia. However, I also have my choices.
  • Yuri: So you won't listen to us because we're humans?
  • Raven: You say you can't trust people so you just drop everything. Then when it's too late, you try to wipe them out!?
  • Duke: Do you know what this tower is? Tarqaron was once a city, but the ancients turned it into a weapon. To destroy the Entelexeia
  • Yuri: !
  • Duke: To the ancients who did not recognize the threat of the blastia... the Entelexeia were nothing more than a nuisance.
  • Karol: And the Aer went out of balance, and the Adephagos appeared...
  • Duke: Only then did humans listen to the words of the Entelexeia. Our world has seen many sacrifices. Yet humans commited the same offence. And they will again. Those who eat away and ruin this world... Those who change the world for their own continued existence... They are apostles of destruction greater than even the Adephagos. I made a vow to my friend, that I would protect this world.
  • Judith: Elucifer
  • Duke: ...So Khroma told you?
  • Yuri: Yeah. She also told us to stop you.
  • Estelle: She listened to us too, and became a spirit. So please, we can do this together...
  • Duke: ...Enough... If the Entelexeia throw away their mission, then I will take it up. I need not wait for your method. Once I complete this formula, the world will be saved.
  • Yuri: Duke... Stop!
  • Duke: As long as humans rule, they will commit the same offence time and again. If that happens, their hearts will grow wild, and the future will be even more painful.
  • Estelle: Even if that happens, it is the path we choose. Even if we are hurt or stopped, we can still walk again as long as we don't give up!
  • Rita: She's right. You'll never find anything new if you're afraid of making mistakes, or failing. And unlike you, we haven't chosen this path on our own.
  • Karol: Yeah! Going it alone might be tough... but we're not alone. If one person can't do it, then we do it together.

Pt. 2Edit

  • Karol: I finally learned that we can walk together like that!
  • Duke: That may be sufficient to those who are connected to one another. However, there will always be some who cannot accept a difficult future. You all surely understand that.
  • Judith: It will be difficult, but that is reality. But they will take what changes. think, and change again. Both the people of the world. So even if it takes tens, hundreds of years... they will listen someday. I know this now. That's what it means to live.
  • Raven: Right. There are things you have to protect... But this old man wants to see what lies ahead for people in the next era. See how the fools change. For those who can't see them anymore.
  • Duke: We are in contradiction... However, our feelings for the world are no different. How odd.
  • Yuri: No, it's not. The future we choose...what we see for the future...is different.
  • Duke: The future must be protected. If it is not, then destruction awaits.
  • Yuri: We make the future. You trust the path you choose and create it.
  • Duke: ...It is inevitable Come!

Pt. 3: During BattleEdit

  • Yuri: We're gonna kill the Adephagos, so stay out of the way.
  • Estelle: This isn't a path we chose alone.
  • Repede: Grrr, woof woof!
  • Duke: I have no reason to go along with your plan.
  • Rita: Could you be anymore stubborn? Why won't you listen?
  • Yuri: We made this choice so humans and Entelexeia can move on together.
  • Duke: The Entelexeia will regret that decision. And Humans will wish that they had died.
  • Raven: I don't think anybody's gonna think that.
  • Estelle: I won't regret it. No matter what you say.
  • Yuri: Our resolve runs deeper than that.
  • Duke: Such a foolish conclusion. There is no longer any point in talking!
  • Yuri: Guess we have to fight.
  • Estelle: If you would just listen.
  • Duke: No more!

Pt. 4: IntermissionEdit

  • Duke: Now I know what Phaeroh saw in you...
  • Yuri: You're pretty strong yourself.
  • Duke: Hmph. How unfortunate. I wish I could walk together with you all a while longer. Perhaps we would have had a different encounter.
  • Yuri: It's not too late.
  • Duke: It is. My path was set when the Adephagos covered the sky.
  • Yuri: You stubborn bastard!
  • Duke: The best path for an enduring world is to return to it's natural state. That is the path I chose! I will die for that. My friend...give me your strength!

