Suzanne Ciani

American musician, sound designer, composer

Suzanne Ciani (born June 4, 1946) is an Italian American pianist and music composer, who found early success with innovative electronic music.


"INTERVIEW: Suzanne Ciani...," (2014)Edit

"INTERVIEW: Suzanne Ciani On… Her Buchla Beginnings, Talking Dishwashers and Why No One Got Ele..." in: Long Reads, April 03, 2014.

  • The frustration was with the philosophy of the instrument.
  • When it broke down, I would break down. I had to wean myself from it just to survive. I had to have interventions. People would say, ‘You’ve got to do something else.’ So that was part of it—being too dependent on this thing I couldn’t count on.
  • It had to go all the way out to the west coast and come all the way back to the east coast every time it needed to be fixed.
  • And if it made it one trip, it wouldn’t make the other. Then somebody stole half of it. I found out about that 20 years later, when someone sent me a photograph and said, ‘Does this look familiar to you?’ I nearly fainted.
  • Now my ears are awakening again, just because I’m part of the zeitgeist of contemporary whatever. Even though I’m in this remote place, I get it.

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