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Supertramp is a progressive rock band, known for their work in the 1970s, which captured great critical acclaim, as well as great popularity with listeners.


Song lyricsEdit

Supertramp (1970)Edit

  • Nothing to show, for love has never been,
    Nothing to show, for love has never been,
    Nothing to show, for love has never been.
  • Did your shadow ever speak to you?
    And did he say that something's wrong?
    Huddle figure on a lamp-let wall
    Never realized he cared at all
    Did he stop you going on?

Indelibly Stamped (1971)Edit

  • Your poppa don't mind what you do or say.
    You can't surprise him any more.
    You don't believe in Heaven, like a good man should.
    Your poppa don't mind at all.
  • Oh but Rosie, a girl with a strange kind of humor,
    Stupidly took in a rumor,
    Making her think that she'd lost,
    Double-crossed by a man who was dear,
    Very near to her.

Crime of the Century (1974)Edit

  • Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer,
    Well can you put your hands in your head? Oh no!
  • Hide in your shell, cos the world is out to bleed you for a ride.
    What can you gain making your life a little longer?

Crisis? What Crisis? (1975)Edit

  • Well, if my thoughts had wings,
    I'd be the bird that sings.
    I'd fly where love isn't shy,
    And everyone is willing to try.
  • When I was a small boy,
    Well, I could see the magic in a day,
    But, now I'm just a poor boy.
    Well, maybe it's the price you have to pay,
    If you lock your dreams away.
    If no-one wants to listen.

Even in the Quietest Moments... (1977)Edit

  • Give a little bit
    Give a little bit of your love to me
    I'll give a little bit
    I'll give a little bit of my love to you
    There's so much that we need to share
    So send a smile and show you care
  • Sometimes I slowly drift away
    From all the dull routine that's with me every day
    A fantasy will come to me
    Guess I'll always have to be
    Living in a fantasy
    That's the way it's got to be
    From now on

Breakfast in America (1979)Edit

  • I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone
    You've shown me there's a silent place that I can call my own
    Is it mine?
    Oh Lord, is it mine?
  • It doesn't matter what I say
    You never listen anyway
    Just don't know what you're looking for
    Imagination's all I have
    But even then you say it's bad
    Just don't see why we disagree
    Casual conversations and how they bore me

...Famous Last Words... (1982)Edit

  • Know who you are
    There's a world wants to know you
    Know where to go
    There's a world wants to touch you
    Feel all you can
    Let your heart speak and guide you
    Don't be afraid
    Of the love deep inside you
  • Sometimes I wonder where my life is taking me
    Sometimes I wonder what they all expect of me
    Well there are days I can tell you quite honestly
    I've seen myself hanging up in the monastery
    'Cause all that I have is this music
    Coming to me
    And all that I have is this rhythm
    Running through me

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