Pt. 5: 2nd PhaseEdit

  • Duke: Spirits? You fools! How could the Entelexeia agree to such an uncertain plain.
  • Rita: It's not uncertain. We did it. The Entelexeia became spirits
  • Estelle: Using the spirits to defeat the Adephagos is not a fantasy
  • Raven: The world is trying to take on its natural form.
  • Yuri: You're just clinging to the past.
  • Duke: So I am the only stubborn one? ...No I am not mistaken. I will use all my power to eliminate your misguided purpose

Pt 6: 2nd Intermission (Only if the characters obtained the 7 Fell Arms)Edit

  • Estelle: What? What's going on?
  • Duke: Impossible... This is the spiral draco
  • Judith: The Fell Arms are reacting to Dein Nomos?! And what's that light surrounding Duke?
  • Rita: Dein Nomos and the tower are combining to restore power to the fell arms?! But how...?!
  • Raven: What's going on...?!
  • Estelle: Are these the fell arms in their true form...?!
  • Karol: They're nothing like they used to be!
  • Duke: Now the ancient king of the Entelexeia will fight at my side...! It is the will of the very planet. The will of Terca Lumereis itself!
  • Yuri: I don't give a damn about your crazy ideas. We decide our own sense of what's right and wrong. The rest, I leave to my sword.
  • Duke: You will not be persuaded I see. Perhaps it's for the best. Join me now in battle. For the sake of this world.

Pt. 7: Final PhaseEdit

  • Duke: If you still intend to fight, then I have no choice but to unleash my full might!
  • Yuri: Yeah well. We're not yet done either.
  • Duke: Such strength. What is it that drives you?
  • Estelle: The will to protect someone!
  • Rita: Trust in our friends!
  • Raven: The possibilities the future brings!
  • Yuri: You have something driving you too, right?
  • Duke: It is all just make believe. Delusions people have made. Soon they will be betrayed and destroyed!
  • Yuri: But they can be built up again.
  • Rita: I'm sure we can reach each other if we just talk!
  • Raven: Come on! You gotta understand, right?
  • Duke: Come! Defeat me! Prove to me the strength of your conviction.


Each character has his or her own ending with Duke, depending on who you play as. Say you're playing as Judith, she'll have a little heart-to-heart with Duke before the battle. There's a conversation before the first and second battle. The first heart-to-heart is commenced after Raven says,"See how the fools change. For those who can't see them anymore."


(Before first battle)

  • Duke: We are in contradiction... However our feelings for the world are no different. How odd.
  • Yuri: No, it's not. The future we chose...what we see for the future...is different.
  • Duke: The future must be protected. If it is not, then destruction awaits.
  • Yuri: We make the future. You trust the path you choose and create it.
  • Duke: It is inevitable. Come!

(Before second battle)

  • Duke: Now I know what Phaeroh saw in you...
  • Yuri: You're pretty strong yourself.
  • Duke: Humph. How unfortunate, I wish I could walk together with you all a while longer. Perhaps we would have had a different encounter...
  • Yuri: It's not too late.
  • Duke: It is. My path was set when the Adephagos covered the sky.
  • Yuri: You stubborn bastard!
  • Duke: The best path for an enduring world is to return it to its natural state. That is the path I chose! I will die for that. My friend...give me your strength!


(Before first battle)

  • Duke: Young mage...Can you truly stand by and watch as all this world's blastia are lost...?
  • Rita: I don't care. My conviction is what mattered. My faith in blastia... Actually, it was more like love.
  • Duke: In the end, though, they were not worth risking your life to save.
  • Rita: What are you, stupid? It's not about "risking my life." Even without blastia, there are plenty of things in this world worth loving.
  • Duke: Abandoning the old for the convenience of the new...Perhaps that would work...But I for one will risk my life. Though I must endure the scourn of youth, I will risk my life to protect this world!

(Before second battle)

  • Rita: You're just feeling sorry for yourself because you can't change....Humph...Pathetic.
  • Duke: ...Say what you will. I will walk my own path.
  • Rita: I probably would've said the same thing if I was still in Aspio.
  • Duke: I have no intention of betraying who I was.
  • Rita: I'm not ashamed of who I was either. I am the person I am now precisely because of who I was. We don't just change. We continue on from that point.
  • Duke: Such wishful thinking.
  • Rita: Humph. Call it whatever you want. So? Are you gonna give up, or not?
  • Duke: I will press on with my own path for as long as I have strength.
  • Rita: Too bad.
  • Duke: I have no regrets. I will die for that end. My friend, grant me your strength!


(Before first battle)

  • Duke: And so we must face each other... Yet our feelings for this world are no different...How odd.
  • Raven: I don't get it either. How could anybody wipe out a world with so many gorgeous ladies?
  • Duke: You still insist on playing a fool.
  • Raven: Oh absolutely! I will fool around as long as this mud ball and its pretty ladies need savin'... I'm gonna put my foot down this time. Since I got my heart set on livin', and all.
  • Duke: ...Utter...nonsense. Come!

