Svengali (1983 film)

1983 film by Anthony Harvey

Svengali is a 1983 film about an old singer who coaches a young woman whom he believes will be the next singing sensation. As she starts off with her career, their bond gets stronger.

Directed by Anthony Harvey. Written by Frank Cucci.

Anton Bosnyak edit

  • You shall hear nothing, you shall see nothing, you shall think nothing, you shall be nothing but Svengali, Svengali, Svengali...

Zoe Alexander edit

  • The world does not collapse every time you stop looking at it.

Dialogue edit

Anton Bosnyak: Quite a little snot nose, that girl, always answering back.
Eve Swiss: When I took lessons from you, you never used to let me say 'boo!'
Anton Bosnyak: You had no talent. That always irritates me.
Eve Swiss: So why did you keep taking my money, then?
Anton Bosnyak: Somebody had to prove to you that you could not sing.

Eve Swiss: [about Zoe] I have a lot of people lined up. When can we hear her?
Anton Bosnyak: Give the fruit a little time to ripen before you strip it, will you.

Eve Swiss: You know... I can't quite make up my mind whether or not she's beautiful. What do you think?
Anton Bosnyak: When she sings the way I want her to sing... she's beautiful.

Anton Bosnyak: Tonight, we will not have a lesson. From now on, I would like to work just once a week.
Zoe Alexander: Why?
Anton Bosnyak: Well... you're at a very good condition now, and... I need a rest.
Zoe Alexander: Well, you've worked harder than I have.
Anton Bosnyak: The young usually don't notice these things.
Zoe Alexander: Not so young. Twenty-two.
Anton Bosnyak: Hehe. Poor old lady.

Anton Bosnyak: The word 'teach' means 'to make known'. When you came to me, you didn't know what you were, who you were, nothing. Together, we made your voice known to you; and we made it known to you by making yourself known to you. The sounds of loving that you make, your sounds of endurance, your betrayals...
Zoe Alexander: You think I betrayed you?
Anton Bosnyak: It doesn't matter! Together we were able to release what you are. The work of every artist is to make themselves wholly known. Now, I want you to go away, and amaze me.
Zoe Alexander: I need you!
Anton Bosnyak: No. You are intact now. Go away, and leave me intact. Please.
Zoe Alexander: So... you're sending me away. It's all I was to you? Something, something "amazing", huh?
Anton Bosnyak: That is all that matters.

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