Takashi Tezuka

Japanese video game designer

Takashi Tezuka (手塚 卓志, born November 17, 1960) is a video game producer and executive officer working for Nintendo.


  • I have never consciously separated casual users and hardcore gamers when I design a game. For the past 20 years, I have always been trying to make games so that anyone -- as many people as possible -- can enjoy them... I cannot help but say that I love my job of making games from the bottom of my heart.
  • It was really fun.I had just joined the company,so rather than just working along with the designs.I'd ask what the conditions were and have fun working within those constraints.
  • I think it's good that we put in lots of new things back then.
  • I think New Super Mario Bros. Wii firmly established the idea of everyone in the famliy playing together.
  • Yeah.I want to keep heading in that direction so the games are a tool for family bonding.However,I want the games to be a tool for expanding upon previously existing good elements rather than for making something different.

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