(Before second battle)

  • Duke: Now I know what Phaeroh saw in you.
  • Raven: The mighty hero of the Great War's gotten rusty if he's losin' to li'l ol' me.
  • Duke: Our paths have parted ways in the ten years since that war.
  • Raven: Those different paths aren't yours or mine. There's just the path you should follow, and the path you shouldn't.
  • Duke: ...There has only ever been one path for me. I must keep my promise to Elucifer... And so I will return this world to its natural state. I would die to fulfill my promise... My friend...grant me your strength!


(Before first battle)

  • Repede: Woof...!
  • Duke: ...Even as a dog, you would defend this world? Such valor and wisdom deserve praise.
  • Repede: ............
  • Duke: However, be that as it may, your choice is one of folly. In the world I would create, you would go on living. Still, you risk your life to stop me?
  • Repede: Woof!
  • Duke: I would not wish for your death... But if you stand in my way I will have no choice... Come!

(Before second battle)

  • Repede: *Two barks*
  • Duke: ...I had not expected such fortitude in the face of my full power... Oh, if you were human...what power you would have had...
  • Repede: *Two barks*
  • Duke: But I will show you far greater power. I am sorry for what I must do... Now, my friend...grant me your strength!


(Before first battle)

  • Judith: I just don't get it. We started from the same place.
  • Duke: ...I do not understand it, either. One would think we would also strive for the same future.
  • Duke (in unison with Judith): Why are you...?
  • Judith (in unison with Duke): Why must we fight...?
  • Duke: ............
  • Judith: So... You don't even see yourself in the future you envision.
  • Duke: ...My existence, as well, may one day bring ruin to this world.
  • Judith: How nice of you to sacrifice yourself.
  • Duke: ...Enough. Come!

(Before second battle)

  • Duke: Now I know what Phaeroh saw in you.
  • Judith: ...You're pretty strong yourself. How can someone be so strong... Even when they've decided to give up their life for the world...
  • Duke: My feelings for this world give me strength.
  • Judith: You actually want to live. You actually want to keep those feelings alive.
  • Duke: Heh heh. I also promised a fallen friend to return this world to its natural state. And I would die to fulfill my promise. My friend...grant me your strength!


(Before first battle)

  • Duke: Humans prey upon this world. You cannot protect both.
  • Karol: Things are different now! The world can change! That's what the spirit conversion is for!
  • Duke: The world may change, but its people will not. I cannot allow the world to change simply because humans will not change themselves.
  • Karol: People can change!
  • Duke: ...We may feel the same toward this world, but we will never see eye to eye....You leave me no choice. Come!

(Before second battle)

  • Duke: Now I know what Phaeroh saw in you...
  • Karol: You'll never beat us...!
  • Duke: Humph. How unfortunate. I wish our paths had crossed earlier. Perhaps we would have met now under different circumstances.
  • Karol: Would you have agreed with the way we did things?
  • Duke: ...No, it could never have worked. We have walked different paths from the very start.
  • Karol: Then, I guess we have to fight...
  • Duke: The best path for an enduring world is to return to its natural state. That is the path I chose! I will die for that. My friend...grant me your strength!


(Before first battle)

  • Duke: Child of the Full Moon... Why would you stand in my way?
  • Estelle: A thousand years ago... My ancestors gave their lives to protect this world. I want to carry on their bravery...!
  • Duke: You must understand by now. The Children of the Full Moon are not suited to living in this world. It is your duty, then, to die here as your anscestors did, with courage.
  • Estelle: They weren't brave just because they chose to die. Their courage came from refusing to give up hope, and their pride in defending this world.
  • Duke: ...Words are cheap.
  • Estelle: Which is why I've come to prove myself through my actions.
  • Duke: The time has come, then, to show me that pride... Try to defeat me! Come!

(Before second battle)

  • Duke: ...So this is your pride...the bravery of which you spoke... However, the past Children of the Full Moon saw in their deaths, humanity's final hope... Are you prepared to die for your cause, as they did?
  • Estelle: I won't die, I will live, and walk this new world together with all people. Even with you. You aren't the enemy we should be fighting.
  • Duke: A future for everyone, together... That would be good... No, it is too late. My path was set when the Adephagos covered the sky.
  • Estelle: But...!
  • Duke: The best path for an enduring world is to return to its natural state. That is the path I chose! I will die for that. My friend...grant me your strength!

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