Svengali (1983 film)

1983 film by Anthony Harvey

Svengali is a 1983 film about an old singer who coaches a young woman.

Directed by Anthony Harvey. Written by Frank Cucci.

Anton BosnyakEdit

  • You shall hear nothing, you shall see nothing, you shall think nothing, you shall be nothing but Svengali, Svengali, Svengali...

Zoe AlexanderEdit

  • The world does not collapse every time you stop looking at it.


Anton Bosnyak: Quite a little snot nose, that girl, always answering back.
Eve Swiss: When I took lessons from you, you never used to let me say 'boo!'
Anton Bosnyak: You had no talent. That always irritates me.
Eve Swiss: So why did you keep taking my money, then?
Anton Bosnyak: Somebody had to prove to you that you could not sing.

Eve Swiss: [about Zoe] I have a lot of people lined up. When can we hear her?
Anton Bosnyak: Give the fruit a little time to ripen before you strip it, will you.

Eve Swiss: You know... I can't quite make up my mind whether or not she's beautiful. What do you think?
Anton Bosnyak: When she sings the way I want her to sing... she's beautiful.

Anton Bosnyak: Tonight, we will not have a lesson. From now on, I would like to work just once a week.
Zoe Alexander: Why?
Anton Bosnyak: Well... you're at a very good condition now, and... I need a rest.
Zoe Alexander: Well, you've worked harder than I have.
Anton Bosnyak: The young usually don't notice these things.
Zoe Alexander: Not so young. Twenty-two.
Anton Bosnyak: Hehe. Poor old lady.

Anton Bosnyak: The word 'teach' means 'to make known'. When you came to me, you didn't know what you were, who you were, nothing. Together, we made your voice known to you; and we made it known to you by making yourself known to you. The sounds of loving that you make, your sounds of endurance, your betrayals...
Zoe Alexander: You think I betrayed you?
Anton Bosnyak: It doesn't matter! Together we were able to release what you are. The work of every artist is to make themselves wholly known. Now, I want you to go away, and amaze me.
Zoe Alexander: I need you!
Anton Bosnyak: No. You are intact now. Go away, and leave me intact. Please.
Zoe Alexander: So... you're sending me away. It's all I was to you? Something, something "amazing", huh?
Anton Bosnyak: That is all that matters.


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